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When it comes to Sig Sauer firearms the extra money spent equates to a superior level of build quality and top-level reliability. You can get into a tactical .22 for a little less, but the extra money for a Sig Sauer 522 SWAT is well spent. Where allowed by state laws, you can get the same furniture as this gun’s full size brother. The gun tested was a NJ compliant model since NJ still has an effective ban on rifles that contain certain cosmetic features.  With that being said, the stock is pinned in place, the barrel lacks a muzzle device and the magazine capacity is limited to 15 rounds.  However all that mixed in doesn’t affect the awesomeness of this gun. The ergonomics are top notch with the exception of the safety lever, which although ambidextrous, I found difficult to operate due to stiffness and that it is located too close to the grip. The action was smooth, the trigger responsive and that led to an overall fantastic shooting experience. The factory installed sights are a great start, but thanks to the integral rail, the rear peep sight can be swapped out for a rear BUIS of your choosing which you really should do if you decide to run an optic on this rifle. Bottom line is, if you’re in the market for a tactical .22 and can afford it, buy this gun before someone else does.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Sig Quality, reliability, look and feel of full size Sig 556.

Target Market:  Rimfire competition, plinking, training, military and police.

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Key Features

  • Look and feel of the full size Sig 556
  • Utilizes several parts from the original 556
  • Upper receiver has built in Picatinny rail

Key Benefits

  • Potential as a transitional training aid
  • Reliability

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  The Sig 522 comes in three major full size configurations; Sig polymer handguard, quad rail handguard, and Hogue free-float handguard. There are also two mock sbr models which have threaded 16 inch barrels with “inert training supressors”. The model I tested is also a model that is produced to be restricted state compliant.  Sig Sauer

What others are saying?:  This firearm seems to be well received and approved of by all reviews I have seen.

Price Point: The firearm tested was a friend’s. He found this compliant state model for $558 before tax and background check fee. The store was having an “overstock” sale so everything in store was 10% off which is puzzling because this was towards the tail end of the panic buying season.

I need it now! Availability: Like most other desirable guns these do not stay on shelves for very long. That being said they are not rare as they are widely produced and distributed, but have a very short shelf life.

Our Rating:

+ Full size look and feel + Reliability + Fit and finish + Great trigger for a tactical .22 + Great magazines + Compliant versions available

Score: 990 Amazing

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