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Crew Holsters "OL' Classic OWB" Holster


The Crew Custom Holsters OL' Classic OWB is your standard outside the waistband holster.  It is manufactured from some nice heavyweight kydex or similar plastic.  The one I received is for a full size 1911 style pistol.  It arrived in black.  I tried it with 2 different 1911's and it functioned flawlessly.

Crewowb2The design of the holster would make it very useful for everyday carry, IDPA, hunting, or any other thing you might want an outside the waistband holster for.  The belt loops supplied fit my 1.5" belt nicely.  The loops are also kydex, and are very deep, meaning that a really thick belt, or one of the double competition style belts, will fit through the loops.  The loops can also be adjusted up or down on each side.  This way, the holster can be lowered, raised, or adjusted for cant.  Being that it is for a 1911, the inside sheet of kydex came up just to the safety lever.  The outside piece is a little lower to help you get a good grip when drawing.  This model OWB holster also covers the trigger guard completely.  It is also molded around the mag release button so that it can't be hit accidentally.  Some of the owb models have adjustable retention, this one does not.  I didn't find this to be a problem, as the holster retained the firearm nicely.  The draw stroke is also very smooth. Upon reholstering, you do get a good "snap" as the holster locks the gun in place.  I did notice that it took a few draw strokes to break in the holster, as it was very snug when I first received it.

This holster is really nice.  It is available in lots of colors and patterns, for a few extra bucks.  There are also options for weapon mounted lights and lasers.  Various belt clip options are also available, as well as a sweat guard, if one wishes.  The only flaw I found with this particular model was that, with one of my 1911's, the safety would just touch the holster so that the firearm would not go in completely.  I mean by maybe an 1/8".  So I just filed that spot down slightly and it worked great.  I called The Crew Holsters about this and they said I could send it in for them to fix, because it does have a lifetime warranty.  They said they would look at the problem and I doubt that it exists anymore.  If you're in the market for a good kydex style holster, give the Crew a call.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Outside the Waistband holster

Target Market: IDPA, concealed carriers, hunters

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Adjustable belt loops
  • Available Options
  • Full trigger coverage
  • Good retention

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? Lots of different colors, patterns and options.

What others are saying?: 

    "I've ordered a few of their iwb holsters and i think i found the last holster company I'm going to deal with, the owner is cool and prices are damn good, and the product is good, speaking of which i need to order a iwb for my sig."

Price point: 

MSRP = $45.00 for black, everything else extra

Retail = $45.00+

I need it now! Availability: The Crew Custom Holsters 

Our Rating: 


  • Good Retention
  • Adjustable Belt loops (height and cant)
  • Firearm availability
  • Color and pattern options
  • Light and Laser options
  • Belt loop options
  • Adjustable retention on some models
  • Completely covers trigger


  • Safety on 1911 hit edge of holster slightly

Score: 8.5+  Grea85t



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RTK Sweet Pea trigger for Ruger LCP

sweetpea1As many Ruger LCP owners may know, the trigger is probably the worst part of the firearm. RTK has improved this feature with its Sweet Pea trigger for the LCP. Having owned and shot my LCP for awhile now, I can appreciate this upgrade. When firing the firearm, my finger would get pinched by the trigger. The sharp recoil of the little .380 didn't help this any. After installing the Sweet Pea trigger I realized that the trigger bite had gone away. This is something that RTK says comes from the pivot point to trigger face relationship. sweetpea2The installation on the trigger can be a little overwhelming for some, but if you have some mechanical aptitude and some tools it can be done with ease. The online instructions from RTK are excellent! Here is a link to the trigger instruction: Sweet Pea Installation. They have pictures and descriptions to walk you step by step through the installation. Basically, if you can detail strip the pistol, you can install this trigger. I would recommend having a small dish to put the parts in. The only problem I ran into was getting the trigger block positioned correctly. It took me three tries, but that really only added about 5 minutes extra. The trigger kit also comes with a new stainless trigger pin. After installation the trigger needs to be adjusted. To do this you will need a .050" allen wrench or driver, one with a ball head would be even better. My trigger over-travel screw was turned too far in, and needed to be backed out a few turns to get the pistol to fire. It then would not reset completely so I needed to back out the pre-travel screw.  After adjusting the travel screws, the instructions say to back the screws out 2 turns and then put some thread locker on them, and screw them back in 2 turns. I found this to be time consuming due to the fact that the screws are not the easiest to get to. The only real negative that I had about the trigger is that it did not include a wrench for adjustment and getting to the set screws for adjustment is awkward.

