Raven Concealment Systems Phantom Modular Holster

Untitled By Steve Remy

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Claim to Fame: A highly concealable kydex holster designed to work with any style of clothing.

Target Market: Concealed carry holders, executive protection professionals, and non-uniformed law enforcement officers.

FNBs: (Features and Benefits) Key Features: Full kydex construction. Full-length body shield to help re-holstering. Same holster body can be used as either IWB or OWB. Passive retention with no need to manually depress anything to draw your weapon.

Key Benefits: Sleek holster that conceals your firearm extremely close to your body.Untitled Complete with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Does it come in black? Yes, with one other optional color as well. Coyote Tan

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Price point: MSRP = $84.99 - $94.99 depending on configuration (light or no light) Retail = $84.99 - $94.99 at RavenConcealment.com

I need it now! Availability: Holsters fitting 20 different handguns are available for shipment within 5 days of ordering.  If you need a holster for any other handgun, your wait time varies depending on the number of orders ahead of you.  Current wait time is not available on Raven’s website, unfortunately.

Our Rating: +  Made in the U.S.A. +  Durable construction +  No nonsense guarantee; if it breaks for any reason, they’ll repair or replace it for free, forever. +  Concealability is untouchable by any other holster I’ve owned or tried. +  The modular design allows it to work with all of Ranven’s accessories (mag holders, handcuff holders etc.)

-  Waiting to have my order made -  Price

Score: 9.0 (Amazing)90


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This is the best concealment holster I have ever owned.  A fellow officer turned me on to Raven Concealment products several years ago and I have been extremely impressed.  I first purchased a Phantom holster in late 2010 to carry my duty weapon in a variety of situations, from courtroom suits to street-work jeans.  This holster is extremely durable and has served me well to date.

This holster holds your handgun so close to you that it takes a little getting used to.  With that being said, trying anything else after this makes you feel like your gun is overexposed and riding out about 3 feet away from your hip.  Having it rest so close to you starts to give you that warm and fuzzy reminder that you are one with your handgun and together you can defeat anything that threatens you or your loved ones.

On top of all of this, Raven Concealment has an unconditional lifetime warranty which literally says no matter how you break it, they’ll repair it or replace it for free.  Folks, guarantees don’t get any better than that.  The same officer that introduced me to Raven had an issue with his holster last year.  He was in an extended training environment for 3 weeks straight in which he was required to carry a red gun at all times while in training.  The dimensions of the red gun slightly exceeded that of his actual firearm, resulting in less than ideal retention for his duty weapon once training was over.  He simply called Raven, told them the problem, shipped them the holster and they repaired it no questions asked.  It was a simple and quick process.

Pricing and order lead time are the only slight bit of heartburn I have with this holster.  At $84.99, it ranks in the top percentage of pricing for holsters of similar design.  In addition to that, no one wants to wait to enjoy their new purchase.  When I first purchased mine, I waited nearly 6 months to receive it.  I believe the company has had significant growth since 2010 so at this point I hope their lead time has been reduced to something more reasonable.  I do like the fact that they now have “quick ship” items available for purchase, which are likely their top requested models, so the wait doesn’t affect all customers.  Moving back to price, once you consider this may be the very last holster you buy for your favorite gun, it really isn’t that bad.  I’ll never buy another concealment holster for my duty gun which means I’ll likely save money in the long run.

Overall, kydex concealment holsters don’t get any better than this, period.  If my department chooses to change duty guns, Raven Concealment will be my first stop to order a new holster.