Werkz M2 holster for Polymer80

 Werkz holsters is a small kydex company located in Princeton Idaho. I first heard of them on the Handgun Radio podcast. Werkz makes of variety of formed holsters and accessories. From custom to off the shelf, they have you covered. Werkz sent me one of their M2 IWB holsters for a Polymer 80 PF940c and a M2 magazine carrier for this review.

 The M2 holster is a taco style design with some other features. A taco style holster is one that is made out of one piece of material, then folded over a mold, hence the taco name. A feature that I didn’t think I would use was the ability to convert it to an outside the waistband (OWB) holster. I found this actually quit useful when I realized that this was the only holster I had for my Polymer 80 and needed it OWB. I switched the clip to the other side. To do this, one just removes the two screws holding the clip on, and moves it to the other side. The M2 has clip locations at two heights and an angled location also. I ran the holster IWB with it angled or canted forward. This resulted in the main dislike of the holster. The clip doesn’t completely rest against the holster. It hangs about halfway off. When wearing it in this config, I felt as if it didn’t have as much surface area holding onto my belt and was also easier to take the holster off of the belt. When using the M2 in the straight upright position, this was not a factor.

 I must admit, this is one of the nicest finished holsters I have used. The edges are smooth, and I mean real smooth. It has some sort of texture on the outside. The Werkz logo is etched or laser engraved into the kydex. There are bosses where the clip is screwed on. It is open at the bottom so that a longer, or threaded barrel, will fit. The sight channel is really tall to clear suppressor height sights. It is even clearanced for a micro red dot sight.

 I’ve worn the M2 on and off since receiving it. It holds the pistol very nicely with good retention. One can adjust the retention somewhat by tightening or loosening the tension screws. The M2 does seem to print some under a T-shirt, or any thinner shirt. That is why I only wore it off and on. If I had a jacket on, no problem, but I usually just wear a T-shirt as a cover garment. I mainly wore it at the 2:30 to 3 o’clock position. Angling the pistol/holster combo forward didn’t seem to make it print any less. After about 3 days of wearing the M2, my body adjusted and it was comfortable, at least somewhat. I like how the M2 only has one wide clip, it makes it easier to locate exactly where it is the most comfortable. The M2 is a small holster, Werkz even calls it minimalist, and I’d have to agree.

 As I also mentioned, I wore the M2 as an OWB holster also. This is also when I mainly used the M2 mag carrier. I wore the M2 at a local Steel Challenge match. I was concerned using it with just the single clip. After 25 draws and reholsters, I am no longer concerned at all. It performed well as an OWB rig.

 Now a little about the M2 magazine carrier. The mag carrier is also a taco style and holds the magazine vertically. It is currently only offered for 9mm/40 Glock style magazines. As with the holster, the mag carrier clip is also reversible for IWB/OWB. I never reversed the clip, I just turned the magazine around and it worked fine. The M2 mag carrier is of the same high quality as the M2 holster.

 If you are looking for a good quality, and inexpensive holster, give Werkz a look. If the M2 is in stock, it is one of the “quick ship” holsters. So you can have it quickly also. They will also do custom holsters, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Minimalist Kydex Holster

Target Market:

Those needing a decent holster

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • IWB - OWB convertible

  • Kydex

  • Adjustable clip height

  • 1.5” belt clip

  • Straight or canted

  • Adjustable retention

  • Useable with slide mounted optics

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

With or Without some rail mounted lights and colors

What others are saying?:

One holster to do it all. 5/5 stars on Amazon
By Dan S
Awesome holster. Ambidextrous carry options for every situation and adjustable retention. So far this is the only holster I could find that can AWIB and strong side OWB carry without replacing any parts, just moving some screws and bushings. Comfortable and has minimal printing. Also, you can't beat this price. Nearest comparable product from a reputable source is going to cost more for less features.