I like the trigger okay. It does make the trigger pull feel smoother. And since it is adjustable, it makes the overall trigger travel shorter. A big plus. The width of the trigger also gives it a better feel to me. It is not a match grade trigger, nor should it be. But it is better than the factory Ruger trigger. However, I do believe there could be more room for improvement. RTK also offers a variety of triggers for other small semi-auto pistols.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Improved trigger for Ruger LCP

Target Market: Ruger LCP owners, Concealed carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Adjustable (Both Pre-Travel and Over-Travel)
  • Looks good
  • Available in different colors
  • Trigger feel is improved
  • Changed trigger pivot point (to help with trigger bite)

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Hot Pink
  • Grey
  • Brite (Black w/polished sides)
  • Milled (Raw aluminum)

RTK Trigger colors

Price point: 

I need it now! Availability: RTK or Galloway Precision

Our Rating: 


  • Better Feel
  • Pre-Travel Adjustment
  • Over-Travel Adjustment
  • Better Trigger Geometry
  • Color Choices
  • Very good online installation instructions
  • New Trigger Pin Included


  • No supplied Allen wrench for adjustment
  • Must go online for instructions
  • Adjustment of the trigger is somewhat awkward

80Score: 8.0 Great



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Kahr CM9 Review

kahrcm9-1The Kahr CM9 is Kahr Arms' budget priced, polymer framed, micro-compact 9mm with a stainless steel slide. When I say budget, what it means is this: Standard rifled barrel instead of a polygonal rifled one, a staked polymer front sight and not a dovetailed in metal front post, a MIM (metal injected molded) slide stop as opposed to a machined one, and a less machined slide. All of these steps reduce the cost of the CM9, but don't be mislead, this is still a quality firearm. As with all of the Kahr firearms, this one is a striker fired double action only. The trigger has a long, but super smooth pull. The CM9 comes from the factory with 1 six round flush fit magazine. Other magazines are available, and it will take the original K9 7 round magazines but they will stick out the bottom by about 1/2". When I measure the pistol the length is 5.7" and the height is 4.25" with the magazine inserted. The width is as advertised at .90". The weight fully loaded with 7 115gr Cor-Bon's comes in at 21oz's. The pistol uses a standard lock breech tilting barrel Browning style system. Included within the slide is a passive striker block to help prevent accidental firing if the gun were to be dropped or something to that affect. Disassembly is very easy also. Make sure the firearm is unloaded and there isn't a magazine in the gun.  Slide the slide back about 1/2" until the crescent shaped cut out is in line with the slide stop, then push the slide stop pin out from the other side.  Release the slide, and as slightly pulling the slide forward, pull the trigger and the slide will slide right off. kahrcm9-3Being that the Kahr CM9 is small and lightweight, it lends itself to being a dedicated concealed carry pistol. The pistol is easily concealed under a t-shirt with a good IWB holster. If you are of larger stature, it could even be considered a pocket pistol. How does it shoot, you ask?  It shoots as one would expect for a micro 9mm pistol.  I could keep all my shots under 3" at 10 yards with all the ammo I fed it. The gun's recoil is VERY snappy, as one would expect from such a small powerful pistol. If you are recoil sensitive, this might not be the pistol for you. Also if you are new to shooting, the CM9 might be too much gun to handle. Kahr says to give the pistol a 200 round break-in period. In the first 100 rounds I fired, I had about 10 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124gr +p cause the slide to lock back with rounds still in the magazine. These were the only malfunctions I have had with the pistol. After breaking in the pistol, I fired 50 rounds of the same Speer Gold Dot's without a single problem. All the other types of ammo I tried shot flawlessly.

