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Swampfox Optics is a new optics manufacturer. They seem to be doing some good things, like the Kingslayer. The Kingslayer is a micro red dot. When I first heard about these, I ask for a review one. They shipped one right out and here we are.

  The Kingslayer micro red dot is your typical reflex sight. It mounts using the industry standard RMR footprint. A huge plus when mounting it on a pistol slide. It also comes with a picatinny mount. As one can expect, it is fairly small at 1”w x 1”h x 1.8”l. The size gives it a 22mm window to look through. I found the 3 MOA dot to be very useful. Not too small, but not too large, kind of in the easy to pick up and see category. Weighing in at 1 ounce, it is very light.


  Function of the Kingslayer is pretty self explanatory. There is an up and down arrow button on the side. This increases and decreases the brightness. The up arrow also turns the sight on when pushed. The down arrow will turn the sight of after holding it down for about 3-5 seconds. Also the Kingslayer has an auto off after 4 hours of button inactivity. Now comes one of the deal breakers for me, the battery life. The kingslayer uses a CR1632 battery. It’s smaller than your normal CR2032. Battery life is stated at 200 hrs on the high setting, and 3000 hrs on the lowest. The one saving grace to the battery life is the fact that the battery tray is on the side of the unit. No taking it off to change the battery.

  After receiving the Kingslayer, I mounted up on my Grey Ghost slide. Partly because it has an RMR cut-out. No problems with mounting. I then zeroed it. It has tiny screws for windage and elevation. The screws are snug and take a little bit of force to turn. A good thing since they are not “click” adjustable. Then I preceded to……..break it. While moving stuff around on a tall bench, the pistol fell onto concrete, on the Kingslayer. The fall was from 4 feet. The glass in the Kingslayer cracked, ugh! I could still see the dot, and it held zero, so I shot it a little bit. When I contacted Swampfox, they immediately sent me a call tag and replaced it with a new one. I’ve been a little more careful with this one. 

  Besides my self induced problems, the Kingslayer has worked well. It’s held zero, even after taking it off and installing it on a different slide, and then back. The side battery tray is a nice feature. The 3 MOA dot is easily picked up, but not as well as some . I attribute this to the 22mm window size. It is noticeably smaller than some of the other micro red dots I’ve used. It could just be the shape. For a fairly reasonable priced micro red dot, it seems to perform as advertised.

  If your in the market for a slide mounted red dot, the Kingslayer might just be the ticket. At around $200, it is a good way to try out using a slide mounted red dot. If you then decide to upgrade to a “name”, you can put it on something else with the picatinny mount. Go check out Swampfox Optics, they seem to be doing some decent stuff.

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Claim to Fame:

Micro Red Dot on RMR footprint

Target Market:

Those wanting a Micro Red Dot

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 3 MOA dot

  • 10  Illumination settings

  • IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter

  • Shockproof to 800G’s

  • CR 1632 battery

  • 1500 hr battery life

  • 1,8”(length) * 1” (width) * 1.0”(height)/ 1.4"(height) with mount

  • 1 oz without mount / 1.3 oz with mount

  • Multi coated lens MOA windage and elevation adjustments

  • 4 hr auto off after button inactivity

  • Side battery tray

  • 50,000 round guaranty

  • 22mm lens diameter

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Red or Green Circle dot

What others are saying?:

Doug on Swampfoxoptics 5/5 stars

Ok sooo a long story... I bought a Kingslayer off of eBay from an armed forces officer that had bought two. I’m a special operations officer and deal with very expensive equipment. The good: the product is solid, crystal clear glass and great concise dot. 

The bad: the thing drained batteries like nobody’s business even in the off position. 

The amazing: I contacted Swampfox via email even though I didn’t purchase it from them. In a matter of minutes I was contacted back and advised that they would honor their warranty and would ship a replacement and mailing slip right out. I received it only to find it had the same issue. Once again I contacted Swampfox and again I was immediately contacted back. This time they were not so fast to just send a replacement, Robert and Chris worked with me hand and hand for days trying to find the glitch. At no time in this process was I ever degraded, ignored or told it was operator error. We never could quite figure out the issue so I kinda just called it a wash for buying something second hand. About a month after our last conversation I was contacted by Robert and Chris who stated that they had found a virus in the tiny circuit board and had fixed all the issues and that they were sending me a brand new redesigned model and a postage paid slip for my return as well as everyone that owned a Kingslayer! This was a long process and my optics have to work every single time they are asked to or they cannot be used due to what I do. I have waited -on purpose - to write this review so that I can state with confidence that the optic is reliable. The Kingslayer is amazing crystal clear glass that rivals optics I run that cost HUNDREDS more. I have run the optic on a pistol, ar, and mp5 with zero malfunctions. But more impressive than the optic is the company. The team at Swampfox could have easily denied my claim due to me purchasing second hand and that is even stated in the fine print of their warranty. Swampfox never batted an eye at my claims, never tried to cover up a problem and never tried to sidestep my communication. The optic I received is still on the original battery, has been used extensively and has held zero on whatever I mounted it on. For the price I believe this is one of the best red dots on the market and the company service is second to none.

Link to other reviews:

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Price point:

MSRP = $219.99

Retail = $170.99 at OpticsPlanet

I need it now! Availability:

SwampFox or Optics Planet

Our Rating:


  • Price

  • Clear dot

  • RMR pattern mount

  • 3 MOA dot

  • Side mount battery


  • Window size

  • Battery Life

  • Battery size

Score: 6.50 Okay


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