Stormrider Underlord Gear Belt

Written By: Zane M.

Probably the most overlooked part of everyday carry (EDC) gear is the belt.  You can't truly appreciate a good belt until you've worn a good one for any length of time.  About 8 months ago I began my quest for a new belt, as the old instructor belt I'd worn for years had seen better days, to say the least. There was one problem: I'm not a fan of the cobra buckle and cobra buckles are all the rage these days.  

  Enter Stormrider gear's underlord belt. The underlord is part of a belt system that uses an inner and outer belt. The outer is ideal for duty, training, and/or competition without the need for belt keepers. The inner belt, affectionately referred to as the underlord, makes an absolutely wonderful choice for a stand-alone belt for your EDC. 

  The belt has no buckle to speak of; instead it uses hook and loop to "lock" the end in place. The belt also sports loop (or the fuzzy side of the brand name Velcro) around the circumference of the belt. This is for use with the outer belt part of the system, called the overlord. This also works well with certain accessories that utilize hook and loop attachment points, such as mag carriers, medical kits, and of course moral patches. Stormrider gear offers belts without the loop, but for the same price and on recommendation from a trusted friend in the gun community, I saw no reason to forgo it. 

  The belt is stiff, as expected, and does support the weight of my EDC gear. I have carried in several different configurations during the last 6 months and regardless of how I carried, the belt supported each setup very well. I typically carry a Glock 17 and at least one spare magazine every day. For concealed carry the gun is kept in an appendix holster in the waistband with a spare magazine right next to it at about 11:00. For open carry, I use a duty type holster with active retention with a belt slide attachment (not a paddle) and belt slide duel mag carrier on the support side. I've also carried the same gun at about 3:30 in the waistband. The only time the belt ever became uncomfortable was during extended wear “hotspots” would develop right on my hip bones. It's worth mentioning that I have this issue with all thick webbing type belts and attribute this to my thin build.

  The belts are 1.5" in width and Stormrider gear boasts several color options on their website, to include the ever popular Kryptec patterns. I went with Kryptec Typhon and solid black loop. There is a sizing chart on their website and they warn "do not use your pant size.” 

  If you are someone who trains a lot with a full set up or needs the ability to quickly go from low profile CCW to full on duty rig (“kit up” for the tactical Timmy’s out there) the underlord is a perfect base to start with.  As long as you chose an outer belt that has hook attachment, you'll be good to go. 

  This belt is a great overall choice for the concealed carrier, as it is sturdy, comfortable, and very functional. The best part is, the underlord won't break the bank at sub $50. I've worn belts twice the cost of this and didn't gain much by way of comfort or usability. 



Buckle-less design 

1" loop the entire circumference 


Concealed carry

Law enforcement/security personnel 

Anyone who needs a stiff, ridged belt 


Loop attachment points 

Very reasonably priced. 

Alternative to the cobra buckle (for those like me that aren't a fan) 


Base color:

Assassin black

Coyote brown

Foliage gray 

Ranger green 

Wolf gray 


Kryptec highlander 

Kryptec typhon

Kryptec yeti

multicam black 


Loop colors:

Assassin black

Coyote brown

Foliage gray 

Ranger green 

Wolf gray 

Just brown

 What others are saying:


 This belt is stout in construction but flexible enough that I forgot I had a belt on. When loaded up it feels like it distributes the weight well and resists bending outward very well. I can't wait to get the overlord to go with it. The buckle-less design is a huge comfort factor and is what lead me to give this belt a go. Was worth the wait!"

 -Review from storm rider gears website.