If you are looking for a small lightweight carry pistol, this might be one to consider.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Small, inexpensive, lightweight, sub-compact 9mm pistol

Target Market: Concealed Carry

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 6+1
  • Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; "Browning - type" recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
  • Barrel: 3.0", conventional rifling; 1 - 10 right-hand twist
  • Length O/A: 5.42"
  • Height: 4.0"
  • Slide Width: .90"
  • Weight: Pistol 14 ounces, Magazine 1.9 ounces, total 15.9 ounces
  • Grips: Textured polymer
  • Sights: Drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights
  • Finish: Black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide
  • Magazine: 1 - 6 rd flush floorplate

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: None

What others are saying?:

By Robert L  4/5 stars at Buds Gun Shop

Great gun. I have put about 100 rounds through it so far with no malfunctions. The sight and trigger wil take some getting use to. Great size to carry though.

By Joey K 4/5 stars at Gander Mountain

Love the compact and super lightweight design. Small and light enough to pocket carry all day and almost forget that its there.

Excellent review by Massad Ayoob on the CM9

Price point: 

MSRP = $460.00

Retail = $331.00 at Buds Gun Shop

I need it now! Availability: Check your local gun store

Our Rating:


  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth trigger
  • +p rated
  • Price


  • Sharp Recoil
  • Only comes with 1 magazine

Score: 8.5 Great85



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Comfort Holsters Bentley Comfort Holster Review

Bentley Comfort Holster I really love it when my initial impressions of a product are wrong. When I first received the Bentley Comfort Holster, I thought the unique materials were some sort of gimmick to justify the premium price tag. After carrying with the holster for a few days in a row, I'm happy to say "Boy, I was wrong!" There's an metaphoric expression used to compare the quality of a product to a highly reputable classic car maker... "the Rolls Royce of ___" is what people say. I can venture to say that this holster got its name, because it is "the Bentley of Holsters."

First let me preface by stating that I own several different inside the waistband holsters, and they each have gotten their fair use.  I do have a favorite out of the bunch, that has warped to my body after being worn repeatedly, and feels pretty good now that it's been 'Ryanitized' by my love handles. By the end of the evening, especially if it was a particularly active day, my body is relieved when its time to take that holster off. The air finally gets a chance to wick away sweat that accumulates with unbreathable skin-on-leather contact, even with a layer of fabric in between. Then there's the circular indent left behind. I do not expect the comforting concept of having a concealed defensive pistol to be in itself comfortable to bare, and that has been a mantra in the concealed training world for awhile now. With all the advancements in leather and kydex, we still have to endure some discomfort in order to be secure when using conventional IWB holsters. I'm pleased to have found an alternative that effectively throws that paradigm out the window.

Bentley Comfort Holster

Comfort Holsters claims this is the most comfortable holster in the world. A bold claim indeed, something that every holster manufacturer attempts to boast! The flagship model in Comfort Holsters' product line is called "The Bentley Comfort" holster. The Bentley uses a unique gel layer wrapped in suede material, which pads a full kydex chassis on the hip-facing side. The full chassis of kydex provides maximum retention of the firearm, while protecting the metal's finish from sweat. The gel pad reminds me of high end orthotic insoles in a prescription shoe, which is actually a really good way to compare the beneficial qualities of the material. Gel obviously molds to outside forces, your hip in this case. This eliminates abrasions, chaffing, and putting undue pressure on your body that some conventional IWB holsters can cause. Now wrapping that jelly material in soft suede not only feels pleasant to the touch but allows skin the breathe, which resolves something a leather backed holster design suffers from greatly. The result is an all day comfort that I personally had never really appreciated until it came time to remove the Bentley from my pants at the end of  day one... the relief of pressure and drastic "Aaaaahhh, much better" feeling was missing. Meaning the Bentley and my body were ready for another 9+ hour day of carrying, and that's a feeling I have never experienced with any other holster I've tried.

Bentley Comfort Holster

The Bentley holster has two leather tabs, more like wings, that provide the mounting for two belt clips. Unlike other holsters, the clips are not spread out. The Bentley is smaller more compact design with clips specifically placed asymmetrically for functional purposes. The rear clip is less than an inch from the kydex, with its clip positioned underneath the pistol grip. This, combined with a short, rigid double layer of leather which the manufacturer calls the "Cling Tab," causes a pulling / torque of the holster inward so that the grip follows the contour of your body, instead of remaining parallel to your frame like other holsters. The front/foward tab is a single layer of leather and is longer and mounted to follow the inward taper of the kydex, allowing it to flex and follow the contour of your waistband. This design has two primary intended results: reduce "printing" or broadcasting you are concealing a firearm through an imprint in clothing, and not needing a break-in period for the holster to warp and conform to your body.

