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Sig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

Sig Arm Brace If you've been out of the tactical neighborhood for a bit, you maybe scratching your head at all these short barreled AR15s with arm braces that are scattered around magazine spreads and internet blogs. You may be wondering if shooting one handed is the new tactical hat trick. Not quite, but they have become very popular with AR-15 owners who are very proud of their "pistols."

Let me back up a bit. The original purpose of this arm brace is to aid those who are unable to shoulder a rifle effectively, because over either an injury or medical disability. In fact this product was designed by a US Veteran who was looking for a way for disabled vets to still be able to control and shoot rifles safely.  Mounting this on your AR-15 rifle (or AK47 as a different model) does not change its legal definition, and allows users to raise the firearm by anchoring the brace to your forearm. Needless to say, the weight of your rifle and your arm strength play a strong role in your success in using this product. However for those who are unable to fire a rifle for any number of physical obstacles, this stock is a game changer.

Now, I will get into why everyone else, myself included, are purchasing the Sig Sauer SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace.  In short, the ATF has ruled that installing this "brace" onto an AR Pistol does not alter the firearm's classification as a "pistol," and thus avoiding the classification of an SBR (short barreled rifle). So basically if you have an AR Pistol and you install this arm brace, it lets you legally own something that is similar to an SBR in handling/shouldering terms, without filing a Form 4, paying for a tax stamp, waiting between 8-12 months for your stamp and approved paperwork, AND not being able to transport the firearm in between states without notification of LEO.

Now I'm not a lawyer, and NFA laws are not something you want to misunderstand due to every gunshop employee you could talk to have a varying explanation.  Even as you are reading this, my understanding of whats correct and incorrect may no longer be the law of the land.  So I will not go deep into the Do's and Don'ts of AR15s and AR Pistols. Just consult the ATF website and make sure your SB15-equipped firearm is in NFA compliance if you are thinking about a barrel shorter than 16 inches.



I actually found the brace difficult to use. The elasto-polymer is uncomfortable if you just shove your arm through the brace. I also found it impossible to straighten my arm enough to use sights. I believe this is a downside to installing the SB15 on an elongated pistol buffer tube, like the KAK industries Super Sig tube. It positions the brace farther back on your forearm, and decreases the angle at which you can align the pistol straight ahead.  Also an optic like a red dot is required as you won't be able to use iron sights correctly with the appropriate eye relief.

However, this brace has an unintended benefit that probably makes up approx 90% of sales, being able to shoulder it like a stock, without it actually being a stock. With the official ruling and letter that comes with every SB15, the ATF has ruled that shouldering the arm brace does not magically make your pistol and rifle, and then back to a pistol when it is un-shouldered... that would be ridiculous and arbitrary! That is the reason why the brace is so popular.  I have tried firing an AR Pistol using only a naked buffer tube, and it was awkward and uncomfortable. The SB15 isn't as ergonomic as an actual stock, but the increase accuracy from a more traditional shooting technique and the legal benefit of this item make it worth the investment for those who desire a short barreled version of an AR-15 without the red tape. The cheek weld isn't bad, nothing to write home about but its better than nothing. Those who often wear armor (plate carriers, or other bulky tactical garb) will also appreciate the shorter LOP.

My only other gripe is the color of the FDE model. It's nowhere close to the other "Flat Dark Earth" furniture I have of my firearms. Not even close to coyote brown.  Why is it so difficult to nail down a consistent color for all manufacturers? OD Green wasn't the same across the board either, but there seems to be so many different shades and hues with the title of FDE that heavily contrast from each other. I would call this color "Flat Dark Baby Puke." Okay, graphic designer rant over!

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Designed to improve the single-handed shooting performance of buffer tube equipped pistols.

Target Market: Disabled hunters or recreational shooters wishing to shoot one-handed (or AR15 owners trying to keep their short barrels legal)

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Fits all pistols equipped with an AR-style buffer tube 1.0" - 1.2" in diameter.
  • ATF compliant** ATF has reviewed this product and determined that attaching the SB15 to a firearm does not alter the classification of the firearm or subject the firearm to NFA control
  • Veteran designed
  • Made in USA
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Made from high-quality, elasto-polymer
  • Uses the operator’s forearm to provide stable support, thereby minimizing accuracy-robbing spin and shift.
  • A flexible cuff with two adjustable nylon straps allows the SB15 to be custom fit to any user.
What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Black or Dark Earth

What others are saying?: "As far as the intended purpose of the brace: it's completely moronic. you can't really look down the sights, can't manipulate the weapon, and can't really use the controls. Forget about scoring good hits on target. I guess I understand the idea, but it just doesn't work. We all know what the real value of this brace is, and it functions far better in that regard.

