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Last year about this time I found myself in the market for a new pistol. I knew I wanted a polymer framed handgun that was accurate and reliable, to use more as a range toy but could also be a carry gun if it had to.  I really found myself drawn to the Springfield Armory XDM and had decided to place an order.  That is until one day I was in my local gun shop and the sales guy behind the counter handed 

Sig 2022 - 4me a Sig Sauer SP 2022.  Instantly there was just something about that gun!  It was so comfortable.  It was like the grip just melted into my hand.  Later that month, Black Friday rolled around. The Sig SP 2022 was marked down a hundred bucks and I took one home. I’ve been carrying it for about a year now and I’m just as happy with my purchase now as I was then.  People may ask, “Tiny, what’s so great about a fifteen year old design?”  Well I’m so glad you asked!

In 1998, Sig Sauer released their first polymer frame pistol in 40 S&W and 357 Sig.  Then a year later, they released it in 9mm.  For the time, the Sig Pro series handgun was a pretty nifty design with interchangeable grips and an accessory rail.  However, the polymer framed hand guns had not yet been embraced by the market.  The Sig Pro soon became known as the poor man’s P226.  However a few years later, polymer became the industry standard.  In 2002, Sig redesigned the Sig Pro for French law enforcement Sig 2022 - 2and rereleased it as the Sig SP2022 with a service life in mind of twenty years (hence the designation 2022).  The pistol is very similar to the Sig P226.  It uses the classic DA/SA trigger that Sig is known for with no manual safety.  Instead, the gun features a decoking lever in its place and Sig’s four point safety system.  It has a 3.9 inch barrel with an overall length of 7.4 inches.  Its 5.7 inches tall, 1.3 inches wide and weighs 29 ounces unloaded.  Some say it’s a little chunky for IWB carry but if the French can do it, it can’t be that bad!  It shoots great!  The double action trigger pull is 10 pounds and even though that sounds heavy, it’s very smooth!  With a little practice, you won’t have any trouble holding your sights on target.  The single action trigger pull is 4.5 pounds which in my opinion is ideal.  The reset is a little long but it’s not really a problem unless you’re Jerry Miculek.  Still, high level competition shooters may opt for a shorter reset trigger on their match pistols.

Now you may be asking, “gee whiz, are there any reasons I shouldn’t get one?”  My answer is not many.  There’s not a ton of Sig 2022 - 3aftermarket accessories and most of them are from Sig Sauer themselves.  To they’re credit they haven’t abandoned it.  You can buy different size grips and switch between 40 S&W and 357 Sig with conversions available.  Unfortunately there are no conversions for 9mm and neither is there a 22 conversion for plinking on the cheap.  Also, while there are holsters out there to be had, you may not have your choice manufacturer.  Furthermore, while the sandpaper like grip is great for IDPA, I would recommend an undershirt if you’re carrying IWB because it will eat into your side like a bull shark!  That, or order the large grip from Sig.  It has rubber inserts that are real comfortable, but if anybody from Sig is reading this, we really need a medium or small size grip with the rubber inserts.  Magazines are relatively easy to find. The 40 S&W and 357 Sig have a capacity of 12 while the 9mm is 15.  Mec Gar also makes 17 round magazines for the 9mm.  There are rumors that Sig is coming out with a 20 round factory magazine for the 9mm chambering, but I wouldn’t hold my breath till I see one.

Still all things considered, this is a great pistol for the money!  Take down of the pistol is done with one pin that doubles as the slide release leaver.  That makes for easy cleaning and reassembly. Accurate and reliable, I’ve never had a single malfunction.  Supposedly, the French police tested the pistol with over 400,000 rounds without having a malfunction!  I doubt many shooters will fire that many rounds through a single handgun.  If you looking for Sig Sauer quality but don’t have a thousand dollars to spend to get it, look no further than the Sig SP 2022.  Give it a shot; you’ll be glad you did!

Firearms Insider Reviews – 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: A Sig Sauer pistol for the working man!

Target Market: Law enforcement, everyday carry, home defense and competition shooters.

FNB’s: (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Stainless steel slide with Nitron finish
  • SIGLITE Night Sights
  • Sig’s four point safety system
  • Interchangeable Grips
  • Integrated accessory rail

What other aesthetic options or finishes available:  Sig offers this pistol in black, diamond plate, black diamond plate and flat dark earth.

What others are saying:

The Truth About Guns You Tube

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: I haven’t been in a gun shop yet that didn’t have one for sale but if not, there readily available on the internet.

Our Rating:

+ Superb Sig quality that will leave you enough money for ammo and a holster + Accurate + Super reliable + Interchangeable grips + Light recoil + Great trigger pull in both single and double action

- Lack of aftermarket accessories - Long reset on trigger - Come on Sig, give us our 20 round mag already

Score: 8.585