IWB holster

Werkz M2 w/TLR-1 Holster

Written by: Zane Mungillo

     Finding a good holster can be hard.  It’s such a personally dependent thing. There is a reason I have two large drawers full of them.  What is a great choice for me may be entirely wrong for you. It’s for that reason I approach holster reviews a little differently than other products. All holsters, in my opinion, should have the following qualities to even be considered for concealed carry:
•completely cover the trigger/guard
•allow for a full firing “master” grip on the gun while holstered
• have positive retention of some kind
•be made of either leather or kydex (not both) 
•allow for one handed reholstering. 
•firmly attach to the belt or pants
 Had the Werkz not “passed” these requirements, I would not have continued the review. 

     The Werkz holster took me on an emotional roller coaster if you will. A variation on their m2 iwb (customized for my gun and light) the holster, at first glance, appears to be very well crafted. All edges were buffed and perfectly smooth. It’s comes with a 1.5” injection molded clip that can be mounted at two different ride heights, straight draw or canted forward or backwards. It also has two tension screws for adjusting how much passive retention is on the gun/light combo. Retention is good when set to my preferred stiffness and a solid audible and tactile click is present when the gun is inserted, I knew I was going to love this holster. 

     That is, until I put it on, while extremely comfortable I couldn’t conceal the gun. The grip printed horribly in my typical dress, shorts and a t-shirt. Standing a boring 5’10” and weighing in at around 150 lbs I realize that I’m asking a lot of a holster to conceal a g17 in my extra medium t-shirts.  To give the holster a fair shake, I wore a slightly larger shirt a few days a week and carried around the house and at the range where I’m much less concerned with printing. 

     After about 2 months, when taking the gun and holster off I noticed the two tension screws had completely backed out and where nowhere to be found. The gun still had plenty of retention while in the waistband but this was concerning to me. To be fair I didn’t apply loctite after setting the desired retention so I chalk this up to that.  Since I used to make holsters in my shed, I have plenty of Chicago screws and such laying around so I replaced them and applied loctite this time (like I should have as soon as I got the holster).

     I decided to “modify” the holster at this point to make it more concealable so I superglued a pair of Dr. Scholls pads  to the inside portion and glue a furniture slide pad to the front inline with the belt clip. This both tilted the grip into my stomach but rotated the grip around. Werkz now offers a claw to accomplish the rotation of the grip and a quick google search of “the aiwb holster hack, Limatunes” will show you how to do the Dr. Scholls hack. I in no way removed material or heated the holster as to compromise the function of it. I simply added a wedge and a claw. 

     The holster now works fine with my typical dress and I’m very pleased with it.  I have over a thousand drawstrokes from it over the course of much dryfire and many range trips as well as about six months worth of  carry. I’m carrying it everyday for now until the next new hotness comes around that I have to try. 



Holsters made with little extra bulk and fast turnaround time, even on custom orders


Concealed carriers 


  • Meets my requirements for a good holster
  • Well made


Black, Blue, coyote brown, dark gray, FDE, olive drab, carbon fiber black, carbon fiber blood red, carbon fiber coyote, carbon fiber fde. 
Firearm and light options
1.5” or 1.75” clip 

What others are saying:  

Couldn’t find anything for this particular setup (g17w/trl-1) 
The only other reviews I found were on amazon and they tend to be hit or miss. 

Price point:  

MSRP - $42-80 depending model and options.

Retail - Same

I need it now availability: 

Werkz.com - Ships next day on in stock, 2-5 days for quick ship customs and 10 business days on completely custom orders.

Our Ratings:


  • Works as advertised
  • Holds gun securely


  • Not as concealable as other holsters I’ve tried 

Score: 7.50 Good

6.5 before modifying 8.5 after for an average or 7.5


Black Iron "ALLY" IWB Holster

  Any one who has considered the idea of carrying a firearm for protection, has had to look into holsters. Almost always, this ends up with a drawer full of unused holsters. The people over at Black Iron Holsters have made the job of choosing a holster a little bit easier with their ALLY series of inside the waistband (IWB) holster.