Price point:

 MSRP = $46.99 Add $3 for kryptec or multicam 

 Retail = $46.99

I need it now availability:

I was only able to find in on

Lead time is 8 weeks at the time of writing

Our Rating:


  • Super stiff
  • Very comfortable 
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Very reasonably priced


  • More difficult to sit down in the restroom than with a traditional belt buckle. 
  • Hotspots can build up on the hips (you probably know what I'm talking about. If you don't it's probably a non issue)
  • Looks odd with a shirt tucked in


Score: 8.0 Great

RPS Tactical Adaptive Holster Review

Everyone has been there; the drawer or tupperware container full of holsters. You’ve tried numerous ones, and there is always some sort of issue with them. The holster is too bulky; the holster doesn’t have any flex to work with your body shape; it only allows for one method of carry or storage. RPS Tactical has addressed these issues. Located in Fairfield, Maine, RPS Tactical was started by a local LEO and his brother, with a focus on making holsters, belts & nylon gear along with many other custom items. I spent some time with Rob and his brother Nick and discussed the way they make their holsters, as well as the way they hand stitch their belts. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is very apparent in the way they make their items and the final product they put out. They are also willing to work with the customer. When I wanted to get a holster made by them, they didn’t have the mold for my Steyr C9A1 (most people don’t) and they were willing to let me bring my firearm over for them to mold the holster. I know another individual who had a specific need and they worked with him to get the holster and belt exactly as he wanted it. With the owner of RPS Tactical being a law enforcement officer, they have a really good understanding of what goes into comfortable everyday carry of firearms and other gear.

I did a podcast with the guys at RPS and they made me the Adaptive Holster for my Steyr for me to evaluate. I spent almost 8 months carrying my Steyr with the Adaptive holster in the IWB and then the OWB configurations. I had long road trips in the car, range trips, working outside, going on walks with my wife and son & pretty much every single other everyday thing you do. The Adaptive holster is a kydex shell with a sturdy leather  backing. On the body side of the backing material is the soft side of industrial strength velcro. This allows for various mounting options if you purchase the corresponding velcro patches that can be affixed to any surface. For my body type, I found the OWB configuration worked better for me. I carried setup as IWB from June to about November, when I switched to the OWB configuration as the weather got colder and I could start wearing jackets. The IWB worked good, but with my body type I’ve found that IWB can be uncomfortable over extended periods of time. I am confident other people that don’t have issues with IWB carry will find the RPS Tactical Adaptive holster very comfortable.


During my time wearing the holster (and I am still wearing it to this day) i noticed no abnormal wear or any hardware backing out or failing on it. Everything was very sturdy, reholstering was very easily accomplished, and the trigger guard was suitably covered. The kydex is molded to your specific firearm, and the retention was fantastic.  As with most high quality holsters, the leather backing was cut to allow for a full grip on the firearm prior to drawing.

One thing I will also note is the soft side velcro backing. While it is there for the mounting options as we discussed before, it also makes for very comfortable carry if the holster is directly against your skin. I, like many people, do not enjoy having a tucked in shirt. I have used other holsters that have the large leather backing and oftentimes found that when they were against bare skin that there was a lot of perspiration and discomfort especially in the hot summer months. It seems like the soft velcro backing on the body side of the holster allows some air to get in between the backing and your skin, preventing any perspiration or discomfort from occurring. For those of you who like to wear a tucked in shirt, the IWB configuration is tuckable as well. There are other carry options for the adaptive holster as well, including a paddle mount or  purchasing the RPS Tactical Shoulder harness and using your existing holster as a shoulder holster.

If you are looking for a very high quality holster (or any other pieces of high quality gear) from a fantastic small business, look no further than RPS Tactical. Their commitment to their products long after it has left their shop is telling. I have had multiple people come back to me after I have steered them toward RPS Tactical for their holster needs and tell me that they were so happy to work with RPS. Rob and Nick were very attentive to their needs and oftentimes they ended up getting fitted out with belts and other items above and beyond what their original request was. That speaks volumes as to the character and dedication that the guys at RPS have to customer satisfaction. I was very happy to evaluate their holster, and would highly recommend their products to my friends and family, for both duty & EDC use.  



Adaptive Holster System (Various Mounting Options)


Those wanting a high quality holster for everyday carry that can be utilized in a variety of ways.


  • Convertible between IWB & OWB

  • Tuckable during IWB carry

  • Soft side velcro backing against the body

  • Sturdy leather backing with cut to allow full grip of firearm before drawing.