Pros: You can skip the ATF wait, tax, and NFA paperwork and have what I would consider maybe 80% of the functionality of an SBR. It actually offers a pretty good cheek weld, if you don't mind how close in you have to tuck your carbine. Rubber is solid enough to function in the "traditional" sense. The stock is on the tube very tight, it took me and another meathead friend of mine to pull it off. I haven't tried to mortar the gun yet but I think the brace would probably do just fine. I consider myself to be stronger than most and it took an enormous amount of force to push the stock as far down as I did.

Cons: It can turn on the buffer tube because it isn't locked in at all. Sig should find some way to lock this in so it can't turn. It wouldn't be any different functionally if it went on a traditional buffer tube, but I'm sure the ATF in all their wisdom would never go for that. It is sold feeling piece of gear, but it's still rubber. You'd probably be **** out of luck if you were trying to squash somebodies head with it as opposed to a normal stock. A QD swivel also would have been nice, but I don't really expect that type of thing from Sig, especially on a product like this. Maybe they'll release a second gen of these at some point, but I kinda doubt it. Another con is that the stupid thing costs $140, more than almost every buttstock on the market, and most of your NFA tax stamp cost. You also have to pony up cash for the pistol buffer tube. The most obvious con is that the brace comes in black and not tan, which makes it infinitely less tactical." Tzook user, Review

Price Point:

MSRP: $139.00

I need it now! Availability:  Brownells

Our Rating:


  • Provides one armed shooting for disabled or special cases
  • Includes ATF compliance letter
  • Comes with extra velcro for additional support
  • Invented by a veteran, partnered with SIG and $3 per stock proceeds go to HAVA foundation


  • Extremely uncomfortable on bare forearm for use as intended (arm brace)
  • FDE color is way off from Magpul FDE and other "Coyote Brown" colored products
  • Price is too high for what it is/how it affects sight alignment

Score: 6.0 Okay



Sig Sauer 1911-22 Pistol Review


By Bradley Johnson

I know what you're thinking; "Why would I want a 1911 that shoots .22?" Well, the answer is simple, because it's a blast!

This Sig Sauer (formerly GSG) 1911-22 is a full size 1911. The operation, and ergonomics are identical to a Colt M1911A1 pistol. In fact, many parts are interchangeable with a standard 1911-45. However, unlike the M1911A1, ammo doesn't cost an arm and a leg. It's this very reason that many people opt to supplement their training with a .22LR.

12724119843_8cd4ffb844_bIt comes in a decent hard shell, foam lined case. Included in the case are Allen keys (needed for takedown), 2 magazines, a pistol lock, a replacement guide rod buffer disc, a chamber brush, and 2 front sight posts(2 sizes).

One of the really cool additional features of this (well, not this one, because I reside in California) pistol is that the barrel is threaded by the factory. Unfortunately, the cap on my pistol is fixed due to my state of residence.

Take down is very similar to a standard 1911. However, there are additional pins that require the use of an Allen key. I was originally bothered by this, but it's not a deal breaker.

The pistol is made of some type of alloy, and as such cannot be finished with a traditional hot blue. I suppose this was done to keep the cost down. The finish is not great. It seems like some type of paint, and it scratched/wears easily if you're not careful. It is my biggest complaint about the pistol. Another area of concern are the sights. They're bright, and it's easy to get a good sight picture, but they're made of plastic! Perhaps this is why they supply a replacement front sight in the kit.


At the range, this pistol performed beautifully. I used the12725304505_5272d87637_b recommended CCI Mini Mag for the break-in period, and did not have a single misfeed, or failure to eject. Since the break-in period, I have fed several other brands of ammo thru it without any problems. Considering the price point, I feel that the accuracy of this pistol is excellent. The wood grips feel pretty good in my hands, and if they're not your cup of tea then just replace them with your favorite 1911 grips. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase.

 Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Full size 1911. Same ergonomics and manual of arms as a Colt M1911A1 with a low Price point.

Target Market: I think this pistol will appeal to anyone looking to have some fun at the range. Additionally, it is a great trainer companion to people who already own a 1911-45.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 2 Magazines included
  •  Replacement sight, and taller sight post to adjust for elevation
  •  Nearly identical to a M1911A1, but at a lower cost than the competitors (1911-22 competitors)
  •  Skeletonized hammer and trigger

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The Sig Sauer 1911-22 Pistol is available in black, OD green, flat dark earth, and camo.