Bentley Comfort Holster

From my testing, which included drawing my S&W M&Pc for dry fire practice for a couple weeks, I found that I am pleasantly pleased with the Comfort Holsters Bentley Comfort holster. The marketing hype on the Comfort Holsters website seems overreaching if you've never given it a try, but I can honestly assess that a lot of thought and engineering went into designing and building a better IWB holster. Some personal notes I found during my testing and evaluation are:

  • If you prefer to carry exactly in the 3 o'clock position, the Bentley doesn't feel 'right'. It printed much more for me at this apex of my hip. I found that moving it back to the 4 - 4:30 position was the 'sweet spot' for me. I normally don't carry this far back because more traditional IWB holsters have a wider leather backing, and would cause pinching/discomfort in the kidney area when in the sitting position. The Bentley's smaller profile was almost unnoticeable when sitting at my office desk and driving around town.
  • The rearward clip on the Cling Tab is directly located below the front strap of the grip, and if you adjust the seating depth so your gun sits deeper in your pants, the clearance for your fingers gets really tight. My digits began to wear on the knuckles of the index and middle fingers during drawing practice, and would often interfere with getting a good purchase on the grip frame. I wouldn't say that I have gorilla mits, but if you have fatter booger hooks than I do you will encounter this too. Best to leave the rear clip in its lowest position.
  • The smell of the adhesive that binds the suede/gel panel to the kydex body is very pungent. If it weren't for the instructions addressing this, I would have been concerned for my safety in a tightly spaced environment. No worries, the off gassing dissipated after about 2 days.

Note: If you want a holster made to fit your rail mounted light or laser, just ask Rob. I wish I had a TLR-3 on a S&W M&Pc molded up, but failed to ask.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: This is the most comfortable holster known to man

Target Market: Concealed Carriers looking for the ultimate comfortable hoster for IWB carry

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Gel Cushion
  • Suede Protection
  • Tuckable
  • Adjustment clip position (3 levels for forward clip, 2 for the rear)
  • Rigid & short Cling tab gives extra support to rear of holster, angles grip inward
  • Full Kydex body retention
  • Small Footprint
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 6 week buy back warranty
  • Made in the USA
What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Kydex color Black or Desert Tan

What others are saying?: " During a very extensive search for an IWB holster to fit my glock 19 AND mounted Streamlight TLR-1, I ran across Rob Durham. When I first contact Rob he was in the process of moving his shop into the back of one of his local gun shops. This move has enabled him to make holsters for pretty much anything that the shop might carry. After hammering out all the details of what I was looking for Rob was able to put together a mold for my combination and for future use... Instead of leaving a waxed backing on the holster Rob has mated a second layer of leather for added comfort. It does not affect the flexibility of the holster. It doesn't affect the thickness either. This holster is fairly thin. I think I would have liked to see him run a row of stitching In the sculpted track running the entire perimeter of the holster, but we'll see how it holds up in the long run as is. The Holster is set up for adjustable ride height and/or cant... The holster features a sweat guard. As of right now there is not a "combat cut" like cross breed offers. But I have a feeling it will be an added feature in future holsters. It does not effect the draw, but would be a tad more comfortable on first "grab". After playing with the cants I finally settled in on the front clip all the way to the top and the rear clip in the middle position. At the 3 o'clock position it provides a slight cant, and makes the weapon print ALOT less.... is directly on the hip. You'll notice in this position that it "squares off the side." Also noted a bulge around the pocket. This position is NOT okay while seated. The grip and sweat guard tends to push into my side in this position while seated." Firing Line User Review

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: Readily available at

Our Rating: +  No break-in period +-Cling Tab: Shorter, double layered tab pulls pistol grip in to follow body contour + Suede and Gel combo really does provide all day comfort, no sweating or chaffing especially if in sitting positions (at desk or driving) + 6 Week Buy Back guarantee, shows major faith in product / customer satisfaction -  Smaller footprint puts rear clip right under pistol grip and can hinder initial purchase of handle if preferred position adjusted a certain way - My experience with experimenting with different pants / tops was still signs of printing through light clothing due to full kydex body and gel pad. --Strong glue smell upon first 1-2 days of wear - Price is on the higher end of the market, but it is high quality with uniquely comfort not available elsewhere.

