SOG Tomahawk Sheath

sogsheath3I received a SOG Sheath for my tomahawk that I reviewed a while back. The sheath is made from a durable black nylon. The sheath is made to mount on your belt, and has different angles that you can easily set by pushing a lock button and rotating the tomahawks position. The belt loop locks closed and has adjustable bars for different belt widths. When installing the SOG tomahawk into the SOG Sheath, you must first rotate a piece on the front of the sheath, so it is at the front of the sheath, you can then take the tomahawk and insert the rear first, then push the front of the hawk up into the sheath, and then rotate the front piece down to hold the hawk in place. The tomahawk snaps in place fairly firmly. sogsheath1The SOG Sheath can be a little strange to use. With the handle pointed down, the tomahawk can catch on branches or other things. It is definitely not made to use while sitting either, though one could rotate the sheath so that the tomahawk handle faces up. The Sheath might be best used by attaching it to a backpack. If the pack has MOLLE straps, the belt loop on the sheath could possibly be slid through them and mounted.

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Claim to Fame: Adjustable hard sheath for the SOG tomahawk

Target Market: Those who want a hard sheath for their SOG Tomahawk

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Protects Blade
  • Tek-Lok mounting system (Allows Rotation adjustment of sheath)
  • Supports different belt widths
  • Tomahawk easily snaps into sheath

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? None

What others are saying?:

  • Shake, rattle and fall out
  • By sndmn "ern1900". 3/5 stars on Amazon      This is not a secure scabbard. The latch can open accidentally very easy then the tomahawk can fall out and injure you or some one below you. This holder rattles and I don't trust the gadget that allows you to spin the scabbard to different angels. All of the components make the tomahawk stick out and catch on brush making more noise. In one day of harvesting bamboo it fell out twice causing me to have to go back and find it. The last time it fell out it bounced off of my calf. I'm lucky it didn't cut me. Good idea just needs to be refined. I have and use several of these tools so I hope someone makes a sheath, scabbard or holder for these popular tomahawks.
  • Paul  5/5 stars on LA Police Gear     Nice versatile sheath.
Price point: 

I need it now! Availability: Amazon or maybe your local sporting goods store

Our Rating:


  • Protects Blade
  • Swivel mount system
  • Belt mount


  • Not overly secure
  • Puts tomahawk in the way

Score: 6.5 Okay65



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