  The Ally IWB holster is one of the most comfortable holsters I have worn. I am not sure exactly how to describe the ALLY, but think hybrid holster on steroids. The first thing you notice on the holster, is the padding on the back, or the side that rides against your body. This padding is an UnderArmor moisture wicking fabric sewn over perforated padding and then mounted on the flexible kydex core. The padded fabric is said to pull sweat away from the body and make for a cooler drier holster. I did notice that I didn't sweat as much on the holster backing when it was hot outside. But the holster did seem to feel warmer than some other types. The ALLY also doesn't seem to feel cold either, like some all kydex holsters do. 

  When they construct the holster, they use the above mentioned padding, but with some extras. They call it C-Pak. C-Pak adds in a flexible kydex core, 500 denier Cordura fabric, and the moisture wicking and padding mentioned above. All of this helps add to the comfort and usefulness of the holster. The whole holster, except the backing, has been wrapped in the Cordura nylon. This cordura wrapping actually reduces the effects of holster wear on the firearm by giving the firearm something besides the kydex to rub on. They also sew on a border around the whole holster. This border helps smooth the outer edges so that nothing can catch on the them.

  When I mentioned hybrid style on steroids, here is what I mean. The holster is constructed with a large backing plate and then the outer holster is attached to it. But all of this is wrapped as mentioned above. They also put in a tension adjustment screw so that you can adjust it to your preference. The backing on my supplied holster has 3 holes for each clip, it has a front and rear clip. These holes make it possible to adjust for ride height and cant. Also the supplied nylon clips have 2 mounting screw options for even more adjustment. Even with the clips mounted in the same holes on the backing plate, the cant of the firearm is pretty noticeable. I did have a problem with the screws, that the clips are mounted to, coming loose. I put thread locker on them, but got some on the nylon clips. DON'T get threadlocker on the clips, it might make them crack and break like in my case. I emailed Black Iron and told them what I did, within a few days they had sent me new clips. I was just going to use some others I had around here since it was my fault they broke. So a big +1 for customer service.

  Aside from this being a very comfortable holster, it is also very functional. This holster has a little bit of break in time associated with it, like 2-3 days. After that, I didn't really even notice it. One of the great features of the ALLY is that the holster mouth doesn't collapse when the pistol is removed. Thus making reholstering safer and easier. Holstering the pistol was a little strange at first, I kept wanting to here the audible click like most hybrid or kydex holsters. But it felt more like an all leather holster. Don't be worried about this holster printing either. It has a very smooth profile. I did notice that it is slightly thicker than some holster due to its padding and cordura, but the smooth profile made up for this. It is hard to notice this holster being worn. I usually only hide it under a T-shirt and that works well.

  Now, the ALLY comes in the four different fabric colors listed below. But don't fret, they seem to make this holster for just about every popular, and even other not so popular handguns. Also with options for various weapon lights. If they don't list your handgun, their website says to contact them, which makes me think they will do their best to help you out. So if your in the market for a nice IWB holster, give Black Iron Holsters a look. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Soft/Comfortable Inside the waistband kydex holster

Target Market:

Concealed Carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • C-Pak Backing
  • Cordura wrapped
  • Hand washable
  • Made for each individual firearm
  • 1.5" clips
  • Adjustable for ride height and cant
  • Tension adjustment
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Cerakoted hardware
  • Made in U.S.A.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Coyote, Multicam, and Multicam Black

What others are saying?:

Great Holster, Buying More: Roger from BIH 5/5 Stars

I received my holster 2 weeks ago and this is by far hands down the greatest holster i have ever used. It fits like a glove both on myself and for my glock. It is everything described and more, i am a delivery driver and spend the majority of the time on the road getting in and out of my truck. I can honestly say by the end of the day it was so comfortable i completely forgot i was wearing it by the end of my shift. I will be swapping out my Alien Gear holsters for my other two guns and will be ordering everything from you guys from now own. Its well worth the few extra bucks for something that is of this quality.

