Tandemkross 10/22 Ultimate trigger kit

 The rimfire experts over at Tandemkross have a new trigger for your Ruger 10/22. They released the “Ultimate” trigger kit on 10/22 of 2018 in collaboration with Brimstone Gunsmithing. I immediately contacted them to ask for a review trigger kit, well here we are with the trigger review! I was sent a red trigger, but black is also available.

 As mentioned, this trigger system comes in a “kit.” Of course there is the trigger. The trigger is made out of aluminum and anodized either red or black. It uses a wide flat faced design, with very sharp knurling on the face of the trigger. I loved the knurling. My finger immediately knew that I was on the trigger. Now I would maybe put a small chamfer, or angle, on each side of the trigger face. It felt a little sharp on the edges. There is also a over travel adjustment in the trigger shoe. The adjustment is just your standard set screw that butts up against the back of the trigger guard housing. A hex wrench is supplied for adjustment.

 Tandemkross’ Ultimate trigger also comes with a new hammer and sear. This is really what makes the trigger pull lighter. Tandemkross redesigned the sear and hammer. This leads to a reduction in pull weight and a boost in reliability. The reliability is increased, due to the fact that the hammer-sear still have strong engagement. It doesn’t say if the surfaces are polished, but it does mention they are EDM cut for precision. Either way, the trigger pull is fantastic.

 Last up in the Ultimate trigger kit, is the return spring. Why should you care, you ask? Well Tandemkross has ditched the spring and plunger system used on the stock Ruger 10/22. They have gone with a wire spring. This spring mounts to the side of the trigger shoe and rests on a shelf in the trigger housing. I found it gives a positive reset without adding anything to the trigger pull.

 I’m not going into installation. Tandemkross has some very good instructions. If you don’t think you can install the trigger, take it to your local gunsmith. I did have a small problem with the hammer, the hole was too small for one of my rifles hammer pin. Another of my 10/22’s hammer pin fit fine. I chalked this up to the one not fitting, having been built in the early 80’s.

 I am really impressed with the Ultimate trigger kit. It reduced my trigger pull from the factory 5 lb pull to an amazing 2 lb pull. Just by installing the kit and using factory springs. There is a tiny bit of pre-travel, but not even close to the factory trigger. I’d say the pull was smooth, but the travel is so short that it just breaks without being able to feel any creep. As mentioned, getting rid of that spring and plunger system is great also. It now looks like a trigger should. Having over-travel adjustment is nice also. The set screw supplied also has a rubberized tip to keep from marring the trigger housing. I also love the feel of the sharp textured WIDE trigger.

 Tandemkross did an excellent job, in my opinion, with this trigger kit. If you know anything about them, that probably doesn’t surprise you. At $145 for the Ultimate 10/22 trigger kit in red, it might be pricey for some. After using it, I feel it is worth the price. If you’re in the market for rimfire parts and accessories, do yourself a favor and go check out Tandemkross.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Better trigger for your 10/22

Target Market:

Anyone wanting a better 10/22 trigger, but mainly competition shooters

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Wide flat trigger

  • Sharp texture on trigger shoe

  • Wire return spring

  • Redesigned Hammer and Sear

  • Reduced pull weight

  • EDM cut parts

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?


What others are saying?:

Essential Trigger! 5/5 stars on Tandemkross

Installs in minutes with YouTube help. And makes a scary big difference. 10/22 factory triggers are like Glock triggers. We usually just compare them with something worse. But this TK Ultimate Trigger is a whole different world of goodness. Silky smooth take-up right up until the glass-rod break. Even upgrades Ruger's own BX trigger upgrade. Mine breaks clean and reliably at about 3.2 pounds. And since the heavily textured flat shoe provides oversized purchase onto the pad of your trigger finger, the effect is even more dramatic. Dry firing with the Ultimate Trigger is impressive, but when out in the field whether poking targets or hunting small game, the TandemKross Ultimate Trigger immediately makes itself essential. I've upgraded a lot of 10/22s and I cannot name a better single upgrade than this trigger for better performance, increased accuracy, and most importantly just the sheer pleasure of shooting.