Score: 8.0 Great



Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster Review

Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster If you plan on concealed carrying your firearms via external carry, that is in a messenger bag, satchel, or purse, you are probably looking at three options.  One: a "pocket" style holster thats purely meant to retain the firearm and cover the trigger. Two: a holster with "hook and loop" (velcro) style backing. Third is just carrying the firearms loose in the bag which is obviously a terrible, inexcusable idea. If I need to explain why or if you are calling me a safety nazi in your mind, you need to retake a safety course.

Without going into the obvious reasons why a firearms carried outside the body inside a bag, tote, etc need a proper holster, I will go right into my venture into getting a velcro-backed kydex holster for carry in my tactical messenger bag. The holster that comes with most bags designed for concealment are just strips of velcro and nylon, and are meant to be universally adjustable for all handgun types. The retention is really poor, and only good if your bag is perpendicular to the ground. If your bag angles in any way, chances are your firearms would become loose.  If the velcro straps are too tight around the handgun, you may not easily be able to draw it when the moment of truth comes.

That's why I chose to get a kydex holster, with a leather backing and velcro.  Of the holster shops out there, I chose to go with Crossbreed Holsters as their reputation and name are both well known in the industry. The Crossbreed Ohai Modular Holster, presumably derivative of a Japanese pronounced greeting which is my best ignorant guess. The retention of my selected gun is great right out of the box, as Crossbreed handfits each holster individually, not just grabbing one off the shelf that's been preformed in a batch process. The leather backing is only as wide as it needs to be so it will work in smaller bags, and or affix to velcro panels in other static locations.  The beauty to the Ohai is it comes with a 6" x 7" velcro square that you can stick to anywhere. Under a desk, the side of a night stand, inside a vehicle center console. You can also order an Ohai Mag Holster from Crossbreed, which I also did. Same quality, same good retention of the kydex.

My only two qualms about these holsters is the sweat guard (elongated strip that follows the slide / rear of the gun. This holster is not designed to be worn on the belt or near the skin really at all, and if anything the extra height will prevent the holster from fitting in certain shallow locations. I guess CB had to put their logo somewhere, I may or may not trim it off for a better fit in my bag.

One more thing, the adhesive on some velcro does have a strength limitation. While the velcro on the back of the  Ohai holster I have no doubt are mounted well and will not come apart from the leather, I do have experience with the "loop" panels (fuzzy side) coming apart from their adhesive backings when loaded with weight of a gun over a random amount of time. My advice would be to either not leave the holstered gun attached to the velcro panels for long periods of time, or use screws to create a more permanent mount.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: The Ohai is a vast improvement over the floppy, cloth or nylon holsters found in CCW bags

Target Market: Concealed Carry Bag owners, or concealment around the home or office.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Can also be mounted on various surfaces such as the underside of a desk or the console of a car.
  • Prevents shifting around inside of bags and or purses
  • Includes one piece of loop velcro for placement of your holster (Additional Velcro is available for purchase)
  • Crossbreed Warranty: If holster should EVER fail during normal use, simply return it and  will be repaired or replaced

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: None but extra velcro and magazine pouch available

What others are saying?: “This holster works great for my day pack. It form-fits my G19 and allows me to carry with one in the chamber without fear of it falling out or shifting. It even comes with enough loop velcro to create a couple mounting spots for the holster. Some places Ive thought of are underneath your nightstand, or under your cars dash or in your middle console. Basically any flat surface that is about 8 x 8 would be a possible mounting spot for this system. Very versatile!" MidwayUSA Review

Price Point:

MSRP: $47.50

I need it now! Availability: Crossbreed Holsters

Our Rating:

+ Fit and finish is great just like Crossbreed's reputation + Available with extra 8" x 8" Velcro panels for mounting in various places + Great retention of both gun and magazine

- The extra leather at the top of the holster is unnecessary for my compact pistol and may prevent proper fit in some bags. May need to be trimmed off.