Various color options/finishes including Kryptek, Carbon Fiber, Coyote Tan & more


Tactical Toolbox Review


$65.00 (various options may be extra)


RPS Tactical LLC


Thompson Tactical Gun Belt

   Thompson Tactical is a small leather shop specializing in custom belts. You can find their belts at When I say they make custom belts, it means they craft them by hand, and the craftsmanship shows. Their gun belt is a double layer, hand stitched belt. They also offer standard, single layer belts. 

  Now that we know something about Thompson Tactical, lets get into the great gun belt that they so graciously sent me. The belt is made from products purchased in the USA. This includes the full grain leather, the various buckle options, etc. When ordering the belt, one can also decide the color of the belt, ranging from tan to black and even mossy oak. Another nice touch is being able to select what color thread you want the belt to be stitched with, either single or double stitching options. My favorite option is the ability to have a kydex insert in the belt. The kydex adds a slight stiffness, but its real advantage is that it keeps the belt from stretching over time. 

  When I learned that Thompson Tactical was sending me a belt, I immediately went and ordered one. My belt is 1.5" wide, black, has a stainless non-roller buckle, single stitched with a kydex insert. I ordered the 1.5" belt because it is basically the standard for gun belts. Options are also available for 1.25" and 1.75" widths. Additionally, I opted for the kydex insert, because who doesn't want a little extra stiffness and a longer lasting belt? The kydex insert appears to be stitched in place on the back layer of the belt before the two sides are beautifully stitched together. The edges are burnished together for what looks like a single piece of leather. Chicago screws are used to hold the buckle on, and the logo is then branded on the inside. 7 holes are spaced 3/4" apart to give you adjustment. Following the instructions on Leathergunbelt, the measurement of the belt was spot on and I wear it on the 4th hole. 

  I have worn this belt everyday since it arrived at my house. All I can say is "Wow", this is by far the best gun belt I have seen, let alone worn. It has one slight flaw, that isn't really the belts fault. Some IWB clips are not deep enough to fit over the belt because of the belt being 2 layers thick. Other than that, it fits perfectly. It has the right amount of slip or flex, so it moves with you. The stiffness is perfect, as it holds a gun all day without the gun moving, or me even noticing the weight. The stitching is straight and beautifully done. And, best of all, at least in my opinion, it smells like a leather shop! 

  So now that you know about these belts. Head over and check them out at The belt is really a piece of functional art. You can wear it 7 days a week,  even on Sunday,  and not be under dressed. It may take a long time to get one, but quality takes time. I doubt you will be disappointed. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Hand made leather gun belt

Target Market:

People needing a quality gun belt 

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):  

  • Full grain leather  
  • Hand made
  • Double layer
  • Kydex insert
  • Chicago screws
  • 1.5" wide
  • 25 year warranty  

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

 Tan, Honey, Cordovan, Brown, and Mossy Oak

What others are saying?:

Gary P. at

I got my first Thompson Gun Belt just about a month ago and I have not worn another belt since then. Today I changed the oil in my Jeep and my son's pickup and so I decided to wear a regular belt so I didn't mess up my "real" belt. Spent a couple of hours yanking my pants up and generally hating wearing a "regular" belt again. Couldn't wait to take a shower and change back into my real belt again. Even though Francesco makes a "gun" belt his belts are actually "real" belts as far as I am concerned! If I have to roll around in oil or mud I will probably wear an old "plain" belt, but for every day- whether I am carrying or not- I'll never wear anything but a Thompson Tactical gun belt!

Phillip N. at

I received my belt today. I am more than impressed with the quality of the belt. You have absolutely exceeded my expectations! Thank you for the obvious pride you put into your work. I will definitely spread the word.

Link to other reviews:

Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (YouTube) 


MSRP = $97, + $25 for kydex, + $10 for double stitching

I need it now! Availability:

Our Rating:


  • Full Grain Leather
  • Double layer
  • Kydex insert
  • Hand crafted  
  • Made in USA  
  • Lots of available options
  • 25 yr warranty


  • Thickness may cause problems with some holster clips
  • Wait time


Score: 9.0 Amazing

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SuperBio IndestructiBelt

   As most people who conceal carry know, a good belt is a necessity. I had heard somewhere about the IndestructiBelt SuperBio by Daltech Force. So as any reviewer would do, I ask them if they would like me to review one. A few days later a brown one arrived for me to test. 

