Sig Sauer P220 Elite Dark TB


By Reed Snyder

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: reliability and accuracy

Target Market: the P220 is a higher end .45 caliber full size duty pistol

FNBs: (Features & Benefits)

-Ergonomic beavertail grip

-Front cockig serrations

-SIGLITE® Adjustable combat Nights Sights

-Sig Sauer’s Short Reset Trigger

-Threaded barrel to host suppressors

-Proven and reliable design almost 40 years old

-4-Point Safety System DA/SA

-Integral accessory rail

-8 round capacity factory magazines

Does it come in black?  While the Sig Sauer P220 is manufactured with a huge number of variants, the Elite Dark feature can be found on the following models.

-P220 Scorpion TB

-P220 Elite Stainless

-P220 Elite Dark

-P220 Match Elite

-P220 Scorpion

What others are saying?

-Christian Gun Owner

-Personal Defense World

Price point

-MSRP =   Sig Sauer: $1,289.00

-Retail =    Grab a Gun: $959.57

                      Cheaper Than Dirt!: $1,013.62

I need it now! Availability Available on many websites including

Our Rating

+  Easy to handle

+  Accurate and reliable

+  Proven design

+  Exceptional features

-  Priced a little higher than comparable pistols

Score: 9.0 Amazing!! 90

Reed Snyder

AR-15 Podcast

I have used and owned one or another variation of Sig Sauer’s pistols for almost 25 years.  During that time, I have never been disappointed by any of the pistols that I have had the pleasure to use.  I purchased my Sig P220 in 2010.  I’ve fired my pistol at local ranges, on my deer lease, and in local “bragging rights” competitions with my friends.  The P220 has never failed me and I have come to appreciate the pistol to such a degree that I would stake the lives of my family and myself upon the knowledge that this pistol will work every time I pick it up.  I know that we have all heard others talk about this or that pistol being better than all others.  I’ll not say that here.  I will tell you that my P220 stands shoulder to shoulder with the best pistols out there and I’ll defend that statement to the bitter end.