Link to other reviews:

None for this particular holster

Price point:

MSRP holster = $42.50

MSRP mag carrier = $30.00

Retail = $50.00 on Amazon

I need it now! Availability:

Werkz or Amazon

Our Rating:


  • Great construction

  • Adjustable retention

  • Adjustable cant

  • Convertible between IWB and OWB

  • Price


  • Holster prints

  • Clip

Score: 7.5 Good



Favorite Link:   Triggrcon


Werkz M2 w/TLR-1 Holster

Written by: Zane Mungillo

     Finding a good holster can be hard.  It’s such a personally dependent thing. There is a reason I have two large drawers full of them.  What is a great choice for me may be entirely wrong for you. It’s for that reason I approach holster reviews a little differently than other products. All holsters, in my opinion, should have the following qualities to even be considered for concealed carry:
•completely cover the trigger/guard
•allow for a full firing “master” grip on the gun while holstered
• have positive retention of some kind
•be made of either leather or kydex (not both) 
•allow for one handed reholstering. 
•firmly attach to the belt or pants
 Had the Werkz not “passed” these requirements, I would not have continued the review. 

     The Werkz holster took me on an emotional roller coaster if you will. A variation on their m2 iwb (customized for my gun and light) the holster, at first glance, appears to be very well crafted. All edges were buffed and perfectly smooth. It’s comes with a 1.5” injection molded clip that can be mounted at two different ride heights, straight draw or canted forward or backwards. It also has two tension screws for adjusting how much passive retention is on the gun/light combo. Retention is good when set to my preferred stiffness and a solid audible and tactile click is present when the gun is inserted, I knew I was going to love this holster. 

     That is, until I put it on, while extremely comfortable I couldn’t conceal the gun. The grip printed horribly in my typical dress, shorts and a t-shirt. Standing a boring 5’10” and weighing in at around 150 lbs I realize that I’m asking a lot of a holster to conceal a g17 in my extra medium t-shirts.  To give the holster a fair shake, I wore a slightly larger shirt a few days a week and carried around the house and at the range where I’m much less concerned with printing. 

     After about 2 months, when taking the gun and holster off I noticed the two tension screws had completely backed out and where nowhere to be found. The gun still had plenty of retention while in the waistband but this was concerning to me. To be fair I didn’t apply loctite after setting the desired retention so I chalk this up to that.  Since I used to make holsters in my shed, I have plenty of Chicago screws and such laying around so I replaced them and applied loctite this time (like I should have as soon as I got the holster).

     I decided to “modify” the holster at this point to make it more concealable so I superglued a pair of Dr. Scholls pads  to the inside portion and glue a furniture slide pad to the front inline with the belt clip. This both tilted the grip into my stomach but rotated the grip around. Werkz now offers a claw to accomplish the rotation of the grip and a quick google search of “the aiwb holster hack, Limatunes” will show you how to do the Dr. Scholls hack. I in no way removed material or heated the holster as to compromise the function of it. I simply added a wedge and a claw. 

     The holster now works fine with my typical dress and I’m very pleased with it.  I have over a thousand drawstrokes from it over the course of much dryfire and many range trips as well as about six months worth of  carry. I’m carrying it everyday for now until the next new hotness comes around that I have to try. 



Holsters made with little extra bulk and fast turnaround time, even on custom orders


Concealed carriers 


  • Meets my requirements for a good holster
  • Well made


Black, Blue, coyote brown, dark gray, FDE, olive drab, carbon fiber black, carbon fiber blood red, carbon fiber coyote, carbon fiber fde. 
Firearm and light options
1.5” or 1.75” clip 

What others are saying:  

Couldn’t find anything for this particular setup (g17w/trl-1) 
The only other reviews I found were on amazon and they tend to be hit or miss. 

Price point:  

MSRP - $42-80 depending model and options.

Retail - Same

I need it now availability: 

Werkz.com - Ships next day on in stock, 2-5 days for quick ship customs and 10 business days on completely custom orders.

Our Ratings:


  • Works as advertised
  • Holds gun securely


  • Not as concealable as other holsters I’ve tried 

Score: 7.50 Good

6.5 before modifying 8.5 after for an average or 7.5