What others are saying?: "The last ten shots were fired as fast as I could pull the trigger just looking to see how the pistol cycled without worrying much about accuracy. To my surprise it was flawless and I can tell it will burn up ammo if you let it!" - Tallgrass,

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: This pistol is available from many retailers, including Cabelas and Bud's Gun Shop

Our Rating:

+ Accurate + Reliable + 2 Magazines

- Finish - Plastic Sights

Score: 7.5 75

Sig Sauer 1911 .22 Review

Sig Sauer 1911 22 Now I am a 1911 guy. I love all 1911’s. Unfortunately this is only my second one I currently own. I purchased the Sig Sauer 1911 .22 so I could train with “cheaper ammo”. I know, what 22LR? Well I have been able to keep a steady supply and its definitely cheaper than .45. Also my son is kinda fond of my Colt 1911 in .45 but is a little to small to shoot it yet. This on the other hand he shoots like a pro. It is a bit picky about ammo and needs the good stuff (hi velocity) tho cycle the slide reliably. Now as it turns out, this pistol is manufactured for Sig Sauer by GSG and GSG seems to sale for about $100 less. Why did I buy the Sig? Because I found it in the store. Also I feel the finish might be a little better compared to the GSG’s I have seem. Or maybe that is my justification for paying more. It came with only one magazine so I went online to purchase extra’s and found that they are about $30 dollars. I also discovered there are few nifty accessories and upgrades for the Sig Sauer/GSG. They make +4 followers for the magazines as well as +1 and +3 base plates. I also discovered an accurizing kit that replaces the guide rod and bushing with stainless parts. Although I have only had this for a short time, I have put 5-600 rounds through it with only a couple of misfeeds. I really like the fit and finish as well as the extended ambi-safety and extended slide release.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key PointsSig Sauer 1911-22

Claim to Fame: Quality, reliable firearms

Target Market:  Plinkers and Practice weapon

FNB's: (features and benefits of this product)

  • 1911-22 Specifications
  • Caliber - .22LR Hi-velocity
  • Overall Length - 8.5 in
  • Overall Height - 5.5 in
  • Overall Width - 1.4 in
  • Barrel Length - 5.0 in
  • Sight Radius - 5.4 in
  • Sights - Contrast Sights
  • Weight w/Magazine - 2.2 lbs
  • Frame Material - Alloy
  • Frame Finish - PTFE
  • Slide Material - Alloy
  • Slide Finish - PTFE
  • Magazine Capacity - 10 rounds
  • Trigger - SAO
  • Trigger Pull† - SAO 4.2 lbs - 5.6 lbs
  • Features Skeletonized hammer and trigger

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Comes in Black and Camo.

What others are saying?:    Cabelas

Price Point:

  • MSRP = $460.00
  • Retail = I paid $365.00

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available at   GunsAmerica and Buds Gunshop

Our Rating:

+ Nice fit and finish + Feels like a standard 1911 + Weight almost the same as a standard 1911 + Most aftermarket 1911 parts are interchangeable + Magazines are comparable in size/weight

- Magazine lockout - Plastic guide rod - Odd looking beavertail grip safety - Requires Hi velocity ammo

Score: 8.5 Great85



Sig Sauer 522 SWAT

Sig 522 pic 1

When it comes to Sig Sauer firearms the extra money spent equates to a superior level of build quality and top-level reliability. You can get into a tactical .22 for a little less, but the extra money for a Sig Sauer 522 SWAT is well spent. Where allowed by state laws, you can get the same furniture as this gun’s full size brother. The gun tested was a NJ compliant model since NJ still has an effective ban on rifles that contain certain cosmetic features.  With that being said, the stock is pinned in place, the barrel lacks a muzzle device and the magazine capacity is limited to 15 rounds.  However all that mixed in doesn’t affect the awesomeness of this gun. The ergonomics are top notch with the exception of the safety lever, which although ambidextrous, I found difficult to operate due to stiffness and that it is located too close to the grip. The action was smooth, the trigger responsive and that led to an overall fantastic shooting experience. The factory installed sights are a great start, but thanks to the integral rail, the rear peep sight can be swapped out for a rear BUIS of your choosing which you really should do if you decide to run an optic on this rifle. Bottom line is, if you’re in the market for a tactical .22 and can afford it, buy this gun before someone else does.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Sig Quality, reliability, look and feel of full size Sig 556.

Target Market:  Rimfire competition, plinking, training, military and police.

FNB's:Sig 522 pic 2

Key Features

  • Look and feel of the full size Sig 556
  • Utilizes several parts from the original 556
  • Upper receiver has built in Picatinny rail

Key Benefits

  • Potential as a transitional training aid
  • Reliability

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  The Sig 522 comes in three major full size configurations; Sig polymer handguard, quad rail handguard, and Hogue free-float handguard. There are also two mock sbr models which have threaded 16 inch barrels with “inert training supressors”. The model I tested is also a model that is produced to be restricted state compliant.  Sig Sauer

What others are saying?:  This firearm seems to be well received and approved of by all reviews I have seen.