  The Daltech Force IndestructiBelt SuperBio belt is not your run of the mill carry belt. Instead it is made from a thermopolymer polyurethane with an internal polyester webbing. Basically this is a polymer belt that looks a lot like leather. But don't stop there. The SuperBio belt also is very strong, it is stated to have a 6000 psi tensile strength. The belt is also quite stiff, so don't worry about it sagging. I think you could carry just about any gun you wanted and not have to worry about it pulling on the belt. Since the SuperBio belt is made from polymer, it will resist oils, water, sweat, and other stuff that will destroy a leather belt. To clean the belt,  all you have to do is wipe it down with some soap and water. 

  As with most quality belts, it comes with Chicago screws to hold on the buckle. The one they sent me has a nice stainless roller buckle on it, but they also offer a brass buckle. The buckle can always be switched out if you don't like it. The belt comes with 9 holes spaced 3/4" apart. This comes in handy when adding or subtracting gear. At 5/32" thick it is about the same as a single thickness leather belt. Mine is 1.5" wide, but they also offer it in a 1.25".

  After wearing the SuperBio belt for awhile, I found it to be almost too stiff. It is just not as slick as a cloth or leather belt, so I don't think it moves with the fabric of your clothes as well. Did it support a gun? Oh yes, I even carried an all steel 1911 on it for a few days.

   As far as sizing goes, the SuperBio belt is easy to order. All you do is add 2" to your waist size. So for me I went with a 38 belt size because my waist is 36". With belt sizes ranging from 30" to 80", yes that is 80", Daltech Force makes it for just about any size person. 

  The SuperBio IndestructiBelt is a pretty good belt option. If you need something that resists harsh environments or you are looking for a very stiff belt, you might give this a try. It doesn't really look like leather close up, but from a foot or so away you can't notice. The belt will hold whatever you can put on it and is very adjustable to fit your needs.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Tough Rigid Belt for CCW

Target Market:

Concealed carriers, competitive shooters, or those wanting a belt for harsh environments

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Thermopolymer Polyurethane

  • 1.25" or 1.5" width

  • Strong

  • Resists Oil, water, Sweat, or other harsh environments

  • Zero Stretch

  • Will not Sag

  • Stainless Buckle

  • Chicago Screws

  • Large sizes available

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

What others are saying?:

Dan @ DaltechForce 5/5 stars

Can't believe how well this belt held up! I've had my first one for almost two years and it has been through everything. It has been on multi day hikes with dripping sweat, it has swam in salt and fresh water, its my daily belt for both my office job and my weekend belt for recreation. If I showed you this belt you would swear I just pulled it out of the packaging! Fortunately/unfortunately I've lost a significant amount of weight in the last year and I am back to purchase this belt again! One thing that I would recommend is to put some thread lock blue on the screws as soon as you get it. I've read of others losing a screw and they include a spare, but better safe than sorry. Otherwise a really maintenance free, good looking, and long lasting belt that is rigid and does a great job holding my CCW without it flopping about.

Amazon reviewer 5/5 stars

This is a great belt! I love it! I like to carry a lot of stuff in my pockets and on my belt. With this belt, I no longer have to keep hiking my pants up. I wish I had ordered one sooner. It really does make a big difference.