Link to other reviews:


Price point:

MSRP = $134.99-$144.99

I need it now! Availability:


Our Rating:


  • Textured trigger surface

  • Reduced pull weight

  • Crisp break

  • Over-travel adjustment

  • Trigger return spring


  • Slight creep

  • Price (for some)

Score: 8.5 Great


Favorite Link:   Axelson Tactical

Ruger Super Redhawk Review

Ruger Super Redhawk BOOM! It was time for me to step up to a classic big bore revolver cartridge, and a Ruger Super Redhawk in 44 Magnum has been on my most wanted list for a couple years. Available with multiple barrel lengths, the Super Redhawk carries all the advantages of the standard Redhawk line but with a few key improved features. The frame is the most obvious change, being extended to improve durability and stoutness, as well as reliefs machined in the frame for scope rings (included with all but Alaskan short-barreled models)

The Super Redhawk comes in two duel chamberings. The 44 magnum models can be loaded with 44 special cartridges, and the 454 Casull model can accept 45 Colt cartridges. This makes plinking a bit less expensive and gives a chance for novice or recoil sensitive shooters to experience the revolver without breaking the bank or a wrist.

The Super Redhawk also now boasts a hammer-forged barrel which provides enhanced accuracy and rigidity. To help manage the recoil associated with 454 Casull and even hot 44 Magnum loads, a Hogue Tamer Monogrip with an internal recoil cushion comes standard. If you find yourself not accustomed to the monogrip you have access to a vast selection of aftermarket wooden grips compatible with the Super Redhawk's peg-style grip frame. All the other features that made the Redhawk so popular are still present including Ruger's patented transfer bar mechanism (prevents accidental discharge), a corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish, and the classic plastic Ruger hard plastic case.

I picked my KSRH-7 model, 7 inch 44 magnum SRH up at a local gunshop for under $790 sticker price.  It's been a blast to shoot especially as a reloader. Even as a handloading novice, the straight-walled 44 magnum case and it's little brother the 44 special lend themselves well to beginners. The price for factory loads in both magnum and special is expensive, and the cost savings from rolling your own will be tremendous. I've tested some warm magnum loads using 300 grain Uni-Cor projectiles from Speer and Hodgdon H110 powder with very good results, as well as some lighter 44 Special loads using Hornady 200 grain XTP projectiles and Unique powder. Its a very fun caliber to work up loads with different charge/bullet combinations, from hard cast Grizzly-stoppers, to Big Game Hunting loads, and even light/cheaper plinking rounds.

My biggest negative to the SRH is the front sight. Some SRH's come with a ramped base with a dovetail for the blade, however mine and the other's I've seen on shelves as of late have a one piece base/ramp/orange plastic blade that is not conducive to accuracy at all. How it mounts to the barrel also poses the issue of no aftermarket alternatives that I could find.  It used three screws and the barrel / sight base are mated by a machined relief. I am having a gunsmith fabricate a new front sight that matches the footprint but with a dovetail interface that will allow using a different front sight, specifically a brass bead. I plan to then replace the square-notch rear sight with a V-notch, giving me a better sight picture for 100 yard groups and hopefully an unsuspecting buck one of these days.

Of course the included scope rings would be ideal for most shooters hoping to sling lead at that range, but I would like to be able to holster the Super Redhawk and be able to shoot in the low-light hours of the day, two factors that a handgun scope somewhat limits for my intent.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Ruger® Super Redhawk® revolvers have all of the advantages of the Ruger Redhawk® plus additional features that give it potent strength and power!

Target Market:  Hunters & Outdoorsman, Revolver enthusiasts and people who plink with extreme prejudice!

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • FRAME INTEGRAL SCOPE SYSTEM with scope mounts machined directly into the frame and FREE Ruger scope rings for accurate and reliable sighting.
  •  STRONG EXTENDED FRAME with extra metal in top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting areas to handle powerful big game loads.
  • TRIPLE-LOCKING CYLINDER is locked into the frame at the front, rear, and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot.
  • RECOIL CUSHIONING HOGUE® TAMER™ MONOGRIP® with an internal recoil cushion positioned under the web of the hand helps reduce the impact of powerful loads, while peg-style grip frame easily accommodates custom grips.
  • DUAL CHAMBERING for 44 Magnum models, which also accept all factory 44 Special cartridges and 454 Casull models, which also accept all factory 45 Colt cartridges.
  • PATENTED RUGER TRANSFER BAR MECHANISM provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: All Stainless, but barrel lengths vary from 9.5", 7.5", 5" (TALO edition) and 2.5" (Alaskan Model)