Price Point: The firearm tested was a friend’s. He found this compliant state model for $558 before tax and background check fee. The store was having an “overstock” sale so everything in store was 10% off which is puzzling because this was towards the tail end of the panic buying season.

I need it now! Availability: Like most other desirable guns these do not stay on shelves for very long. That being said they are not rare as they are widely produced and distributed, but have a very short shelf life.

Our Rating:

+ Full size look and feel + Reliability + Fit and finish + Great trigger for a tactical .22 + Great magazines + Compliant versions available

Score: 990 Amazing

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Sig Sauer P226 Enhanced Elite 9MM

Sig 2

There is not much to say when it comes to Sig Sauer firearms. They have a reputation for fit and finish that comes from over a hundred years in the firearms manufacturing business. Regardless of the trim level of my gun, I am reviewing a gun that is part of theSig 3 p226 family of pistols. This pistol design is thirty years old and is still going strong with the new x5 competition models fetching  $2000 plus pricetags. That being said, it is a trusted sidearm for organizations such as the U.S. Secret Service and Navy Seals here in America, as well as police and Special Forces military groups in over two dozen countries world wide.

 Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  High quality partnered with years of domestic and international military and police service.

Target Market: Home defense, tactical operations, self defense, military and police.


FeaturesSig 1

  • 15 Round Magazines Standard
  • SIGLITE® Night Sites
  • Sig’s “SRT” Short Reset Trigger
  • Checkering on the front strap and the front of the trigger guard
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • One of the best decockers I have ever felt
  • One piece ergonomic grip with updated stippling pattern reduces reach


  • Firepower
  • Ergonomics lend themselves to a variety of shooters
  • Well execute beavertail design allows a firm high purchase everytime

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  The P226 comes is available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .22(Classic Model).  Aside from the Enhanced Elite version which I am reviewing there have been over a dozen variants over the years including;  longer barreled tactical models, a Blackwater edition, and the newer X5 models which come in green and red.  Although not a choice in this specific model the p226 is available in DA/SA SAO and DAK.  Sig Sauer Product Page

What others are saying?:  Youtube review- Cruciblearms

Price point:  I purchased mine brick and mortar here in New Jersey and paid $875.  This was a couple years ago and was part of a three gun purchase, so the manager gave me a little break on this and another handgun.

 I need it now! Availability:  Not a rare firearm however if you are looking for a specific caliber or specific finishes, it may take some hunting.

Our Rating

+ Weight and feel + Magazines + NJ and similar state compliant out of the box + Confident and secure decocker + Great trigger

- All of the night sights are the same color, which can sometimes be confusing in a low light situation.  I feel a different color front post would be more advantageous.

Score: 8.585


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Sig Sauer P938

 Sig P938

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  The Sig Sauer 938 is one of the smallest sub-compact 9mm carry guns out there right now. It is also one of the Sig P938 pt 2only of its size to have real sights (Sig night sights), and it’s a true single action with a nice crisp trigger, something you almost never see in a micro gun like this.

Target Market: Fits best as a small carry pistol for someone who doesn’t want to have to crunch through an inch of travel and 12 pounds of pull on a micro 9mm, or especially as a backup gun for anyone carrying a 1911 style pistol.


Key Features:

  • Crisp, single-stage trigger
  • Comes standard with full size night sights. Big improvement over the “trench and bump” style sights on most J-frame size revolvers or other micro 9mms
  • Ambi-Safety, for anyone left handed or carrying as an off-hand backup
  • 6+1 (or 7+1 with extended “pinkie mag”) capacity
  • Comes in a variety of finishes and grip styles

Key Benefits:

  • Complete control crossover for anyone familiar with the 1911 platform. Safety, slide stop, mag release all feel the same. Sig P938 pt 3Makes it easy to transition between the two for people who carry 1911's

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Wide variety to choose from. They come all black anodized and powder-coated, ceracoat type ceramic finish, polished Nitron and more.

 What others are saying?:  Most of the reviews I have found are of pre-production guns or very early models (one straight from the Sig factory store), and they have a few complaints about trigger weight and grittiness, as well as complaints that the all-black “Nightmare” versions are ugly. No complaints about reliability, the sights are well liked. Accuracy out to 25yds is better than other sub-compact 9s.

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability:  Readily available online, (gunsamerica and gunbroker) and at a number of local gun stores here in NC.  I know mine was bought off-the-shelf at Cabela’s in Kansas City.

Our Rating :

+ Out-of-the-box with great sights + Better trigger than most subcompacts + Control familiarity for 1911 shooters + 9mm power in a tiny package.

