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Velocity Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Trigger

  Velocity Triggers has come out with a new trigger in their MPC (Marksman Performance Choice) line. This particular trigger is for pistol caliber carbines (PCC) that use AR15 trigger assemblies. I am a big fan of the original MPC trigger. I have also become a fan of the PCC trigger. They informed me at SHOT 2019 about the new trigger, so I requested one for review.

  The PCC trigger has the same features of the original MPC line. Probably the most notable is the ⅜” wide trigger shoe. Besides being wider than the average trigger shoe, it is available in a wide assortment of shapes and colors. This time I asked for a green flat, grooved, with finger stop shoe. I also have a curved radiused and flat radiused that can be swapped on in place of the original shoe. Yes, different shoes are available and can be installed on the trigger assembly. No more being stuck with a single shoe design. Additional shoes can be purchased individually. The shoe attaches with an allen screw. One big advantage to this attachment style is that the shoe can also be pivoted. I have mine pivoted just slightly so that the pad of my finger sits flat on the shoe. 

  Since a PCC functions differently than a standard AR, Velocity designed the trigger differently. The most notable difference is how the hammer is designed. It has a definite curved shape to it with more material. The disconnector is also slightly different. When laid out next to one another, it is easy to see the differences. Standard AR triggers don’t always work in the PCC”s. This is because the bolt has so much more mass. The mass can cause a standard trigger to bounce off the disconnector and cause a double fire. I’ve had this happen with non-pcc triggers. The Velocity PCC trigger does not have this problem. It has ran flawlessly for me.

Standard trigger on left, PCC trigger on right

  Velocity triggers’ have great trigger pulls, and the PCC is no exception. The PCC trigger has a pull weight of 4lbs and is non adjustable. When I measured it, it was an average of 4lbs, so it is consistent. As with all their triggers, it has zero creep, a smooth break, and positive reset. Along with that, there is also very little overtravel. Part of the reason the trigger has such a nice feel is that they Nickel Teflon coat the internal parts. This nickel teflon provides a superior resistance to wear, corrosion and friction. So to say it again, the PCC trigger has an excellent trigger pull. The trigger will also work with standard caliber AR’s.

  As an added bonus, Velocity sent some extras also. They sent a 3-hole Sentinel trigger guard in green. The Sentinel is made from aluminum and has more room for gloved hands. Also in the package was one of their new “Wicked” extended magazine releases. It looks like a face with straight teeth. When you see it, you’ll get the idea.  

  I used the PCC trigger in a standard AR lower. This lower usually runs a Stern Defense Glock mag adaptor, but I also used an ENDOMAG. The trigger functioned great with either system. I had zero failures to fire and zero double fires. I would say that’s a win. Purposeful double and triple shots were very well controlled also. 

  This PCC trigger is impressive! It did everything I wanted it to. If you are looking for a PCC trigger, or any other AR drop in trigger, go give Velocity Triggers a look. They keep impressing me with their products

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Claim to Fame:

4lb single stage Pistol Caliber Carbine trigger

Target Market:

PCC shooters wanting a good trigger

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 4lb trigger pull

  • ⅜” trigger shoe, various shoes available

  • Drop in

  • Nickel Teflon coated

  • Made in USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Different Shoe designs and colors

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Price point:

MSRP = $189.95

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Velocity Triggers or Black Bag Resources

Our Rating:


  • Crisp break

  • Tactile reset

  • Different trigger shoes

  • Drop in

  • Nickel Teflon coated

  • Designed for PCC’s

  • Made in USA


  • Only available in 4lb pull

  • Writing on trigger

Score: 8.50 Great


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