What others are saying?: “Ruger's Super Redhawk is an impressively strong framed revolver; that the same frame and action has been used for the .480 Ruger and the .454 Casull is testimony to that. To be sure, this is no wimpy wheel gun. The build quality clearly exceeds that of many of the other .44 Mags that I've owned, including a few M44 Taurus examples. Having hunted hogs and similar successfully with .357's, there is little question that whatever a .357 can do, a .44 Mag. just makes them "deader better."

The Ruger Super Redhawk is the most accurate hunting pistol I've ever owned, with its heft and weight helping to make it controllable to shoot. Hotter rounds such as the .454 Casull have been too much in the hand-slapper department for me to enjoy shooting them, much less do so accurately. Some folks do, of course, but for me the .44 Rem. Mag. is the upper limit of what I enjoy shooting out of a handgun.

I've never had a Ruger revolver that was less than well made, including their GP100 .357, and their single action Blackhawk models. As far as I'm concerned, the Ruger Super Redhawk is the class of the field, and one of the best hunting revolvers you can buy. It's a testimony to the quality of Ruger's investment casting prowess.

You might want a trigger job, though in my case just a spring kit did the trick. In .44 Rem. Mag. configuration it is a reliable combination of power, accuracy, and manageability that is hard to beat. It remains my favorite hunting handgun. I can't recommend the Ruger Super Redhawk highly enough."  - Randy Wakeman via


Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: BudsgunShop, Slickguns, or check local dealers

Our Rating: + Included scope rings are quality, lockup is nice and tight and haven't come loose under recoil (yet) + Rubber Grip helps tame recoil and is all-weather + Added weight from beefed up frame adds to recoil control + Different barrel lengths for intended use (accuracy, hunting, or self defense)

- Front sight post is my biggest beef. Its wide, ugly and will hinder accuracy at 100 yards compared to a bead or fiber optic rod - No aftermarket support for front sight (my SRH has one-piece 3 screw orange blade sight) - Trigger isn't as good as equivalent S&W revolvers but not terrible either

Score: 8.5 Great85


Ruger SR-22 Purple Frame



Every new shooter needs to experience the joy of a 22LR pistol.  The 22LR's reputation for lightest recoil and lightest pricetag (when available) offers hours of enjoyment and valuable understanding on how firearms function and proper handling.  For the significant loved one in your life - husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, nephew/niece, child, grandchild - a 22LR is a fantastic tool to let them use at the range.

I stumbled across this "purple pea shooter" at a local gunshop and new it was only a matter of time before I picked it up for my significant other.  Her favorite color is purple, and I had already gotten her a Ruger 10/22 rifle with a purple painted stock.  This little Ruger seemed a perfect addition to her collection.  The timing of it being just before Valentine's Day made this gift even better.

She was of course was furious at seeing yet another white cardboard box with Ruger's emblem on the top, but was quickly overjoyed at learning it was her's. Our first range trip with the SR22 was very successful, it fed Remington Thunderbolt 22LR flawlessly and the groups were adequate with plenty of room for improvement.  I did experience some double feeding on the next trip to the firing line using Federal Match ammo, I assume the feed ramp prefers round tip bullets over certain hollowpoint bullets, I will be sure to experiment with more as they show up on the shelves.


This 22LR has followed us to the range every time since purchasing it as its always enjoyable to shoot. Her comments are that the grip really felt good in her hand with the palm swell installed, and made the negligible recoil even lighter and follow-up shots easy to do. She was also a big fan of the hammer as it made it easy to know when it was ready to fire, and the safety disabling the hammer was very useful for when stopping between shots.

While it's not the best in any category, it is a solid and well constructed pistol that is certainly worth the mid-range pricetag of $320 that I got it for.  With is safety features that are easy to manipulate but also help ensure correct handling is used, this pistol is ideal for new shooters.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Packed with versatile features, the SR22 is lightweight and perfect for just about anything. It is easy to field strip, fun to shoot, and will run reliably with a wide variety of ammunition (not just high-velocity ammunition).

