SOG TOC 20 Backpack

  Most people have heard of SOG knives. Well, SOG has now gotten into the backpack market. They are offering a pretty good selection of different size and use packs. They sent me one of their smaller ones, the TOC 20 in gray. The "TOC" stands for Tactical Operating Center. Thanks to SOG's website I now know this. When the pack first got here, there was very little info in the web about it, now SOG has plenty of info on their packs.

  I have lugged this TOC 20 pack for about 3 months now. It went to a couple trade shows with me. I used it as a makeshift range bag on a few occasions. But I didn't drag it behind a truck. The pack is very useful. Not the largest, it is stated as a 20 liter pack, but a nice size for day hikes, concerts, trade shows, or just lugging around town. The padded straps are a nice touch, once the pack is loaded with stuff. The straps are also quickly adjustable with pull straps at the bottom. There is also an adjustable strap that goes between the two shoulder straps, that latches them together at about chest level. I am sure there is a name for it, but I can't think of it. These straps will also slide up or down on a little rail system for best comfort and fit. The little buckle also has a built in whistle. Also on the straps are various Molle straps and some eye loops.

Looking Inside Main Compartment

Looking Inside Protective Pocket

  Now on to the pack itself.  The TOC 20 has 2 main compartments and 3 smaller ones. The main compartment, as I will call it, opens up at the top with the zippers going about a third of the way down the sides. Once open, one has access to the full depth and width of the pack. Inside the main compartment are 2 other zippered pockets, one on the front and one on the back. The front zippered pocket zips in the center and has a little lanyard loop inside. Probably for your keys. The other one zips all the way across and is about 5" deep. Along with the inside zippered pockets, there is also one that is just open. But on the front of this pocket are little inserts to slide pens, knives, etc into. Now behind the main compartment is another full size one. This one is for either a laptop or a water bladder. This compartment is what they call a pass through. It has full length zippers, one on each side of the pack. On the front of the pack are two zippered pockets, one on each side. These pockets are really nice to store bottled water, etc. I carry medical stuff in one of them. At the top of the pack, on the front, is a hardish padded dome pocket. This pocket is used to protect something like a cell phone or sunglasses, etc. Also, inside the padded pocket are some other little pockets to store stuff in. The only real problem I ran into with this protective pocket, was that it is easy to accidentally open it when trying to open the main compartment. Then everything in it falls out, defeating the protectiveness of the pocket. On the outside of this "safety compartment" is some hook and loop to put your Patriot Patch Co, patches on. All the pouches/compartments have dual zippers with finger pulls. The pulls are actually pretty sharp at the bottom of the half circle, but are big enough to work well without any problems. 

  Now on the front of the pack, they put this pannel with slots in it. This panel makes it possible to attach Molle gear and other such items. It is made from Hypalon. Hypalon is a durable synthetic rubber used on inflatable boats and such. I pulled pretty hard on these slots. It didn't even stretch them. It also has some other cloth Molle attachment points on the pack bottom. 

  Now that we have covered just about everything. The TOC 20's outer shell is made from 500D nylon. They also coat the nylon with polyurethane to give it a water resistant coating. I never dipped it in water, but the coating should help when it's raining. There are also two carry handles, one on the top, and one on the side. So if you don't want to sling your pack, there is another option. 

  So if you're looking for a new pack, look into SOG. Not your normal pack maker, but the TOC 20 is a good pack. And if you want something larger, they make those too. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Tactical Day Pack

Target Market:

Day hikers, students, or anyone looking for a small well organized daily carry pack

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product): 

  • 20 liter capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable sternum strap w/whistle  
  • Molle attachment points
  • Impact resistant top storage compartment 
  • Pass through access to laptop/hydration area
  • Plenty of pockets and compartments
  • Large zipper pulls
  • Water resistant  
  • 20.1" x 11" x 7.5"
  • 32.5 ounces 

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?


What others are saying?:

Scratch at 5 /5 stars.