Score: 8.0 Great


StealthGear ONYX IWB Holster for Springfield XD 40 Sub-Compact Review


StealthGear ONYX IWB 2 Overall, I am very new to the concealed carry scene, purely due to the fact that I live in Illinois, and up until 2 months ago it wasn't an option. However, those days are over. I was like any other person that was new to concealed carry in the fact that I was overwhelmed with the amount of holster choices available to me. IWB? OWB? Kydex? Leather? Hybrid? The list goes on and on. My daily carry gun is a Springfield XD40 Sub-Compact, so this is what I was looking to conceal. I ended up with a StealthGear ONYX IWB Holster. Based on my overall satisfaction of this holster, I don't think that I could have gone with a better first choice for a holster, right out of the gate!StealthGear ONYX

The heart of the StealthGear ONYX IWB is its revolutionary VentCore TM breathable platform. StealthGear claims that "this innovative ventilation system allows moisture to rapidly dissipate away from your body, leaving you dry and comfortable, all day long. No other holster will keep you drier! StealthGear ventilated holster platforms are built with a unique combination of synthetic non moisture-absorbing materials and stainless steel hardware. You will not find a tougher, lighter or more comfortable IWB holster on the market today." Personally, I cannot find fault in any of their claims. I have virtually worn this holster every day for the last two months, and find this to be very comfortable. During my normal day job, I am unable to carry my firearm. However, I choose to continue to wear this is that comfortable that I do not even notice it or find it bothersome.

StealthGearAs far as the rest of the features go, everything else is of pure quality. The function and fit are great. I have positive retention between the holster and gun at all times, and in many different positions. The feel of this holster, even against bare skin is vey comfortable, not just between layers. The ride height and the cant are both adjustable to your liking as well. Like I stated before, this is the first holster that I started to carry with (I have since had others purchased for one reason or another for this gun and others), and I think that I was lucky finding the best one. With that being said, it took me a week or two decide what combination of position, along with ride height, and cant worked best for me. This StealthGear ONYX IWB holster allowed me to find that perfect combination with ease.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Extreme comfort and ultimate concealability, all while being combat ready.

Target Market: Conceal Carry.

FNBs (features & benefits of this product):

  • Ideal for concealed carry
  • VentCore TM ventilated platform keeps YOU dry
  • Integrated condensation (or moisture) shield keeps your WEAPON dry
  • Built with non moisture-absorbing synthetics
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Designed for rapid combat presentation
  • Adjustable for cant and depth
  • Tuckable
  • Tough .093 mil KYDEX shell with adjustable retention screws
  • Full coverage of muzzle for extreme protection
  • Lighter weight than leather or hybrid holsters
  • Strategically-placed padding for maximum comfort
  • 3/32" hex key and extra screws included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hand-Built in the USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:

  • Black Only
  • J-clips available for those that want less exposure of the clips (I have recently ordered, but have not received yet)

What others are saying?: 

  • "Initially, I just chalked up the proclaimed comfort to the similarity in design to the Crossbreeds I was so accustomed to. After all, the Crossbreed holster is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I have used, that is until now. -
  • "What it boils down to is this: it’s light, airy and feels great. Really great. I’ve been giving it a go for most of this summer. I just about always wear a t-shirt between any holster and my baby-soft skin and with that intermediate layer – yes, even in the summer – the ONYX is about as comfy as an IWB rig can be. - TheTruthAboutGuns

I need it now! Availability:  Available online at the StealthGear USA site. Currently a 3-5 week waiting period. A longer wait period than most would understandably want, but worth it when you get the finished product.

Our Rating:

+ Most comfortable holster that I have tried

+ The quality, fit, and finish are second to none

+ Quality stainless steel fasteners

+ Excellent weight distribution

- 3 to 5 weeks can be a tough wait when you are so darn eager to get something

Score: 9.0 90

Kimber Eclipse Target ll


Kimber Eclipse image

I have had this gun for about 10 years now and its still my gun safe queen!  Recently I have resolved to bring her back out and start using it more often.  After all isn't that why we buy we can enjoy them right?  As soon as I got this Kimber in hand, I decided to put on an extended magwell and Kimber tactical grips.  But that's it! Those were the only mods that I deemed necessary for this beautiful piece of firearm bliss.