Target Market:  Plinking, target shooting and even small game hunting

FNBs:  (Features and Benefits of this product)

  • Length: 6.4 inches, Barrel 3.50 inches
  • Width: 1.29 Inches.
  • Weight: 17.5 ounces.
  • 3 Dot Sight: Fixed, White Dot Front Sight, Adjustable Rear Sight with Reversible Blade.
  • Picatinny Rail with Multiple Cross Slots for Variable Mounting of Accessories.
  • Hammer-fired
  • Ambidextrous manual thumb Safety / Decocking lever and Magazine Release
  • Two Options for Grip/Palm Swell
  • Magazine/Disconnect Safety

 What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  All Black frame and slide available, as well as a black frame with stainless slide.  Also with other options with threaded barrels and Crimson Trace Lasers.  The purple pea shooter's model number is 3606.

What others are saying?: "Like many people, I recently started looking for something fun and less expensive to shoot than my higher caliber handguns, and a couple of months ago I bought my SR22 for that purpose. I love being able now to go to the range a time or two each week and not spend a fortune in the process, while having a blast each time. Along those lines, one of the SR22's particularly great features, as many reviewers have stated before me, is that this gun doesn't care much what you feed it, and that's a great trait when ammo is still so hard to find. But in truth, all of its features are great: incredible accuracy, superb ergonomics, light-weight construction but extremely sold feel, hassle-free takedown and cleaning! .... The three-dot sight system is hard to beat. Even in poor light, without any of the enhancements of fiber optics or other techier add-ons, this little gun provides a clear and fast sight picture that lets you hit and stay on target round after round. Maybe this isn't literally the perfect fun gun, but if it isn't, I don't know what is!"  -DaveG49 Cabelas Review

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: Online Dealers or Local Gun Shops.

Our Rating:

+ External safety functions as decocker, making this pistol a great learning platform for a new shooter. + Simple to disassemble and clean. + Includes soft zippered pouch, two magazines and two pinky extensions. + Magazines have plastic thumb assist for compressing spring that doesn't hurt after multiple reloads. + Price is very decent compared to other .22lr pistols.

- Seems picky with ammo, ate up Remington Lightning but choked on Federal Match. - Magazine release is mushy to me, could be easier to actuate. - Picatinny rail has smaller slots and shallower than most polymer frames in my safe.  Certain accessories may not mount. -Trigger reset length is terrible, not a good tool for teaching accurate handgun shooting.

Score: 7.070





Ruger SR-22

Ruger SR22

By Ryan Michad

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: A lightweight polymer .22 LR Semi-Automatic pistol suitable for a variety of applications.

Target Market: Trainers, plinkers, small game hunters and hikers.

F&B’s: (Features and Benefits) Key Features

  • Comes with two 10-round magazines.
  • Hammer Fired.
  • Chambers .22 Long Rifle.
  • Combination Manual Thumb Safety & Decocker.
  • Adjustable Three Dot Sights (White).
  • Length: 6.4 inches.
  • Width: 1.29 Inches.
  • Weight: 17.5 ounces.
  • Ambidextrous Slide Stop & Reversible Magazine Release.
  • Threaded Barrel for Suppressors.

Does it come in black? The Ruger SR-22 sports an aluminum slide and a polymer lower. It only comes in that finish.

What others are saying? “Shooting the SR22 Pistol is a real pleasure. As noted above, functioning was perfect. The magazines are very easy to load, the pistol feels good in the hand, and recoil is very light, as it is with most any 22 Long Rifle pistol. ” -Jeff Quinn, Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: These can be found at most gun shops and on

Our Rating: +  The pistol runs consistently. I have shot several hundred rounds of suppressed and unsuppressed and have had total reliability. +  I love that the gun is hammer fired and not striker fired like most polymer handguns. +  Like most modern polymer handguns, it is very corrosion resistant. +  It comes with two 10 round magazines. +  The barrel is threaded which makes attaching a suppressor easy. +  The sights are high enough to clear most .22 Suppressors.

-  I don’t care for the ambidextrous safety/decocker. -  In order to use the threaded barrel, you need an attachment. The attachment is sold separately.

Score: 8.5 Great!!!85

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