-  Grip screws worked out after a few mags (Blue LocTite fixed) -  Ambi-safety lever pinches your hand if you try to take the weapon off safe with a full shooting grip.

Score: 7.5 75

Sig Sauer P227 Nitron .45 ACP

Sig P227

Released at Shot Show 2013, the P227 in .45 ACP is Sig Sauer’s latest edition to their Classic Series of alloy frame pistols. With a reduced circumference one-piece modular grip, the P227 packs a double-stacked magazine of 10+1 rounds of .45ACP (14 round extended magazine offered soon) into a manageable, very ergonomic package. It’s currently available in two full-size models with 4.4 inch barrels: The P227 Nitron, and the P227 SAS Gen 2.  A “Carry” model, which has a slightly shorter 3.9 inch barrel is also available.

I ordered my P227 Nitron with SigLight night sights from the Sig Sauer Pro Shop in Epping, NH in June, and it arrived at my local FFL in late November. The pistol ships with two 10 round magazines, E2 grip removal tool, hard case, owner’s manual, and cable lock. Because I have yet to get my hands on the SAS or Carry version of the P227, this review will be based on my experience with the P227 Nitron.

P220 left P226 Middle P227 Right

The P227 shares the same frame dimensions with the P220 and P226 with an overall length of 7.70 inches, height of 5.5 inches and width of 1.5 inches.  This allows it to fit in holsters designed for the P226R and P220R. I tested the P227 in several duty holsters designed for the P226, including the Safariland ALS holster with attached Streamlight TLR-1s without any issue. The P227 also fit into several polymer paddle style holsters designed for the 226R and the 220R, including 5.11 Thumb Drive, Black Hawk CQC and Safariland ALS. I have yet to find a holster that would fit my P226 that would not accept the P227. Magazine pouches are a different story, of course, but I’d rather buy new mag pouches than holsters any day.

The P227 comes standard with Sig’s E2 (Enhanced Ergonomics) single-piece “screwless” grips with a skate-tape like texture. A noticeable addition to the P227 is the single finger groove milled into the front strap of the grip directly below the trigger guard. This adds to the slim feel of the grip and seems to improve the overall handling of the pistol, especially when drawing from a holster. Fine checkering on the remainder of the front strap improves traction with wet or oily hands. The bottom of the grip is slightly extended and beveled to form a magazine well funnel to assist with reloads. The P227 is equipped with a standard M1913 Picatinny Rail for your accessorizing needs.

P227 Left P226 Right

There is not a substantial difference between the grip size of the P226 and the P227. If you were to simply glance at the E2 grips of the two pistols, it would be tough to tell the difference. In hand, the P227 feels slightly larger, but not uncomfortably so.

The Nitron model is equipped with Sig’s standard Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA). The SAS Gen 2 model sports the DA/SA with a short-reset trigger (SRT), which reduces trigger reset travel by about 50%. An SRT conversion kit is available to install on Nitron models.

Out of the box, I found the 227’s trigger not as smooth as I had expected. Granted, the other Sigs I own have 3000+ rounds, and countless dry fire trigger presses in their history, and I would expect the P227’s trigger to smooth out comparatively after a break-in period.  After about 100 Double-Action dry-fire presses of the trigger, it had smoothed out a bit. Factory rated double action trigger pull is 10 lbs., with 4.4 lbs in single-action.

The P227’s slide is identical to that of the P220. In fact, you can put a P220 slide on the P227 frame. This is particularly good news for those who own P220 long slide models, or who have P220’s with sight/barrel configurations not yet offered for the P227.

The magazines shipped with the P227 are 10 round capacity, and are basically a P250 magazine with a different floor plate. The P227 magazine floor plate insert (the part inside the magazine that attaches to the bottom of the spring, and rests against the floor plate) is slightly extended, and allows only 10 rounds to be inserted into the magazine. Replacing the P227 floor plate insert with a P229 floor plate insert will allow 11 rounds to be loaded into the magazine. I did not experience any malfunctions during testing with this configuration, however I would not recommend it for self-defense or duty carry simply because it is not a factory-approved modification. Sig will be releasing an extended 14-round magazine for the P227 in the near future.

I put about 300 rounds of various factory loaded .45 ACP (FMJ, Frangible, Jacketed Hollow-point, Bonded Hollow-point) through the P227 without any malfunctions. The pistol is nicely balanced and the recoil of the .45 ACP is easily manageable. It had been a while since I fired a Sig with the standard length trigger reset, and it’s tough to go back after firing a Sig with the SRT. After my first day at the range with the P227, I placed an order for the SRT conversion kit.

