Stormrider Underlord Gear Belt

Written By: Zane M.

Probably the most overlooked part of everyday carry (EDC) gear is the belt.  You can't truly appreciate a good belt until you've worn a good one for any length of time.  About 8 months ago I began my quest for a new belt, as the old instructor belt I'd worn for years had seen better days, to say the least. There was one problem: I'm not a fan of the cobra buckle and cobra buckles are all the rage these days.  

  Enter Stormrider gear's underlord belt. The underlord is part of a belt system that uses an inner and outer belt. The outer is ideal for duty, training, and/or competition without the need for belt keepers. The inner belt, affectionately referred to as the underlord, makes an absolutely wonderful choice for a stand-alone belt for your EDC. 

  The belt has no buckle to speak of; instead it uses hook and loop to "lock" the end in place. The belt also sports loop (or the fuzzy side of the brand name Velcro) around the circumference of the belt. This is for use with the outer belt part of the system, called the overlord. This also works well with certain accessories that utilize hook and loop attachment points, such as mag carriers, medical kits, and of course moral patches. Stormrider gear offers belts without the loop, but for the same price and on recommendation from a trusted friend in the gun community, I saw no reason to forgo it. 

  The belt is stiff, as expected, and does support the weight of my EDC gear. I have carried in several different configurations during the last 6 months and regardless of how I carried, the belt supported each setup very well. I typically carry a Glock 17 and at least one spare magazine every day. For concealed carry the gun is kept in an appendix holster in the waistband with a spare magazine right next to it at about 11:00. For open carry, I use a duty type holster with active retention with a belt slide attachment (not a paddle) and belt slide duel mag carrier on the support side. I've also carried the same gun at about 3:30 in the waistband. The only time the belt ever became uncomfortable was during extended wear “hotspots” would develop right on my hip bones. It's worth mentioning that I have this issue with all thick webbing type belts and attribute this to my thin build.

  The belts are 1.5" in width and Stormrider gear boasts several color options on their website, to include the ever popular Kryptec patterns. I went with Kryptec Typhon and solid black loop. There is a sizing chart on their website and they warn "do not use your pant size.” 

  If you are someone who trains a lot with a full set up or needs the ability to quickly go from low profile CCW to full on duty rig (“kit up” for the tactical Timmy’s out there) the underlord is a perfect base to start with.  As long as you chose an outer belt that has hook attachment, you'll be good to go. 

  This belt is a great overall choice for the concealed carrier, as it is sturdy, comfortable, and very functional. The best part is, the underlord won't break the bank at sub $50. I've worn belts twice the cost of this and didn't gain much by way of comfort or usability. 



Buckle-less design 

1" loop the entire circumference 


Concealed carry

Law enforcement/security personnel 

Anyone who needs a stiff, ridged belt 


Loop attachment points 

Very reasonably priced. 

Alternative to the cobra buckle (for those like me that aren't a fan) 


Base color:

Assassin black

Coyote brown

Foliage gray 

Ranger green 

Wolf gray 


Kryptec highlander 

Kryptec typhon

Kryptec yeti

multicam black 


Loop colors:

Assassin black

Coyote brown

Foliage gray 

Ranger green 

Wolf gray 

Just brown

 What others are saying:


 This belt is stout in construction but flexible enough that I forgot I had a belt on. When loaded up it feels like it distributes the weight well and resists bending outward very well. I can't wait to get the overlord to go with it. The buckle-less design is a huge comfort factor and is what lead me to give this belt a go. Was worth the wait!"

 -Review from storm rider gears website.

Price point:

 MSRP = $46.99 Add $3 for kryptec or multicam 

 Retail = $46.99

I need it now availability:

I was only able to find in on

Lead time is 8 weeks at the time of writing

Our Rating:


  • Super stiff
  • Very comfortable 
  • Hook and loop fasteners
  • Very reasonably priced


  • More difficult to sit down in the restroom than with a traditional belt buckle. 
  • Hotspots can build up on the hips (you probably know what I'm talking about. If you don't it's probably a non issue)
  • Looks odd with a shirt tucked in


Score: 8.0 Great