Price point:

MSRP = $69.99

Retail = $59.99 on Amazon

I need it now! Availability:

Daltechforce or Amazon

Our Rating:


  • Strong

  • Won't stretch

  • 9 holes at 3/4" spacing

  • Stainless roller buckle

  • Chicago Screws

  • Will not sag

  • Resists about anything it will come in contact with

  • Easily cleaned


  • Too stiff

  • Doesn't move like Fabric or Leather

  • Doesn't really look like leather (But no one will know)

Score: 7.5 Good


Chad's Favorite Link: AR-15 Podcast

SOG Tomahawk Sheath

sogsheath3I received a SOG Sheath for my tomahawk that I reviewed a while back. The sheath is made from a durable black nylon. The sheath is made to mount on your belt, and has different angles that you can easily set by pushing a lock button and rotating the tomahawks position. The belt loop locks closed and has adjustable bars for different belt widths. When installing the SOG tomahawk into the SOG Sheath, you must first rotate a piece on the front of the sheath, so it is at the front of the sheath, you can then take the tomahawk and insert the rear first, then push the front of the hawk up into the sheath, and then rotate the front piece down to hold the hawk in place. The tomahawk snaps in place fairly firmly. sogsheath1The SOG Sheath can be a little strange to use. With the handle pointed down, the tomahawk can catch on branches or other things. It is definitely not made to use while sitting either, though one could rotate the sheath so that the tomahawk handle faces up. The Sheath might be best used by attaching it to a backpack. If the pack has MOLLE straps, the belt loop on the sheath could possibly be slid through them and mounted.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Adjustable hard sheath for the SOG tomahawk

Target Market: Those who want a hard sheath for their SOG Tomahawk

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Protects Blade
  • Tek-Lok mounting system (Allows Rotation adjustment of sheath)
  • Supports different belt widths
  • Tomahawk easily snaps into sheath

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? None

What others are saying?:

  • Shake, rattle and fall out
  • By sndmn "ern1900". 3/5 stars on Amazon      This is not a secure scabbard. The latch can open accidentally very easy then the tomahawk can fall out and injure you or some one below you. This holder rattles and I don't trust the gadget that allows you to spin the scabbard to different angels. All of the components make the tomahawk stick out and catch on brush making more noise. In one day of harvesting bamboo it fell out twice causing me to have to go back and find it. The last time it fell out it bounced off of my calf. I'm lucky it didn't cut me. Good idea just needs to be refined. I have and use several of these tools so I hope someone makes a sheath, scabbard or holder for these popular tomahawks.
  • Paul  5/5 stars on LA Police Gear     Nice versatile sheath.
Price point: 

I need it now! Availability: Amazon or maybe your local sporting goods store

Our Rating:


  • Protects Blade
  • Swivel mount system
  • Belt mount


  • Not overly secure
  • Puts tomahawk in the way

Score: 6.5 Okay65



Chad’s Favorite Link: We Like Shooting Podcast





Firing Line Review



Concealment Solutions Python Gun Belt Review

20141022_092946 20141022_093039

When I began to carry concealed, I was wearing a thin leather belt that I had bought from Target for $14. I had seen people rave about having a good, sturdy belt for carrying, but I thought mine was great for it. Eventually, I decided to see, first hand, what all the talk was about, and MAN, was I wrong. The Concealment Solutions Python Gun Belt is an amazing belt for carry. It is made of two thick pieces of leather, sewn together, which make it very rigid and sturdy. It is 1.5” thick. The buckle is all metal, with no physical gaps, which prevents it from eventually spreading. I wanted a greater range of adjustment, so I asked for the holes to be spaces closer together at .75” rather than 1” and Jason, the owner of Concealment Solutions, happily obliged. The thickness of the leather keeps it from twisting, folding and sagging under the weight of the holster and firearm. I do with there were more buckle options and tooling/pattern options, but I’m sure if you contacted Jason, you may be able to work something out. For added rigidity, Concealment Solutions offers a Kydex lined model, but I didn’t feel it was necessary, for me. I have been wearing this belt for over two years, and it is still just as good as the day I got it. I recently did have to buy a new one, but that is only because I have lost weight, and it was beginning to wrap around my waist. My experience was just as great the second time as the first. You can also expect very good and quick service from Jason. If anyone needs a great leather belt for concealed carry, I can definitely recommend the Python Gun Belt.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: “Simple designs with exceptional functionality”

Target Market: Concealed carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Two layers of leather
  • Kydex lined (available)
  • Metal buckle
  • Sturdy

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: There are five colors available: Black, Mahogany, Light brown, Dark brown, and Tan. The colors can be seen here. I do wish there were other buckle options and tooling/pattern options.