I don’t have a mechanical rest for accuracy testing, but reports of 1-3 inch groups at 25 yards with various grades of ammunition are out there on the web. Bottom line: The pistol is capable of far better accuracy than the average shooter’s skill level, and is most certainly adequate for self-defense or duty carry.

Overall, if you’re looking for an ergonomic, high capacity .45 ACP, take a look at the P227. It’s sure to be a hit with Sig Sauer fans and .45 ACP shooters alike. With an MSRP of around a grand, it’s not the most affordable double stack .45 out there, but with Sig Sauer, you generally get what you pay for.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  High Capacity .45 ACP

Target Market:  Law Enforcement, Armed Citizens

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • .45 ACP with 10+1 or 14+1 round capacity
  • Highly ergonomic low profile grips
  • Fits most holsters designed for the Sig Sauer P220R and P226R
  • Corrosion resistant Nitron Coating

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? P227 Carry, P227 SAS Gen 2, and apparently an Eqinox version that is not listed on Sig’s webpage, but can be found online.

What others are saying? “The gun feels great. And yesterday at the range, it shot great. I think SIG has a real winner on their hands” -Nick Leghorn (The Truth About Guns)

Price point

I need it now! Availability:  Top Gun Supply currently has them.

Our Rating

+ Highly ergonomic + Slim grips allow individuals with small hands to manipulate mag release, slide catch, etc. + 10+1 and 14+1 magazine capacity + Compatible with a wide range of holsters designed for P226R, P220R

-  High MSRP - Limited availability (you may have to order and wait a while) - Nitron version does not come standard with SRT

Our Score: 990

Sig Sauer – SP2022

 Sig 2022

Last year about this time I found myself in the market for a new pistol. I knew I wanted a polymer framed handgun that was accurate and reliable, to use more as a range toy but could also be a carry gun if it had to.  I really found myself drawn to the Springfield Armory XDM and had decided to place an order.  That is until one day I was in my local gun shop and the sales guy behind the counter handed 

Sig 2022 - 4me a Sig Sauer SP 2022.  Instantly there was just something about that gun!  It was so comfortable.  It was like the grip just melted into my hand.  Later that month, Black Friday rolled around. The Sig SP 2022 was marked down a hundred bucks and I took one home. I’ve been carrying it for about a year now and I’m just as happy with my purchase now as I was then.  People may ask, “Tiny, what’s so great about a fifteen year old design?”  Well I’m so glad you asked!

In 1998, Sig Sauer released their first polymer frame pistol in 40 S&W and 357 Sig.  Then a year later, they released it in 9mm.  For the time, the Sig Pro series handgun was a pretty nifty design with interchangeable grips and an accessory rail.  However, the polymer framed hand guns had not yet been embraced by the market.  The Sig Pro soon became known as the poor man’s P226.  However a few years later, polymer became the industry standard.  In 2002, Sig redesigned the Sig Pro for French law enforcement Sig 2022 - 2and rereleased it as the Sig SP2022 with a service life in mind of twenty years (hence the designation 2022).  The pistol is very similar to the Sig P226.  It uses the classic DA/SA trigger that Sig is known for with no manual safety.  Instead, the gun features a decoking lever in its place and Sig’s four point safety system.  It has a 3.9 inch barrel with an overall length of 7.4 inches.  Its 5.7 inches tall, 1.3 inches wide and weighs 29 ounces unloaded.  Some say it’s a little chunky for IWB carry but if the French can do it, it can’t be that bad!  It shoots great!  The double action trigger pull is 10 pounds and even though that sounds heavy, it’s very smooth!  With a little practice, you won’t have any trouble holding your sights on target.  The single action trigger pull is 4.5 pounds which in my opinion is ideal.  The reset is a little long but it’s not really a problem unless you’re Jerry Miculek.  Still, high level competition shooters may opt for a shorter reset trigger on their match pistols.

Now you may be asking, “gee whiz, are there any reasons I shouldn’t get one?”  My answer is not many.  There’s not a ton of Sig 2022 - 3aftermarket accessories and most of them are from Sig Sauer themselves.  To they’re credit they haven’t abandoned it.  You can buy different size grips and switch between 40 S&W and 357 Sig with conversions available.  Unfortunately there are no conversions for 9mm and neither is there a 22 conversion for plinking on the cheap.  Also, while there are holsters out there to be had, you may not have your choice manufacturer.  Furthermore, while the sandpaper like grip is great for IDPA, I would recommend an undershirt if you’re carrying IWB because it will eat into your side like a bull shark!  That, or order the large grip from Sig.  It has rubber inserts that are real comfortable, but if anybody from Sig is reading this, we really need a medium or small size grip with the rubber inserts.  Magazines are relatively easy to find. The 40 S&W and 357 Sig have a capacity of 12 while the 9mm is 15.  Mec Gar also makes 17 round magazines for the 9mm.  There are rumors that Sig is coming out with a 20 round factory magazine for the 9mm chambering, but I wouldn’t hold my breath till I see one.