Thoughtfully designed and real good quality

I've long been a fan of SOG products so I had high expectations for the TOC 20. I wasn't disappointed. The quality of materials and construction is high and attention was paid to smaller details like zipper pulls and straps. The bag has multiple compartments allowing for separation of wet/dry and hard/soft gear, all of which are easily accessible. The ability to access the main areas through side zips, and the side handle are especially useful when traveling. The impact resistant top pocket is cool because when you open it, it acts as a tray - something I've liked on various fishing gear I've owned - which gives you good access to the contents without the risk of your stuff falling out. Finally, comfort - I'm over 6 feet tall and 250 lbs. with broad shoulders. Most day packs have straps that are either too narrow, too short or badly angled. The straps on my TOC 20 fit comfortably, even when the bag is fully loaded. It also feels good against my back while hiking or even jogging. If you're looking for a well-made, versatile day pack with with quality construction and features, the TOC 20 is a solid choice.

Link to other reviews:

None Found

Price point:

(MSRP versus actual retail)

MSRP = $159.99 at

Retail = $113.86 at Amazon 

I need it now! Availability:

Amazon or SOG knives 

Our Rating:


  • Padded straps
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Molle attachment points
  • Water resistant  
  • Side and top carry handles
  • Pass through compartment  
  • Hydration compatible  
  • Protective compartment


  • Zipper pulls are sharp
  • Easy to accidentally open protective compartment when trying to open main one
  • Big SOG logo
  • Too tactical looking

Score: 7.5 Good


Chad's favorite link: Axelson Tactical

SOG Snarl Knife

SOG Snarl Knife

The SOG Snarl knife found its way into my shopping cart pretty quickly, almost automatically. I had no intention of even browsing the knife section during the grand opening of Washington State's first Bass Pro Shop location. As I was making a B line to the firearms counter, this precocious little blade caught my eye, and I knew it would be a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas... for myself! I own plenty of knives, but none designed for EDC, or everyday carry.

SOG Snarl Knife

Sure I have pocket knives, in fact it seems every other year I lose one and have to replace it. Folders end up getting left in pockets, or borrowed and never returned. With the frequent disappearance of my knives, I fell out of practice of carrying one each day. Upon seeing the Snarl by SOG, I had a feeling I was going to hold onto my next knife for awhile.

SOG Snarl Knife

The Snarl is a fixed, very small tactical claw. It is constructed from a single piece of 9CR18MoV Satin finish stainless steel thats been CNC machined into a "sheepsfoot" style blade with two round finger holes for versatility in grip. The design of the knife comes from a custom knife maker named Jason Brous, more famous for his "functional fantasy" knife designs. Right away you can tell the inspiration for the knife came from brass knuckles, however it's very difficult to use the petite Snarl in the same way, and you would probably break a finger or two if you tried to use it that way.

I picked the Snarl up for myself because I saw its potential as a multi-role knife. The sheepsfoot design makes the Snarl suitable as a skinning knife, box cutter, scraper, and concealed self-defense blade (in a very desperate, less than ideal situation due to its size.) You're not likely going to intimidate an assailant if you brandish the Snarl, because its not really a face-to-face fighting knife. The nature of the Snarl is to be concealed and deployed covertly and accurately, much like a pocket pistol in a small, relatively under-powered caliber. When close enough, the grip design of the Snarl facilitates punching, jabbing, stabbing, and slashing... a real nasty tool if you are trained / proficient in extremely close quarters, extremely aggressive tactics. If you are neither of the above and concerned about self defense use, you may be better off getting a larger knife thats more traditional like a Kabar or boot knife.

SOG Snarl Knife

Depending of the size of your hand, some positions for holding this knife will be more comfortable than others. If you have big monkey mitts, the Snarl may be entirely uncomfortable to hold and use. The two and a half finger holes suggest a three fingered grip for firmest hold, however this strains the hand. I found it best to put my index finger through the first finger hole and middle finger in the outer half circle hole. The spine of the Snarl has large line serrations for positive grip, which also aids in unsheathing from the belt line or included neck chain. Be warned, the outer half hole doesn't have enough of a bevel to keep your finger from sliding up and getting sliced.