Great Products and Service: Timothy from BIH 5/5 Stars

First of all let me say that my experience with customer service was exceptional, I had a lot of questions concerning which style of holster to purchase and what was going to work for me. The staff at Black Iron was very knowledgeable and evidently knew what questions to ask and how to explain things because this is the best fitting and most comfortable holster i have ever worn. If you have any doubts about buying one don't you will be blown away by these things.

Link to other reviews:

Nothing found while googling

Price point:

MSRP = $79.95

I need it now! Availability:

Black Iron Holsters

Our Rating:


  • Comfortable

  • Holster mouth stays open

  • Flexible

  • Adjustable retention

  • Tuckable

  • Adjustable Cant and Ride height

  • Firearm options (lights, lasers, models)


  • Sewing of fabric looked poor (Not straight)

  • Slightly thicker

  • Clip mounting screws come loose (Maybe supply pre-threadlocked screws)


Score: 7.5 Good


Chad’s Favorite Link: U.S. Tactical Supply  




Alex & Ryan Design Kydex Light Bearing Holster

I first heard of Alex and Ryan Design from my friend who bought a cuff holster from them. I looked into them a little bit and sent a few emails back and forth. After getting their advice(they answer their own email) I ordered the holster featured here and a double mag holster for IWB. I very promptly received an email from Alex saying that he thought it’d be more comfortable if I had 2 single mag holsters.


I went with his recommendation as he’s the expert. When I received the product I was a little shocked that it came in a plastic shipping bag as opposed to a box but my fears were immediately set aside as I inspected the holsters for damage. They’re definitely strong and durable to travel through the postal system unscathed. I grabbed my Glock 19 with Inforce APL and quickly, yet safely, inserted it into the holster, and then the whole contraption into my pants. I decided that it needed more retention so I removed it and tightened it with a coin, like many other smart designs allow. After some trial and error I got it to a retention level that I felt comfortable with.

The inside of the holster is smooth and allows for quick retrieval of your weapon while the outside has the familiar feel of kydex, rough yet soft. Wearing this has been a breeze and comfort has never been an issue. I've since wore it to two weddings, one of which I was a groomsmen, and no one had a clue. I recently tripped while running and the holster held up, kept my firearms secure, and only suffered some light scratches. A nice thing about its design is that I’ve successfully carried this setup as appendix, on the hip, behind the hip, and small of back positions. The clip on it is very sturdy yet still flexible to enough to bend far beyond any belt they can accommodate. I’m unsure of a way to make it any better without the addition of adjustable cant.

Claim to Fame: Comfortable and quality holster

Target Market: Concealed carriers


  • Custom made to your setup
  • Many firearms choices
  • Adjustable retention
  • 10 degree cant optional(non light bearing)
  • Options for different lights
  • Suppressor sights chanel optional
  • Optional lifetime warranty on all parts and hardware
  • 3 different sweat guard heights

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

There are too many for me to list so here’s a couple cool ones: Multicam, Tiffany Blue, 9 Kryptek designs, classic black, and many more.

What others are saying?

You can find reviews on their site for this holster

Price point:

$48.99 and up depending on options chosen. $65.99 as designed in this review.

I need it now! Availability:

It’s a custom made product so it takes 2-3 weeks to produce depending on their other orders. There is an option for rush orders and they’ll ship in 3-5 business days.

Our Rating:


  • Tough design, .080 thickness
  • 100% American made using American made hardware and equipment
  • Full combat grip
  • Easy reholstering (kydex retains weapon shape)


  • Preset 0° cant on light bearing, 0° or 10° degree cant on non light bearing
  • Neutral: At the time, it wasn’t offered at Appendix with RCS claw. It is now offered as such.

