Freedom Flag G17 slide w/Nevada Cerakote

  If you haven’t heard of Freedom Flag Products, you should go look them up. About a year ago, they collaborated with Nevada Cerakote to send me one of their G17 slides. When they ask what model or cerakote I wanted, I left it up to both of them. Freedom Flag also makes AR products, as well as other Glock style slides. The review slide they sent me is in their “Track Style”, without an optic cutout.

  I can’t really describe the “Track Style”, but it is not a typical cookie cutter slide. It has some oblong, straight up and down, cuts at the rear for cocking serrations. Then down the rest of the slide it has, what I like to call them, mathematical shaped recesses. At the front of the slide, there are also 2 angled cuts with 3 slots cut in them. On the top front, is also a diamond shape recess with 2 slots. So a compensated barrel might work with this slide. Freedom Flag’s slides are for Gen 3 style pistols, this includes Polymer 80’s. They also come in 5 more standard cuts, in case you don’t like this style. An RMR cut is $50 more, if that’s your thing.

  As I would expect, the machining on this slide is spot on. I couldn’t detect a single mill mark. Yes you can see marks through cerakoted parts. The Glock slide parts kit installed with zero problems and everything works smooth as butter. This is the second slide that Freedom Flag has sent me, which is why the review has taken so long. The first slide they sent had a very, and I mean very, small tool mark on the angled cut. I was okay with it, but they pretty much demanded I send it back, so I did. That’s top notch service. I don’t know if this slide is the same one, or a new one, but I suspect it’s new. The rear sight cut was spot on, and I had zero problems installing the rear sight. The front slot seemed a tiny bit larger than I needed, I could twist the front sight ever so slightly when tightening it down. I measured it, and it was within Glock factory specs, so it must have been the front sight and not the slide. All in all, they do an excellent machining job.

  All Freedom Flag’s slides are Cerakoted. As mentioned, this slide was sent to Nevada Cerakote for some magic. I told them to also surprise me and that it was being installed on a gray Polymer 80 frame. Nevada Cerakote did not let me down. They did a 4 color gray/black camo on it that looks amazing. The colors are blended together so smooth that you can’t even feel where one ends and the other begins. 

  Nevada Cerakote is pretty big in the cerakote market. They have their hands in lots of one off coatings for trade shows, like SHOT. They are factory trained and certified by Cerakote. But really, they just do a great cerakote and have great ideas for patterns. If you are looking to have something coated, please go check out Nevada Cerakote.

  The Track Style slide is a great addition to my Polymer 80. In fact I purposely bought the Poly 80 frame for the original slide. The slide mounted up easy. It slid right on and cycled smoothly. Frame to slide fit was phenomenal. Not so tight that I needed to break it in, but not loose either. I can barely wiggle the slide. To top it all off, the pistol cycles fine, even when the slide was brand new. When I first installed the slide, if you rode the slide closed on an empty magazine, it would stop about ¼” from going into battery. After 50 or so rounds, that stopped. It never did it using the slide release or sling shotting the slide. I’m using as Faxon barrel with the Freedom Flag slide. As expected, it shoots great. Both a testament to the slide and barrel.

  When using the Track Slide, I used it in a few OWB holsters. It fit fine in both of them. I did have to loosen the tension screws on both. I attributed this to the fairly squarish style of this slide. Not a big deal at all, more of just a heads up. To go along with this, the cerakote has not worn off the edges either. Another testament to the Nevada Cerakote quality.

  If you are in the market for a Glock slide, Freedom Flag does a fine job. They even make a slide that converts a G19 size frame into a G17 length slide and barrel. The slide is 100% made in the USA and at a competitive price. Definitely go give Freedom Flag a look, as well as Nevada Cerakote.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Fully machined Glock Gen 3 slide with cerakote

Target Market:

Those wanting a unique, quality slide for their Glock or Glock style pistol

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • “Track Style”

  • Designed for Gen3 guns, will not fit a Gen4

  • Cerakoted 

  • Optional Laser Etching

  • Tighter tolerances for increased accuracy, reliability, and performance

  • Precision machined from heat treated 4150 barrel steel

  • Barrel lock-up manufactured with tighter tolerances

  • When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be greatly increased

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Compatible with Polymer80 Frames

  • Tested for function

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Lots of single colors, or ask about special Cerakote

What others are saying?