Still all things considered, this is a great pistol for the money!  Take down of the pistol is done with one pin that doubles as the slide release leaver.  That makes for easy cleaning and reassembly. Accurate and reliable, I’ve never had a single malfunction.  Supposedly, the French police tested the pistol with over 400,000 rounds without having a malfunction!  I doubt many shooters will fire that many rounds through a single handgun.  If you looking for Sig Sauer quality but don’t have a thousand dollars to spend to get it, look no further than the Sig SP 2022.  Give it a shot; you’ll be glad you did!

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: A Sig Sauer pistol for the working man!

Target Market: Law enforcement, everyday carry, home defense and competition shooters.

FNB’s: (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Stainless steel slide with Nitron finish
  • SIGLITE Night Sights
  • Sig’s four point safety system
  • Interchangeable Grips
  • Integrated accessory rail

What other aesthetic options or finishes available:  Sig offers this pistol in black, diamond plate, black diamond plate and flat dark earth.

What others are saying:

The Truth About Guns You Tube

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: I haven’t been in a gun shop yet that didn’t have one for sale but if not, there readily available on the internet.

Our Rating:

+ Superb Sig quality that will leave you enough money for ammo and a holster + Accurate + Super reliable + Interchangeable grips + Light recoil + Great trigger pull in both single and double action

- Lack of aftermarket accessories - Long reset on trigger - Come on Sig, give us our 20 round mag already

Score: 8.585

Sig Sauer M11-A1

M11 A1 vs P228 side by side

By Kirby Yau

I’ve had a love affair with Sig Sauer P228 since I first saw it in the Clint Eastwood Secret Service action thriller In the Line of Fire. The compact P226 has been used in Hollywood hits like, the X-Files, The Sentinel, NCIS, and NCIS – LA. It’s mostly portrayed as the quintessential good guy Fed gun that only fed my desire.P228 Hand grip

When Sig Sauer announced in 2012 it was producing a new set of P228s, naming it the M11 A-1 and intentionally hyping it’s military pedigree; it garnered interest from me and other Sig admirers old and new. When technical specifications of the M11 A-1 were made public, the numbers indicated that the 2012 reissue of the M11-A-1 were merely P229s with P228 pressed into the handgrips.

Despite sharing the M11, military designation, the M11 A-1 shares more with the P229 than the Military/LEO issued M11/P228. Instead of a stamped steel slide, the M11 A-1 shares the milled stainless steel slide of the P229. The M11A-1/P229 weighs in at 32 oz., a whole ounce more than the P228.

M11 A1 vs P228 heightBoth weapons are the same height but the M11 A-1 is slightly thicker being built off of the P229 frame. P228 magazines are interchangeable with M11-A1 despite the M11-A1 shipping with P229-1 Magazines. P229-1 magazines will not work in the P228.M11 A1 UID sticker

All the Sig controls are where you expect them to be. The M11-A1 has a UID sticker which is more of a marketing gimmick than utilitarian.

The Key difference on the right side of the firearm includes the long extractor on the M11 A-1. Although the long extractor garners lots of bad Internet press, I experienced zero issues after putting 300 rounds through the barrel with all rounds feeding and extract properly.

M11 A1 trigger and controls

The short reach trigger/thin trigger is a deviation from the P228’s standard trigger, which is a welcome addition to my Medium-large hands. It felt very comfortable with every trigger pull, but I do miss the trigger ridges from the P228.

M11 A1 Night Sights

SIGLITE® Night Sights are standard on the M11 A-1 (left) and a bright and sharp compared to the same SIGLITE® Night Sights on the older P228. Understandable since the tritium inserts which dim after time.

A unique feature of the M11-A1 is the laser etched SIG insignia on the top of the slide. Personally I don’t think it adds or detracts to the design.

I really wanted to dislike the M11-A1 and treat it like the bastard child of the much beloved P228, but I really LOVE it.  I hate to say it but I feel it balances better than the P228 in my hand. I shoot it more accurately than the P228. I’m afraid to say it, but the M11-A1 is better than my P228.

The M11-A1 is a great value that includes features such as a Short Reset Trigger, night sights, chrome lined barrel, phosphate coated internals, and three magazines for a price similar to others in the P229.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: It’s a solid platform for a “compact” pistol.

Target Market:  People who want a Sig with a military pedigree.