Score 8.5


Osborn TacticalTuck IWB holster

  So a few months ago I was looking for an IWB holster for a SCCY pistol. I was specifically looking for a hybrid style and ran across Osborn Holsters out of Texas. They pretty much only offer hybrid style holsters. Some of them even have a mag carrier built in with the holster. I chose the standard style without the extra mag carrier. Osborn sent it to me for review and it arrived quite quickly. 

   I have been wearing the TacticalTuck since it arrived about 2 1/2 months ago. The holster is dyed a redish brown color. Osborn holsters informed me that dyed holsters resist sweat better, but I notice now they offer a moisture barrier for an extra few bucks. It can also be had in natural or black leather. 

  The TacticalTuck has been one of the most comfortable holsters I have worn. It uses a very flexible leather backing with a kydex outer shell.  This has its pros and cons. On the positive, it is super comfortable. On the negative, it is hard to reholster because it pushes in toward the kydex, somewhat collapsing the pocket that the firearm goes in. As long as you pay attention and reholster slowly, it works out fine. The outer shell is molded for your firearm. And they have lots of models to choose from. Osborn does a nice job on the shell. My firearm fits good, there are no sharp corners and the molding around the gun is done nicely. The shell is also adjustable for tension with 4 screws that press on rubber washers. All the hardware screws use a smooth, chicago style, backing nut. 

   Osborn supplies their holsters with metal belt clips. These clips are some of the sturdiest clips I have used. The TacticalTuck has 2 belt clips to give a sturdy attachment of the holster. The clips have bumps on them that help them stay on around the belt. I had zero problems with the loops coming off. In fact, they clip on so well that it actually takes some effort to get them off of the belt. I like these clips, but every metal clipped holster I have used, causes my shirts to wear out. Especially around the rearward clip, when sitting in chairs alot, the clip rubs through the shirt.  

  Being that this is a hybrid style holster, it offers plenty of adjustments. Each belt loop has 4 adjusting holes. So by moving them up or down individually one can adjust ride height and/or cant of the holster. Each one of the holes has been riveted, so adjustment is easy and the holes should not wear out. Osborn also cuts the backing leather for the individual firearm. This is a nice touch, as other companies sometimes just use 3 or 4 different backings. 

  Osborn makes a nice holster. It has some good features and a few so-so ones. But if your in the market for a very comfortable hybrid holster. Give Osborn Holsters a look. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Hybrid style IWB holster

Target Market:

Concealed carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Hybrid style (leather back, kydex shell) 
  • Firearm Model availability
  • Adjustable retention
  • Steel belt clips
  • Tuckable 
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Adjustable cant
  • Made In U.S.A.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Natural or Black

With mag carrier combo

What others are saying?:

 Good Holster

Mike @ Osbornholsters.com 4/5 stars

Overall it is a good holster. I like the adjustability of ride hight and the quality is great. My only complaint so far is the retention. I have tightened the screws as far as they will possibly go and the leather seams to relax the more I wear it loosing the retention. I have bottomed out the screws and not sure where to go from here.


Great Options for Rail-Mounted Lights

Z @ Osbornholsters.com 4/5 stars

Pros: * Overall solid build quality and features.* If you have a weapon-mounted light (and you should), there are more options available on this holster than with most other vendors.Cons: * Had to cut off some leather to allow my middle finger to get under the trigger guard on the draw. * Then had to trim a bit of kydex to allow my middle finger to index under the trigger guard on the draw without scraping it on kydex every time.

Getting a consistent and proper grip is paramount. The strong hand should ride high and tight into the backstrap/beavertail, and the middle finger should ride high and tight into the trigger guard. Google "maximizing the combat handgun grip" for more info. Just trim the leather and kydex a bit to allow this the moment you grip the pistol and you have a product that can't really improve much further.