OK ... time to get into the meat of the matter.  I have fired approximately 1,500 rounds through this Eclipse.  To be completely honest with you guys, when I first took it to the range, I had some feeding issues with the first 300 rounds.  However after getting it tall broken in, the gun ran flawlessly for the last 10 years.  If you have never held a Kimber, they are extremely tight tolerances with no loose rattling like most other 1911”s.  Everything is worked by hand to ensure maximum accuracy and it is very accurate! My ol’ man can punch an 1”-1 ½” group with this firearm. The Kimber Eclipse has a crisp 4-5lb aluminum match trigger and when you pull the slide to the rear, its very smooth.  In fact, everything about this gun is crisp and smooth. I do have one major qualm with the Kimber …. the black oxide finish seems to wear off too easy, especially on parts like the safety that get a lot of skin contact.  Other than that, the pistol has a solid steel slide and frame that is very well balanced.  The target 2 model comes with a 5” match steel barrel and meprolight adjustable night sights.  Last but not least, the Kimber Eclipse has 30 LPI checkering on the front grip (I love this feature) and come with two 8 round mags.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Superb detail, accuracy reliability and smooth operation.

Target Market: Serious 1911 fans, competition and law enforcement.

FNB's (features and benefits of this product):

  • 5" match grade barrel and bushing
  • Aluminum match grade 4-5lb trigger
  • Meprolight adjustable night sights
  • Contrasting brushed stainless finish over black infill
  • 30 lpi front strap checkering

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Brushed stainless flats/ black oxide contrast

What others are saying?:  "Kimber 1911's are what 1911's should be"

Price point:

Our Rating:

+ Accurate + Reliable + Beautiful + Superb Quality + Balanced

- Expensive - Break in period - Black finish wear

Score: 8.0 Great80


Smith and Wesson Model 638 Airweight 1.875"


 S&W 638 1

Whatever model it may be, the Smith and Wesson J-Frame has been a go to carry option for decades. I’m going to break this one down short and sweet. This is a slick, incredibly well made, and sharp 638-3looking revolver. I could choose to write more but it need not be said. This wheel gun is S&W quality, J-Frame concealability,  and .38 Special +p sensibility all wrapped up into a package that one can either enjoy at the range or carry with confidence.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: S&W quality, Concealed Carry, 638-4

Target Market: Concealed Carry, Collectors


Key Features

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Stainless Steel Cyinder
  • Syntheitc Grip
  • Shrouded Hammer

Key Benefits

  • Concealability of an internal/bobbed hammer while still maintaining the ability of single action operation.
  • Lightweight

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

While I was unable to find it on the Smith and Wesson Website a Guns & Ammo review also lists a 2 ½” barrel option. A crimson trace model is also available. But check out the Smith and Wesson website as there is great variety within the S&W J-Frame line.

What others are saying?

Steve Gash from Guns & Ammo

Youtube Review- TheFireArmGuy

Price point:

Gunbroker = Over MSRP Gunbroker Search

I need it now! Availability

During my recent handgun search only one store was flush with a variety of J-Frame models.  I did not see this gun anywhere else and I looked at 4 different stores.

Our Rating

+Superior S&W quality +Lightweight +Concealability +Cool factor of a “snub-nose” +Versatility of the shrouded hammer design

I find it difficult to spot negatives in design or construction. Engineering a firearm is a give and take. With this type of firearm you sacrifice comfort of shooting and magazine size for a highly concealable and reliable firearm that borders on pocket gun stature. I can't note these things as negatives as they are simply the nature of the beast.