What others are saying?: ”It’s very sturdy. The construction is very well done. It’s very comfortable and does what it’s supposed to do.” My 2nd Amendment Journey blog

Price Point:

  • MSRP = $54.99 - 64.99 for the leather
  • MSRP = $74.99 - $84.99 for the Kydex lined

I need it now! Availability: Concealment Solutions products are only available from their website.

Our Rating:


  • Double-thick leather
  • All metal buckle
  • Removable buckle
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • GREAT customer service
  • Quick shipping
  • Looks good with business or casual attire


  • No different buckle options
  • No options for tooling and patterns in the leather

Score 8.585

Ares Gear Ranger Belt Enhanced Review

10014542_761862520510884_917937920_n By Gary Taylor

The most important, and often overlooked, part of any EDC firearm rig is not the gun itself, or even the holster, it’s the belt!  A good belt can make all the difference in the world in how comfortable a concealed carry weapon is going to ride on your hip.  You can have your favorite gun inside the best holster money can buy, but if you put it on a crappy belt, then you will be cursing your rig before the end of the day.  Over the years, I have found a few belts that work okay and a decent leather belt that works fairly well. However, the Ranger Belt by Ares Gear is, hands down, the most comfortable belt that supports my firearm.

The exact version I have is the “Enhanced” version of the Ranger Belt, which means that it is a little stiffer than their normal Ranger Belt. A quick test for any belt you pick up is to see how easy it is to fold the belt over from the top edge to the bottom edge. If it folds, then the belt will give when you place the weight of a firearm on it. I doubt the Ranger Belt would even start to fold if you put the damn thing in a vice! The belt is so stiff that I can wear my Glock 19, with a Surefire X300 Ultra attached, in an OWB Raven Concealment Holster in complete comfort. No sag. No Drop. No Bend. On hot summer days, when I want to wear just a t-shirt as a cover garment, my Glock 26 in an OWB Raven Concealment Holster, completely disappears on my hip to the point I do not even notice it is there. The belt is so stiff, but yet comfortable, it balances the weight of the gun perfectly.

Outside of how stiff it is and the overall quality of the belt, another great feature is the buckle itself. The Ranger Belt uses a QR Cobra buckle that allows for exact customization of exactly how tight you might want to run your belt. It is also very easy to make quick adjustments for those times that you might have eaten too much for lunch or are sitting in the car for a long period of time. Then, when you need to make the belt a little tighter, give it a quick tug and you can snug up the belt just the way you need it. When you first get the belt, you might wonder how to thread the QR Cobra buckle through your pants belt loops since the buckle itself will not fit through your belt loops.  It really is very easy. Just remove the female end and then clip it into the male end (just to free up your hands). Snake the belt through your pant loops and holster, then reconnect the buckle.  Once you do it a couple of times it becomes quick and easy.

Overall, this is a fantastic belt and a great investment. As with all good quality products, you get what you pay for and the price point on this one is not cheap, but it is worth it as the belt wears very well over time. Order yours early as the lead time is still running about 4 weeks. They offer a range of color options for the belt and the buckle so you can customize it to fit your needs. Be honest with yourself when it comes to ordering your size!!!  You want to make sure the belt is going to fit you right, especially if you plan on carrying IWB.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Best CC Belt on the market!

Target Market: Concealed Carry

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Excellent Stiffness
  • Wide range of Colors
  • Great Buckle System

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The Ares Gear Ranger Belt Enhanced is available in many colors and patterns, including black, coyote brown, blue, red, OD green, desert tan, digital desert, digital woodland, multicam, and urban grey.

What others are saying?: “Best belt I’ve ever had I have tried others and nothing beats Ares. I use all my gear hard and this belt his not let me down.” - Robert, Ares Gear Customer Review

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can get these belts from a few retailers, including LaRue Tactical, Weapon Outfitters, and directly from Ares Gear.

Our Rating: + Very stiff + Great buckle

- Pricy - Long wait time

Score: 8.5 Great85