Link to other reviews:

Four Guys Guns

Concealed Nation

Price point:

MSRP = $49.99

I need it now! Availability:

Osborn Holsters

Our Rating:


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable retention
  • Adjustable cant
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Quality molding
  • Tuckable


  • Collapsible holster mouth 
  • Metal clips

Score: 7.5 Good


Chad's Favorite Link: The 22 Connection


StealthGear ONYX IWB Holster for Springfield XD 40 Sub-Compact Review


StealthGear ONYX IWB 2 Overall, I am very new to the concealed carry scene, purely due to the fact that I live in Illinois, and up until 2 months ago it wasn't an option. However, those days are over. I was like any other person that was new to concealed carry in the fact that I was overwhelmed with the amount of holster choices available to me. IWB? OWB? Kydex? Leather? Hybrid? The list goes on and on. My daily carry gun is a Springfield XD40 Sub-Compact, so this is what I was looking to conceal. I ended up with a StealthGear ONYX IWB Holster. Based on my overall satisfaction of this holster, I don't think that I could have gone with a better first choice for a holster, right out of the gate!StealthGear ONYX

The heart of the StealthGear ONYX IWB is its revolutionary VentCore TM breathable platform. StealthGear claims that "this innovative ventilation system allows moisture to rapidly dissipate away from your body, leaving you dry and comfortable, all day long. No other holster will keep you drier! StealthGear ventilated holster platforms are built with a unique combination of synthetic non moisture-absorbing materials and stainless steel hardware. You will not find a tougher, lighter or more comfortable IWB holster on the market today." Personally, I cannot find fault in any of their claims. I have virtually worn this holster every day for the last two months, and find this to be very comfortable. During my normal day job, I am unable to carry my firearm. However, I choose to continue to wear this holster...it is that comfortable that I do not even notice it or find it bothersome.

StealthGearAs far as the rest of the features go, everything else is of pure quality. The function and fit are great. I have positive retention between the holster and gun at all times, and in many different positions. The feel of this holster, even against bare skin is vey comfortable, not just between layers. The ride height and the cant are both adjustable to your liking as well. Like I stated before, this is the first holster that I started to carry with (I have since had others purchased for one reason or another for this gun and others), and I think that I was lucky finding the best one. With that being said, it took me a week or two decide what combination of position, along with ride height, and cant worked best for me. This StealthGear ONYX IWB holster allowed me to find that perfect combination with ease.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Extreme comfort and ultimate concealability, all while being combat ready.

Target Market: Conceal Carry.

FNBs (features & benefits of this product):

  • Ideal for concealed carry
  • VentCore TM ventilated platform keeps YOU dry
  • Integrated condensation (or moisture) shield keeps your WEAPON dry
  • Built with non moisture-absorbing synthetics
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Designed for rapid combat presentation
  • Adjustable for cant and depth
  • Tuckable
  • Tough .093 mil KYDEX shell with adjustable retention screws
  • Full coverage of muzzle for extreme protection
  • Lighter weight than leather or hybrid holsters
  • Strategically-placed padding for maximum comfort
  • 3/32" hex key and extra screws included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hand-Built in the USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:

  • Black Only
  • J-clips available for those that want less exposure of the clips (I have recently ordered, but have not received yet)

What others are saying?: 

  • "Initially, I just chalked up the proclaimed comfort to the similarity in design to the Crossbreeds I was so accustomed to. After all, the Crossbreed holster is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I have used, that is until now. - Thebangswitch.com
  • "What it boils down to is this: it’s light, airy and feels great. Really great. I’ve been giving it a go for most of this summer. I just about always wear a t-shirt between any holster and my baby-soft skin and with that intermediate layer – yes, even in the summer – the ONYX is about as comfy as an IWB rig can be. - TheTruthAboutGuns

I need it now! Availability:  Available online at the StealthGear USA site. Currently a 3-5 week waiting period. A longer wait period than most would understandably want, but worth it when you get the finished product.

Our Rating:

+ Most comfortable holster that I have tried

+ The quality, fit, and finish are second to none

+ Quality stainless steel fasteners

+ Excellent weight distribution

- 3 to 5 weeks can be a tough wait when you are so darn eager to get something

Score: 9.0 90