Thompson Center Hot Shot .22LR



By Mike Emert

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame - The Hot Shot is well known for being one of the easiest youth rifles for a learning platform. Target Market - Youth FNBs (Features and Benefits) Key Features621 Single Shot. Break Action (Disengaged with trigger guard). Peep sight. Polymer forend and butt stock. Hammer with “safety always on” feature.

Key Benefits Very simple to use! Easy platform to learn on. Very light. (3 lbs) Safety is well designed.  Hammer must be all the way back to make contact with the firing pin when the trigger is pulled. A slip while cocking the hammer will not contact the firing pin.

Does it come in black? Yes. It has been available in pink and camo as well.

What others are saying?

Price point (MSRP versus actual retail) MSRP = none Retail = $185 - $200 (since it was recently discontinued retailers can barely keep them in stock)

I need it now! Availability The Hot Shot was discontinued by TC in early 2013.  It will take some research and work to find one.

Our Rating I think Thompson Center did well in designing the Hot Shot to look identical to their Pro Hunter model.  It is a perfect size for a small youth to learn on but would be too small for even a young teenage male.  This model offers simple, and easy operation making for a fun and educational learning experience. + Single Shot. + Acquire target easily with peep sight. + Break action is very smooth + “Safety always on” feature is very nice. - Availability (Discontinued) - Too small for a young teenager to use practically but could still be a fun option to plink with.

Score 8 Great!80 Would be higher if it weren’t discontinued.


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I really wish this model was still available! It’s an excellent learning tool. The Crickett would be the Hot Shots biggest competition but for being geared towards first time, youth shooters, the break action of this rifle via the trigger guard and the difference in how the safety works makes this rifle a better option.  This obviously is subjective to what the child prefers, however.