FNB's (Features and Benefits of this product)

  • Phosphate coated internals
  • Chrome lined barrel
  • Nitron finish
  • Three magazines
  • Short Reach Trigger
  • Short Reset Trigger
  • SIGLITE® Night Sights

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? (Sig Nitron, Sig FDE M11- A1 D )

What others are saying?  NRApubs,  American Rifleman

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Impact Guns

Our Rating:

+ 3 magazines + Phosphate internals + Short Reach Trigger + Short Reset Trigger + Bright Side Night sights

- Magazine voucher for third magazine - Have not received magazine for three months - The MIL-STD UID Label wears easily and quickly - Serves no purpose other than being a marketing tool

Score 9.5Amazing

Sig Sauer P229R

Sig P229

By Devin Blystone

Sig Sauer is a quality firearms manufacturer.  The P229R is carried by thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout the country.  The compact size of this gun makes it great for conceal carry but in reality, it doesn't feel like a compact gun.  At 37 oz, it’s heavier than other compact models on the market, but the balance of the gun makes it feel like it weighs a lot less. The P229R is available in 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S&W.  Not to mention, that there are other many different variations of this gun available. Magazine capacity for the P229R is 13 rounds for 9mm and 12 rounds for .40S&W and .357SIG.   Should you live in these states, 10 round CA and MA compliant magazines are also available for purchase.  Shooting this pistol in .40S&W is a breeze.  The felt recoil isn't bad and I can get sights back on target quickly. The sights available for this pistol are regular and the SIGLITE night sights.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Reliable and accurate.

Target Market: Higher end market, law enforcement, and government agencies.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Decocker
  • Almost full length rails for the slide to travel on
  • DA/SA, 10 lbs DA trigger pull and 4.4 lbs SA
  • The polymer grips provide great traction
  • Solid metal frame
  • Low profile slide serrations
  • Accessory rail
  • 10 and 12 round magazines(.357SIG and 40S&W)
  • Lanyard loop
  • Available in 9mm, .357SIG, and .40S&W

What other: Black, stainless, two tone and flat dark earth.

What others are saying?:

  • “This SIG P229R is now on my "all time favorite handguns" list.” Ballistics 101
  • “there is  no question it is an excellent choice for concealed carry.”  U.S. Concealed Carry

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Check your local gun shops.  Also, the gun can be bought at many websites.

Our Rating:

+ No manual safety + Heavy, long first trigger pull + Decocker and slide stop release are low profile + Takedown is pretty easy + 3.9” barrel cuts down on the felt recoil + Accessory rail has 3 positions + Replaceable grips + Balanced very well, feels lighter than it is

- Expensive - 32.0 oz. with magazine - Two piece polymer grips meet at the back and feel cheap when they flex

Score: 9 Amazing!90


To hear more about this and other gear, go check out the Firearms Radio Networks new show, Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast.


Sig Sauer P220 Elite Dark TB


By Reed Snyder

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: reliability and accuracy

Target Market: the P220 is a higher end .45 caliber full size duty pistol

FNBs: (Features & Benefits)

-Ergonomic beavertail grip

-Front cockig serrations

-SIGLITE® Adjustable combat Nights Sights

-Sig Sauer’s Short Reset Trigger

-Threaded barrel to host suppressors

-Proven and reliable design almost 40 years old

-4-Point Safety System DA/SA

-Integral accessory rail

-8 round capacity factory magazines

Does it come in black?  While the Sig Sauer P220 is manufactured with a huge number of variants, the Elite Dark feature can be found on the following models.

-P220 Scorpion TB

-P220 Elite Stainless

-P220 Elite Dark

-P220 Match Elite

-P220 Scorpion

What others are saying?

-Christian Gun Owner

-Personal Defense World

Price point

-MSRP =   Sig Sauer: $1,289.00

-Retail =    Grab a Gun: $959.57

                      Cheaper Than Dirt!: $1,013.62

I need it now! Availability Available on many websites including

Our Rating

+  Easy to handle

+  Accurate and reliable

+  Proven design

+  Exceptional features

-  Priced a little higher than comparable pistols

Score: 9.0 Amazing!! 90

Reed Snyder

AR-15 Podcast

I have used and owned one or another variation of Sig Sauer’s pistols for almost 25 years.  During that time, I have never been disappointed by any of the pistols that I have had the pleasure to use.  I purchased my Sig P220 in 2010.  I’ve fired my pistol at local ranges, on my deer lease, and in local “bragging rights” competitions with my friends.  The P220 has never failed me and I have come to appreciate the pistol to such a degree that I would stake the lives of my family and myself upon the knowledge that this pistol will work every time I pick it up.  I know that we have all heard others talk about this or that pistol being better than all others.  I’ll not say that here.  I will tell you that my P220 stands shoulder to shoulder with the best pistols out there and I’ll defend that statement to the bitter end.