5/5 stars - Fantastic and Durable Slide

I bought a graphite black slide a few months ago to go with a Polymer 80 G17 I built. Taking it out of the box, it's a really good looking slide. The front serrations are very tactile and the back are equally good. When fitting it to the gun, it was indeed a very tight fit, but that really is a good thing. I did have to file a little bit on the inside of the slide around the barrel lock-up, but that was primarily due to the aftermarket barrel being a little out of spec. Once I fixed that, it worked great. I now have over 1k rounds through the slide and no issues. I've used it in the Limited Division at a USPSA match and it was great there, even got a couple compliments. I highly recommend filing in the logo on top of the slide with white to make it pop. Overall, I could not be happier. The customer service is very good and personal, and the shipping was quick. If you're on the fence about it, just do it! You won't find a better custom slide for the money

Link to other reviews:

Holster Reviewer on YouTube

Price point:

MSRP = $249.99, $400 as tested

MSRP (Cerakote) - $150 for 4 color camo

I need it now! Availability:

Freedom Flag Parts 

Nevada Cerakote

Our Rating:


  • Tight slide to frame fit

  • Good barrel lock up

  • Custom Cerakote finish

  • Unique design


  • Square (holster fit)

  • No front cocking serrations on this model

Score: 8.5 Great


Favorite Link:   Axelson Tactical

Rock Slide USA - RS2

 Rock Slide USA has come on the market with some pretty nice products. Of which is their Glock slides. The slides come in two different versions, with options available for both models. The model I received for review is their RS2, with a RMR cut, in black, for a Glock 17. This was a stripped slide, meaning it had no parts in it.

 When I first opened the box, I was impressed. The machining was beautiful. As was the black coating. Rock Slide Cerakotes all of their slides, so this RS2 is black Cerakote. I immediately installed my Glock parts kit. All the parts went in like they should. Since this slide has a cut-out for an RMR, I proceeded to install my Holosun 507 as it uses a RMR mounting platform. I did notice that the 507 moved a tiny bit back and forth on the slide’s studs. The RS2 has studs that the red dot sight goes over and then the sight screws go into the studs. This movement was minor and didn’t cause any problems. The stud option allows for a tight fit without having to have a custom milled slide. So, I tightened down the Holosun. Rock slide also sent me a cover plate. I did put it on just to see how it fit. As expected, it fit and lined up great. They also make this slide with a Vortex Venom cut, for those wanting a less expensive sight.

 Rock Slide did a nice job with the aesthetics also. Being that this is the RS2, it has vents cut out on the front of the slide. The RS1 does not have these. The vents are cut at an angle toward the rear. I also found that these vents are large enough to act as front slide serrations. Speaking of serrations, the ones on the rear are angled and sharp enough to give good grip. The slide is also beveled on top from the ejection port forward. It gives a distinct appearance and makes it not look so Glock like.

 I mounted up the Rock Slide to a Polymer 80 frame. The slide was a nice snug fit without hardly any side to side or up/down play. It is also using a Faxon Firearms barrel which it also mated very nicely too. For the record, I did not install any iron sights on the RS2, but it does have the rear dovetail and front oval hole for standard Glock sights. This slide makes the handgun shoot great! Better than another slide I have used. So Rock Slide’s claim of better performance are spot on.

 Ever since receiving the slide, I have shot this handgun more than any other. The RS2 runs smooth. I have shot it in a Speed Steel match with zero problems. Not counting the other times I have shot it at the range. I am very impressed with the accuracy and functionality of this slide. Plus I think it looks good.

 Please go take a look at Rock Slide USA. This RS2 slide is great. Rock slide also manufactures barrels for these slides. The slides start at $200, with options to basically have a complete slide with sights and an optic! Different color options too. They are also made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Precision machined Glock Slide

Target Market:

Pistol builders, Glock users that want a complete slide cut for a miniature red dot

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Tighter Tolerances

  • Made from 416R Stainless Steel

  • Cerakoted

  • Vented

  • Optional cover plate

  • Tapered - not square (adds a non-glock look)

  • RMR cut (optional Vortex Venom cut)

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

With or without optics cut and vents.

FDE, ODG, Burnt Bronze, Tungsten, Pink, Unfinished

What others are saying?:

Rusty M. - 5/5 stars at

Top notch company!!! I received my slide within a couple weeks after ordering, it looked and ran great, unfortunately there was a small ridge on the chamber face that I didn’t even notice until I ran some rounds through it. It was just enough to slightly dent the fired case head, I reload my ammo or I probably wouldn’t have worried about it. I gave Rock Slide a call, they said no problem, sent a postage paid return label and I had a replacement slide within two weeks. The slide is flawless, the finish is awesome, it fits the frame great, looks and runs great. I had the venom sight cut which fits absolutely perfect. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and the great customer service. I highly recommend Rock Slide USA to anyone who is looking for a quality custom slide. Check out the other products they offer too, I picked up a SilencerCo threaded barrel and extra mags for my Glock 17 and the pricing on everything is very reasonable.

Link to other reviews:

YouTube review by Dark Knight Adventures

Price point:

MSRP = $219.99, $239.98 as tested

Retail = $199.99-429.98 depending on options

I need it now! Availability:

Rock Slide USA

Our Rating:


  • Price

  • Vent cutouts

  • Precision machined

  • RMR cut

  • It just looks good


  • Not machined for individual optic

Score: 9.00 Amazing


Favorite Link:   Axelson Tactical