Alex & Ryan Design Kydex Light Bearing Holster

I first heard of Alex and Ryan Design from my friend who bought a cuff holster from them. I looked into them a little bit and sent a few emails back and forth. After getting their advice(they answer their own email) I ordered the holster featured here and a double mag holster for IWB. I very promptly received an email from Alex saying that he thought it’d be more comfortable if I had 2 single mag holsters.


I went with his recommendation as he’s the expert. When I received the product I was a little shocked that it came in a plastic shipping bag as opposed to a box but my fears were immediately set aside as I inspected the holsters for damage. They’re definitely strong and durable to travel through the postal system unscathed. I grabbed my Glock 19 with Inforce APL and quickly, yet safely, inserted it into the holster, and then the whole contraption into my pants. I decided that it needed more retention so I removed it and tightened it with a coin, like many other smart designs allow. After some trial and error I got it to a retention level that I felt comfortable with.

The inside of the holster is smooth and allows for quick retrieval of your weapon while the outside has the familiar feel of kydex, rough yet soft. Wearing this has been a breeze and comfort has never been an issue. I've since wore it to two weddings, one of which I was a groomsmen, and no one had a clue. I recently tripped while running and the holster held up, kept my firearms secure, and only suffered some light scratches. A nice thing about its design is that I’ve successfully carried this setup as appendix, on the hip, behind the hip, and small of back positions. The clip on it is very sturdy yet still flexible to enough to bend far beyond any belt they can accommodate. I’m unsure of a way to make it any better without the addition of adjustable cant.

Claim to Fame: Comfortable and quality holster

Target Market: Concealed carriers


  • Custom made to your setup
  • Many firearms choices
  • Adjustable retention
  • 10 degree cant optional(non light bearing)
  • Options for different lights
  • Suppressor sights chanel optional
  • Optional lifetime warranty on all parts and hardware
  • 3 different sweat guard heights

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

There are too many for me to list so here’s a couple cool ones: Multicam, Tiffany Blue, 9 Kryptek designs, classic black, and many more.

What others are saying?

You can find reviews on their site for this holster

Price point:

$48.99 and up depending on options chosen. $65.99 as designed in this review.

I need it now! Availability:

It’s a custom made product so it takes 2-3 weeks to produce depending on their other orders. There is an option for rush orders and they’ll ship in 3-5 business days.

Our Rating:


  • Tough design, .080 thickness
  • 100% American made using American made hardware and equipment
  • Full combat grip
  • Easy reholstering (kydex retains weapon shape)


  • Preset 0° cant on light bearing, 0° or 10° degree cant on non light bearing
  • Neutral: At the time, it wasn’t offered at Appendix with RCS claw. It is now offered as such.

Score 8.5