SOG Snarl Knife

The Snarl comes paired with a hard nylon sheath thats able to be clipped to the belt in a horizontal position, or hung from the neck with a supplied ball necklace. The sheath's belt clip is also reversible for left or right handers alike. I found the clip to be less than confidence worthy as it doesn't clamp as securely to the belt as I'd like, and is easier to remove or slide around than it should be like an Uncle Mike's basic holster. Its best to position the clip behind a belt loop, so it stops the sheath from sliding forward when drawing the Snarl. A tighter clip or dual smaller clips would probably perform better.

The retention of the blade is very solid and hasn't yet loosened noticeably. Re-inserting the snarl into the sheath is still a bit hard to get used to do to its curved spine and size, but the mouth of the sheath has a round inlet that frees the front finger hole, so two to three fingers can be used to draw with a very firm grasp.

SOG Snarl Knife

This knife and sheath combo are small enough to be unnoticeable, yet the knife is just big enough to be useful. For some with bigger hands it may actually be too small to be comfortable in the hand, and impractical for self defense. However for me, it perfectly fits the role of an EDC blade. The edge has held up well after a light honing from day one. I've used it to open stubborn plastic packaging, sharpen sticks, and cut bailing twine.

I really do enjoy this knife, even though it is a mass-produced blade that is more at home stuffed in a Christmas stocking than a Bug-Out bag. While I don't see it as comparable to other "tactical" knives in utility, construction, or comfort in the hand its petite design will be on my side or under my shirt for the foreseeable future. For the price point, it makes a great functional and unique gift to mostly anyone who practices the EDC lifestyle.

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Jason Brous designed a "functional fantasy" Snarl knife that features a 9CR18MoV stainless steal blade. It's like a brass knuckles/SOG mash-up.

Target Market:  Every Day Carry, Concealed Carry, Outdoorsman (Fishing, Hunting, Camping)

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 9CR18MoV Stainless Steel, Satin finish
  • Sheepsfoot design
  • 14 horizontal serrations on spine for better grip
  • RC. 58-60 hardness
  • 4.3" overall length
  • 2.3" blade length
  • 1.90 oz

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: None, satin stainless only

What others are saying?:

"I was pretty excited to receive this SOG/Brous collaboration. It's a solid little knife, thick piece of steel and feels like it could take a beating. The sheath has good retention and easily clips onto your belt. The included clip only supports horizontal carry -- maybe a small teklok would provide other options (although I'm not sure about that). Despite liking the knife, I just can't get used to it. I know this is a very popular Brous design, but I just can't figure out a way for me to hold the knife comfortably. I've tried various grips but I don't feel as if I have control of the blade with any of them. I have pretty regular sized hands but whatever I do it's just pretty awkward." Amazon User Review

"The blade comes a little dull, I intentionally dulled it even more along with wrapping/burning 550 cord around the rear finger hole. Reason being, this "knife" is more of a high stress weapon. This is meant to be used in conjunction with gross motors skills I.E. punching, jabbing (nasty up close inside fighting). Considering the draw and striking style used, I could see me cutting my middle finger so I dulled it down. I wouldn't dare do this to the silent soldier II but hey, this is only thirty dollars. Pros: Awesome sheath very secure, quality steel. Cons: Potential weak point at base of blade (should be beveled outward) and the sheath clip can only be mounted for a side draw, which I love but some wouldn't." Amazon User Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available online at Amazon or other SOG dealers

Our Rating:


  • Versatility: designed be held in multiple ways and carried in two ways, praised as a neck knife
  • Blade edge has held up well
  • Thickness of blade spine adds to durability and controllability / helps make up for short overall length
  • Sheath has good retention and is reversible for lefties / righties


  • No matte black finish option
  • Short grip area and medium finger holes may prevent use from larger handed users, or cause hand fatigue
  • Metal thins near bottom of blade/first finger hole (potential weak point if used to pry)
  • Edges of finger holes need cordage wrap or dehorning as edges are pronounced
  • Sheath's belt clip is limited to horizontal orientation
  • Belt clip doesn't secure to belt enough, prone to sliding or easily coming off belt

Score: 7.0 Good



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For FFL services I choose Promised Land Firearms in Toulon, IL.

