KnightFall Customs OWB Teklok holster

I was looking around for an outside the waistband (OWB), competition-ish style holster when I ran across KnightFall Customs. Since they made one for Polymer 80 style pistols, I sent off an interest email. I hadn’t found many holster manufacturers’ that made the style holster I was looking for. KnightFall Customs sent this one for review, and it is appreciated.

  As one would guess, this is a molded Kydex holster. The OWB holster KnightFall sent was their OWB Teklok / Paddle, in black, but other colors are available. The holster is nicely molded. So much so, that it flows nicely around the contour of the pistol. There are no really sharp edges. If you like polished edges on your kydex, you can get it as an option. It is also open at the bottom so that longer / compensated pistols will fit. The molded in sight channel is very tall and will allow for “suppressor height” sights.  Lead times can vary, but they are still usually fairly short compared to some other holster manufacturers. 

  Now for the real reasons I wanted to try out the holster. First, it could be had with a TekLok belt mount. The Bladetech TekLok, is adjustable for different width belts, and then it actually has a little fold up lock to keep it on your belt. Mounting a TekLok, on a holster, also sets the holster farther away from your body. I’ve used the TekLok before, and so for a “competition style” holster, this was great. The zero cant was also a feature I was looking for. I like straight draws when using a holster for competition. Since I have a mini red dot on this particular pistol, I needed a holster that had an “RMR” option. The KnightFall has an RMR option, which cuts out the front of the holster to allow for the sight. This also can make the pistol presentation quicker, by allowing the gun to clear the holster sooner. This holster also has 2 tension adjustment screws. A nice feature for someone running different pistols in the same holster, like me. 

  This KnightFall holster is for a Polymer 80 PF940v2 with a 17 slide. Basically a fullsize pistol. Being that it has an open bottom, I was also able to fit my compact Polymer 80 in it, with the compensator. It also fits without the comp. I would have liked the holster to come with more drop, but that’s me. The holster makes the pistol ride about halfway above, and halfway below the beltline. I didn’t have any problems using it this way, just a personal preference.

  I really like the function of the Knightfall holster. Draws are super smooth, partly because of the adjustable retention. The pistol “snaps” in and out no matter where the retention is set. A testament to the molding process. I have shot 2 steel matches and one other match with the Knightfall. During these matches I carried the gun for at least 5 hrs. At no time did it feel uncomfortable, nor did I worry about the pistol falling out if I bumped up against it. I am also able to get a full grip on the pistol before the draw stroke. There is no extra kydex in the way, and the holster is cut upward a little too allow for the P80’s undercut trigger guard. 

  KnightFall Customs makes other style holsters also. If you’re in the market for this style of holster, or any other style, I would go check them out. Prices are on par with other places and the quality is top notch.

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Claim to Fame:

Outside the Waistband holster with Teklok mounting

Target Market:

Competition shooters, Tactical Carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Kydex

  • Teklok belt mounting

  • Options for Polymer 80’s

  • Straight Cant

  • Optic sight cut

  • Adjustable retention

  • Made in Alaska

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Patterns, Colors, and Cuts

What others are saying?:

Adam at Knightfall Customs 5/5 stars


I was having a hard time finding a holster for my P80 build with a compensator, then I saw these and thought I'd give it a try. Customer Service was very responsive, and even did custom mounting holes for the Safariland QLS system. Very happy with it, will be buying another soon for a G34 P80 bild.

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Nothing found for this particular holster

Price point:

MSRP = $69.99

I need it now! Availability:

Knightfall Customs

Our Rating:


  • Optics cut out

  • Adjustable retention

  • Open bottom

  • Teklok

  • Available for Polymer 80, Faxon, and Grey Ghost pistols


  • Lead time can vary

  • $5 for polished edges

  • Would like more drop from beltline

Score: 8.00 Great


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