RPS Tactical Adaptive Holster Review

Everyone has been there; the drawer or tupperware container full of holsters. You’ve tried numerous ones, and there is always some sort of issue with them. The holster is too bulky; the holster doesn’t have any flex to work with your body shape; it only allows for one method of carry or storage. RPS Tactical has addressed these issues. Located in Fairfield, Maine, RPS Tactical was started by a local LEO and his brother, with a focus on making holsters, belts & nylon gear along with many other custom items. I spent some time with Rob and his brother Nick and discussed the way they make their holsters, as well as the way they hand stitch their belts. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is very apparent in the way they make their items and the final product they put out. They are also willing to work with the customer. When I wanted to get a holster made by them, they didn’t have the mold for my Steyr C9A1 (most people don’t) and they were willing to let me bring my firearm over for them to mold the holster. I know another individual who had a specific need and they worked with him to get the holster and belt exactly as he wanted it. With the owner of RPS Tactical being a law enforcement officer, they have a really good understanding of what goes into comfortable everyday carry of firearms and other gear.

I did a podcast with the guys at RPS and they made me the Adaptive Holster for my Steyr for me to evaluate. I spent almost 8 months carrying my Steyr with the Adaptive holster in the IWB and then the OWB configurations. I had long road trips in the car, range trips, working outside, going on walks with my wife and son & pretty much every single other everyday thing you do. The Adaptive holster is a kydex shell with a sturdy leather  backing. On the body side of the backing material is the soft side of industrial strength velcro. This allows for various mounting options if you purchase the corresponding velcro patches that can be affixed to any surface. For my body type, I found the OWB configuration worked better for me. I carried setup as IWB from June to about November, when I switched to the OWB configuration as the weather got colder and I could start wearing jackets. The IWB worked good, but with my body type I’ve found that IWB can be uncomfortable over extended periods of time. I am confident other people that don’t have issues with IWB carry will find the RPS Tactical Adaptive holster very comfortable.


During my time wearing the holster (and I am still wearing it to this day) i noticed no abnormal wear or any hardware backing out or failing on it. Everything was very sturdy, reholstering was very easily accomplished, and the trigger guard was suitably covered. The kydex is molded to your specific firearm, and the retention was fantastic.  As with most high quality holsters, the leather backing was cut to allow for a full grip on the firearm prior to drawing.

One thing I will also note is the soft side velcro backing. While it is there for the mounting options as we discussed before, it also makes for very comfortable carry if the holster is directly against your skin. I, like many people, do not enjoy having a tucked in shirt. I have used other holsters that have the large leather backing and oftentimes found that when they were against bare skin that there was a lot of perspiration and discomfort especially in the hot summer months. It seems like the soft velcro backing on the body side of the holster allows some air to get in between the backing and your skin, preventing any perspiration or discomfort from occurring. For those of you who like to wear a tucked in shirt, the IWB configuration is tuckable as well. There are other carry options for the adaptive holster as well, including a paddle mount or  purchasing the RPS Tactical Shoulder harness and using your existing holster as a shoulder holster.

If you are looking for a very high quality holster (or any other pieces of high quality gear) from a fantastic small business, look no further than RPS Tactical. Their commitment to their products long after it has left their shop is telling. I have had multiple people come back to me after I have steered them toward RPS Tactical for their holster needs and tell me that they were so happy to work with RPS. Rob and Nick were very attentive to their needs and oftentimes they ended up getting fitted out with belts and other items above and beyond what their original request was. That speaks volumes as to the character and dedication that the guys at RPS have to customer satisfaction. I was very happy to evaluate their holster, and would highly recommend their products to my friends and family, for both duty & EDC use.  



Adaptive Holster System (Various Mounting Options)


Those wanting a high quality holster for everyday carry that can be utilized in a variety of ways.


  • Convertible between IWB & OWB

  • Tuckable during IWB carry

  • Soft side velcro backing against the body

  • Sturdy leather backing with cut to allow full grip of firearm before drawing.


Various color options/finishes including Kryptek, Carbon Fiber, Coyote Tan & more


Tactical Toolbox Review


$65.00 (various options may be extra)


RPS Tactical LLC


Esstac Shotgun Cards Review

Esstac Shotgun Card Running and gunning with a shotgun is both simple and complicated. Guns are typically lighter and less cluttered with accessories than carbines, however the ammo is large and clunky. Digging for shells in a pocket or pouch is "slow speed and high drag" while adding a side saddle to the receiver is the optimum way as the shells are already a couple inches from being reloaded into the action / magazine tube.

The higher end systems like Mesa Tactical units are aluminum and parkerized, and they carry a heavy price tag.  They are also more permanent and add bulk to the side of your gun, taking up room in the gun case or the safe. Plastic versions like the TacStar are also an option, and a lower cost than the aluminum option but still requires a semi permanent modification to your shotgun, and in some guns actually will interfere with the forearm of pump action shotguns.

The simplest solution is often the best one. Velcro backed, nylon constructed Esstac Shotgun Cards are a great alternative with a few great advantages.  There are some negative points I've experienced that come as a trade off.

The positives: ability to add a side saddle to your shotgun without any permanent modification or even tools for that matter. That, and you can literally stick it anywhere... a stock, a vest, a jacket, etc. Modularity is my favorite word. They also fit in carbine magazine pouches.

The negatives: fully loaded with 7 12 gauge shells the card with bend, or warp. When left adhered to a flat solid surface (your gun's receiver) it will either start to separate from the velcro, or worse separate the velcro from it's adhesive backing.  The latter happened to me and luckily the adhesive layer left came of with some persistent rubbing and the glue came off in one ball of gunk. The cards do not come with the other half of the velcro equation so fault is with the "loop" velcro I purchased elsewhere at a craft store. More industrial strength stuff is out there but I fear it would not have been so kind to the parkerization of my Mossberg 930.