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SOG Tomahawk Sheath

sogsheath3I received a SOG Sheath for my tomahawk that I reviewed a while back. The sheath is made from a durable black nylon. The sheath is made to mount on your belt, and has different angles that you can easily set by pushing a lock button and rotating the tomahawks position. The belt loop locks closed and has adjustable bars for different belt widths. When installing the SOG tomahawk into the SOG Sheath, you must first rotate a piece on the front of the sheath, so it is at the front of the sheath, you can then take the tomahawk and insert the rear first, then push the front of the hawk up into the sheath, and then rotate the front piece down to hold the hawk in place. The tomahawk snaps in place fairly firmly. sogsheath1The SOG Sheath can be a little strange to use. With the handle pointed down, the tomahawk can catch on branches or other things. It is definitely not made to use while sitting either, though one could rotate the sheath so that the tomahawk handle faces up. The Sheath might be best used by attaching it to a backpack. If the pack has MOLLE straps, the belt loop on the sheath could possibly be slid through them and mounted.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Adjustable hard sheath for the SOG tomahawk

Target Market: Those who want a hard sheath for their SOG Tomahawk

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Protects Blade
  • Tek-Lok mounting system (Allows Rotation adjustment of sheath)
  • Supports different belt widths
  • Tomahawk easily snaps into sheath

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? None

What others are saying?:

  • Shake, rattle and fall out
  • By sndmn "ern1900". 3/5 stars on Amazon      This is not a secure scabbard. The latch can open accidentally very easy then the tomahawk can fall out and injure you or some one below you. This holder rattles and I don't trust the gadget that allows you to spin the scabbard to different angels. All of the components make the tomahawk stick out and catch on brush making more noise. In one day of harvesting bamboo it fell out twice causing me to have to go back and find it. The last time it fell out it bounced off of my calf. I'm lucky it didn't cut me. Good idea just needs to be refined. I have and use several of these tools so I hope someone makes a sheath, scabbard or holder for these popular tomahawks.
  • Paul  5/5 stars on LA Police Gear     Nice versatile sheath.
Price point: 

I need it now! Availability: Amazon or maybe your local sporting goods store

Our Rating:


  • Protects Blade
  • Swivel mount system
  • Belt mount


  • Not overly secure
  • Puts tomahawk in the way

Score: 6.5 Okay65



Chad’s Favorite Link: We Like Shooting Podcast





Firing Line Review



SOG Tactical Tomahawk Review

722014172456 722014172249The SOG Tactical Tomahawk is a useful tool for the outdoors.  It is a compact axe, pick, or hammer.  As one might expect, you can use this for anything that a normal hatchet would be used for.  I have use the Tomahawk for cutting kindling, hammering in tent stakes, and removing stuck in the ground rocks.  Even though it is called "tactical," I use it for more practical uses.  I now leave it in with my camping equipment.  No longer do I have to have a separate hammer and hatchet.  It has held up well to everything I have thrown at it. The head is still tightly affixed to the handle and the edge is still relatively sharp. It might possibly be well suited for backpacking also.

The Tomahawk comes with a nylon sheath (basically a cover for the head of the tomahawk).



  • Overall Length: 15.75”
  • Head Length: 8.25”
  • Edge Length: 2.75”
  • Weight: 24.0 oz

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Versatile utility tool.

Target Market: Anyone who needs a hatchet, hammer, or combo utility tool.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 420 Stainless Steel
  • Hardcased black coating
  • Nylon carry sheath
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon handle
  • Side hammer checkering
  • Heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule for stability

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Hopefully you like Black, because that is what you get.

What others are saying? "A good little tool. When i first picked up my tact. Hawk i was surprised by the weight. I had expected it to be much heavier".  Darlynn from SOG website

"Perfect for Backpacking.  I use it to cut firewood, dig holes, driving tent stakes, pulling tent stakes (see the holes in the blade? perfect!)".  Zaskoda on Amazon

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  Amazon, Brownells, or maybe your local gun store.

Our Rating:  

+-Utility +-Size +-Lightweight +-Strong +-Comes with a sheath +-Price

Score: 7.5 Good75



Chad’s Favorite Link:  U.S. Tactical Supply