Score 8.5





Featured FFL A frequent stop for my firearms, ammo, and accessory needs I picked this baby up at The Bullet Hole in Belleville, NJ. The Bullet Hole

My Blog  NJ Gun Blog

FourSevens Quark X AA2 Tactical Review


FourSevens Quark

The FourSevens Quark X AA2 Tactical (what a mouthful!) is a great light. I chose this light for its relative compactness, its output, and the common battery it uses. Using the AA battery allows it to be much thinner than many other “EDC” lights. Most 123 battery lights are 1 inch in diameter. The Quark AA2 is only .86 inch in diameter. It is relatively close in dimensions to the classic Mini-Mag light, FourSevens vs MiniMagbut with so many more features. This allows you to carry it clipped to the inside of a pocket with much less noticeable bulk. Plus, I use my light so much, that I am thankful for the use of common, relatively inexpensive batteries. The lengthy name can be decoded for easy identification of the lights function. “Quark” is the actual model name. The “X” denotes that is the brighter version of that particular model. The “AA” is the battery used and the “2” is the number of that battery. The “Tactical” lets you know what the user interface is like. There are two interfaces, “Pro” and “Tactical”.  The Pro cycles through each of the modes by simply soft-pressing the tail cap switch. The Tactical is programmable. It only has two readily available modes, but those two modes can set to whatever you want. The way to switch between them is by either loosening or tightening the bezel. As an example, you can set it up as Loose = Max and Tight = Strobe. For such a compact light running off of AA batteries, it has an amazing output. FourSevens advertises 280 lumens on this X model. The standard(non-X) is advertised at 205 lumens. With my normal use, this light seems to have a pretty good runtime. I usually keep it on High, which is 115 lumens, and I seem to rarely change the batteries. The Tactical has a momentary/constant switch. To use the momentary, you soft press the switch. To make it constant on, you just press the switch all the way in. You can also swap the head and tail cap, which lets you choose if you want the clip to carry it head-up or head-down. I had to send my light back to the factory for repair, because I accidentally got water inside of the tube and the head malfunctioned. This was entirely my fault, and not a faulty seal, but FourSevens fixed it free of charge. My only ding against them would be that I didn’t get any sort of ETA when I returned it. Six weeks doesn’t seem like a terribly long time to wait, but when you have no clue how long it will be, that seems like an eternity.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Bright and compact

Target Market: Concealed carriers that want a relatively compact, tactical light.

FNBs: (Features & Benefits of this product)

Key FeaturesFourSevens Quark Pocket

  • 280 Lumens
  • Compact
  • Many modes to choose from
  • Uses 2 AA batteries

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

The Quark only comes in black.

What others are saying?

“Quality of fit and finish is excellent throughout the Quark AA2 Tactical and I anticipate all the Quark lights, including this one, to be lifetime lights.” - nutnfancy

Price point

I need it now! Availability:

Readily available from many retailers, including Amazon.

 Our Rating

+ Compact + Bright + Uses common batteries + Can use rechargeable batteries + Momentary and Constant on - Repair customer service was relatively slow and kept me in the dark

Score 9.5



Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch Review

Comp-Tac Mag Pouch 1

The Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch is a sturdy, well made magazine carrier. It is made of a single piece of thick Kydex and has a heavy-duty belt clip. The belt clip is specific to the size of your belt, so you will choose 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75” depending on the size of Com-Tac Mag pouch on beltbelt you carry with. The mag carrier has adjustable retention by a screw that you tighten with stiff rubber between the two sides of the Kydex and adjusts using a supplied Allen key. You can also choose to purchase your carrier for left-handed or right-handed and bullets-forward or bullets backwards carry. The mag pouch carries the magazine very close to your body, so it does not print by protruding outward. One thing that bothers me about it, is that it carries the mag incredibly high. This could be an advantage for competition, but in carry, I find it tends to print at the baseplate. Other than that, this is a great carrier.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Sturdy and secure.

Target Market: Concealed carriers and competitive shooters.

FNB's: (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Kydex
  • Retention adjustment screw
  • Wide and secure belt clip Comp-Tac Mag Pouch Clip

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  These mag carriers are available in black, pink, red and digital camo. See Comp-Tac's website for the options.

What others are saying?:  “The Comp-Tac Single Mag Pouch is simple, nearly indestructible, relatively inexpensive, comfortable and just plain works…all the time!” -TACFIRE

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  You can purchase the Comp-Tac Single Magazine Pouch from multiple places, but When the Balloon Goes Up! seems to have the best price, after shipping.

Our Rating:

+ Sturdy + Secure + Adjustable retention

- Sits a little high (for me)

Score: 8.585