Ruger Redhawk


  By Ryan Michad

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame (What this product does best?) Rugged Reliability and Power

Target Market (Who does this product serve best?) Handgun Hunters, Silhouette Shooters, Big-Bore Revolver enthusiasts.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product)

Key Features Stainless Steel Construction Three Cylinder Locking Points Transfer Bar Safety Mechanism White Outline Rear Sight; Red Insert Front Sight Hunter Model Offers Mounting Points for Optics

Key Benefits The Hunter Model includes free scope rings

Does it come in black? The Ruger Redhawk comes in stainless steel only.

What others are saying? “The Ruger Redhawk is built to last a lifetime” -Jeff Quinn, Review

Price point (MSRP versus actual retail) MSRP = $989.00 to $1049.00 Retail = $500 to $800

I need it now! Availability (Where can I buy this TODAY?) These are readily available at any gunshop that stocks Ruger Firearms or you can also find many examples on

Our Rating +  The Trigger pull is AMAZING! I was very impressed with the smoothness of the action and the pull weight was not very heavy at all, but not too light. +  The gun balances well in the hand. +  The heavy weight of the pistol (54 oz.) helps soak up some of that .44 Magnum recoil. +  The built in provisions for scope mounting on the Hunter model are a real plus.

-  The heavy weight is both a plus and a minus.  You would want a good holster to carry this in the field all day. -  The rubber grips that came on it did not allow me to hold the gun well. The factory wood grips helped me maintain control of the revolver much better.  Others may have a different experience.

Score: 8.5 Great!!!!85


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