If you are looking for a cheap system that will reduce the time of your shotgun reloads, these cards are worth a try. Just don't leave one loaded and attached to your favorite gun.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Shell carrier or side saddle, fits in an M4 Mag Pouch for quick changes too.

Target Market: Tactical or competitive shotgun users as well as hunters

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Velcro interface sticks to gear or mounts to shotguns
  • Elastic shell sleeves
  • Paracord loop for easy removal
  • Fits in an M4 pouch
  • Rubber interior strip to add in friction retention of shells
What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green,  Multicam

What others are saying?: “Saw these on YouTube and had to try them. Bought two and they are exactly what I needed! Have seven rounds on the side and can have seven more of a differnt type of round ready to change out. The hassle of unloading the side saddle and then reloading is gone. Just tear off the card and put the new one on. The cards fit perfectly inside an AR style mag pouch so you can carry as many as you have room for. Can't wait to get more."  review from Brian, Altamont IL ( user)

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: Readily available at

Our Rating:

+-Price point makes it possible to get multiple cards for the price of a solid aluminum or plastic side saddle, but better suited for rapid replacement. +-Esstac Shotgun Cards remain flat when not in use, and allow for slimmer profile in storage. +  Customer Service from Otter Box (parent company) was prompt and satisfactory. - -Does not include "loop" side of velcro, you must find your own (industrial strength backing maybe overkill and damage firearm finish, so its all on you to find whats best). --Entire card warps in an arc when loaded with shells, and maybe cause separation of mount from surface, or adhesive from velcro.

Score: 6.5 Okay


Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster Review

Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster If you plan on concealed carrying your firearms via external carry, that is in a messenger bag, satchel, or purse, you are probably looking at three options.  One: a "pocket" style holster thats purely meant to retain the firearm and cover the trigger. Two: a holster with "hook and loop" (velcro) style backing. Third is just carrying the firearms loose in the bag which is obviously a terrible, inexcusable idea. If I need to explain why or if you are calling me a safety nazi in your mind, you need to retake a safety course.

Without going into the obvious reasons why a firearms carried outside the body inside a bag, tote, etc need a proper holster, I will go right into my venture into getting a velcro-backed kydex holster for carry in my tactical messenger bag. The holster that comes with most bags designed for concealment are just strips of velcro and nylon, and are meant to be universally adjustable for all handgun types. The retention is really poor, and only good if your bag is perpendicular to the ground. If your bag angles in any way, chances are your firearms would become loose.  If the velcro straps are too tight around the handgun, you may not easily be able to draw it when the moment of truth comes.

That's why I chose to get a kydex holster, with a leather backing and velcro.  Of the holster shops out there, I chose to go with Crossbreed Holsters as their reputation and name are both well known in the industry. The Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster, presumably derivative of a Japanese pronounced greeting which is my best ignorant guess. The retention of my selected gun is great right out of the box, as Crossbreed handfits each holster individually, not just grabbing one off the shelf that's been preformed in a batch process. The leather backing is only as wide as it needs to be so it will work in smaller bags, and or affix to velcro panels in other static locations.  The beauty to the Ohai is it comes with a 6" x 7" velcro square that you can stick to anywhere. Under a desk, the side of a night stand, inside a vehicle center console. You can also order an Ohai Mag Holster from Crossbreed, which I also did. Same quality, same good retention of the kydex.

My only two qualms about these holsters is the sweat guard (elongated strip that follows the slide / rear of the gun. This holster is not designed to be worn on the belt or near the skin really at all, and if anything the extra height will prevent the holster from fitting in certain shallow locations. I guess CB had to put their logo somewhere, I may or may not trim it off for a better fit in my bag.

One more thing, the adhesive on some velcro does have a strength limitation. While the velcro on the back of the  Ohai holster I have no doubt are mounted well and will not come apart from the leather, I do have experience with the "loop" panels (fuzzy side) coming apart from their adhesive backings when loaded with weight of a gun over a random amount of time. My advice would be to either not leave the holstered gun attached to the velcro panels for long periods of time, or use screws to create a more permanent mount.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Ohai is a vast improvement over the floppy, cloth or nylon holsters found in CCW bags

Target Market: Concealed Carry Bag owners, or concealment around the home or office.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Can also be mounted on various surfaces such as the underside of a desk or the console of a car.
  • Prevents shifting around inside of bags and or purses
  • Includes one piece of loop velcro for placement of your holster (Additional Velcro is available for purchase)
  • Crossbreed Warranty: If holster should EVER fail during normal use, simply return it and  will be repaired or replaced

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: None but extra velcro and magazine pouch available

What others are saying?: “This holster works great for my day pack. It form-fits my G19 and allows me to carry with one in the chamber without fear of it falling out or shifting. It even comes with enough loop velcro to create a couple mounting spots for the holster. Some places Ive thought of are underneath your nightstand, or under your cars dash or in your middle console. Basically any flat surface that is about 8 x 8 would be a possible mounting spot for this system. Very versatile!" MidwayUSA Review

Price Point:

MSRP: $47.50

I need it now! Availability: Crossbreed Holsters

Our Rating:

+ Fit and finish is great just like Crossbreed's reputation + Available with extra 8" x 8" Velcro panels for mounting in various places + Great retention of both gun and magazine

- The extra leather at the top of the holster is unnecessary for my compact pistol and may prevent proper fit in some bags. May need to be trimmed off.

Score: 8.0 Great