Thompson Tactical Gun Belt

   Thompson Tactical is a small leather shop specializing in custom belts. You can find their belts at When I say they make custom belts, it means they craft them by hand, and the craftsmanship shows. Their gun belt is a double layer, hand stitched belt. They also offer standard, single layer belts. 

  Now that we know something about Thompson Tactical, lets get into the great gun belt that they so graciously sent me. The belt is made from products purchased in the USA. This includes the full grain leather, the various buckle options, etc. When ordering the belt, one can also decide the color of the belt, ranging from tan to black and even mossy oak. Another nice touch is being able to select what color thread you want the belt to be stitched with, either single or double stitching options. My favorite option is the ability to have a kydex insert in the belt. The kydex adds a slight stiffness, but its real advantage is that it keeps the belt from stretching over time. 

  When I learned that Thompson Tactical was sending me a belt, I immediately went and ordered one. My belt is 1.5" wide, black, has a stainless non-roller buckle, single stitched with a kydex insert. I ordered the 1.5" belt because it is basically the standard for gun belts. Options are also available for 1.25" and 1.75" widths. Additionally, I opted for the kydex insert, because who doesn't want a little extra stiffness and a longer lasting belt? The kydex insert appears to be stitched in place on the back layer of the belt before the two sides are beautifully stitched together. The edges are burnished together for what looks like a single piece of leather. Chicago screws are used to hold the buckle on, and the logo is then branded on the inside. 7 holes are spaced 3/4" apart to give you adjustment. Following the instructions on Leathergunbelt, the measurement of the belt was spot on and I wear it on the 4th hole. 

  I have worn this belt everyday since it arrived at my house. All I can say is "Wow", this is by far the best gun belt I have seen, let alone worn. It has one slight flaw, that isn't really the belts fault. Some IWB clips are not deep enough to fit over the belt because of the belt being 2 layers thick. Other than that, it fits perfectly. It has the right amount of slip or flex, so it moves with you. The stiffness is perfect, as it holds a gun all day without the gun moving, or me even noticing the weight. The stitching is straight and beautifully done. And, best of all, at least in my opinion, it smells like a leather shop! 

  So now that you know about these belts. Head over and check them out at The belt is really a piece of functional art. You can wear it 7 days a week,  even on Sunday,  and not be under dressed. It may take a long time to get one, but quality takes time. I doubt you will be disappointed. 

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Claim to Fame:

Hand made leather gun belt

Target Market:

People needing a quality gun belt 

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):  

  • Full grain leather  
  • Hand made
  • Double layer
  • Kydex insert
  • Chicago screws
  • 1.5" wide
  • 25 year warranty  

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

 Tan, Honey, Cordovan, Brown, and Mossy Oak

What others are saying?:

Gary P. at

I got my first Thompson Gun Belt just about a month ago and I have not worn another belt since then. Today I changed the oil in my Jeep and my son's pickup and so I decided to wear a regular belt so I didn't mess up my "real" belt. Spent a couple of hours yanking my pants up and generally hating wearing a "regular" belt again. Couldn't wait to take a shower and change back into my real belt again. Even though Francesco makes a "gun" belt his belts are actually "real" belts as far as I am concerned! If I have to roll around in oil or mud I will probably wear an old "plain" belt, but for every day- whether I am carrying or not- I'll never wear anything but a Thompson Tactical gun belt!

Phillip N. at

I received my belt today. I am more than impressed with the quality of the belt. You have absolutely exceeded my expectations! Thank you for the obvious pride you put into your work. I will definitely spread the word.

Link to other reviews:

Mattsplat's Gun Reviews (YouTube) 


MSRP = $97, + $25 for kydex, + $10 for double stitching

I need it now! Availability:

Our Rating:


  • Full Grain Leather
  • Double layer
  • Kydex insert
  • Hand crafted  
  • Made in USA  
  • Lots of available options
  • 25 yr warranty


  • Thickness may cause problems with some holster clips
  • Wait time


Score: 9.0 Amazing

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