Velocity Triggers MPC (Marksman Performance Choice) Trigger


 I have been trying to get my hands on a Velocity trigger for some time now. It finally happened when they sent me their new MPC (Marksman Performance Choice) trigger. Velocity Triggers has been making cartridge style triggers, for the AR platform rifles, for awhile now. They are based out of Phoenix, AZ and their triggers are 100% made in the USA. 

  The MPC trigger installs much like any other AR cartridge style trigger. With the exception of the trigger shoe. First remove the old trigger parts. Which includes removing the pistol grip and taking out the safety. Now you can drop in the MPC without the trigger shoe on it. Yes, I said it, without the trigger shoe. As one big feature of the MPC is the changeable shoes. Install the trigger pins, tighten up the two side screw on the trigger cartridge with the supplied allen wrench. This puts pressure on the trigger pins and keeps them from wandering out. Now that the trigger is in, Take the other supplied allen wrench and install the trigger shoe to the little nub sticking through where a standard trigger would be. The new trigger shoe has a little bit of twist built into it. What this does is make the MPC shoe pivot slightly left to right on the trigger shaft. This way it can be set for personal preference and then tightened down. One can install the shoe with the trigger guard on, but I found it easier to remove, or pivot the trigger guard out of the way. Once the safety and grip are reinstalled, check the trigger for proper function.

 The straight smooth with finger stop, is the trigger I received. The finger stop is just a little hook, on the bottom of the flat trigger, that helps keep your finger from sliding down and rubbing on the trigger guard. Velocity Triggers has multiple options for trigger shoes and colors. The smooth triggers are also radiused across the shoe, from left to right. This makes for a very comfortable feel. If you don’t like smooth with a radius, they offer a serrated (grooved trigger) also. I felt the serrated ones, and the are nice also,  just not my cup of tea, I do know people who like the serrated over the smooth. Now along with the textures, you can also get curved or straight (without a finger stop). Oh, and all are available in a number of colors. One really nice feature of the MPC, is the availability to buy extra trigger shoes for a whopping $14.95 each. All of the options, as well as the purchased trigger, use a ⅜” wide trigger pad. This is a little wider than a stock trigger and much nicer.

 Now that I’ve bored you with everything, I’ll get into how it feels. Velocity has two different pull weight options, a 3 or 4 lb pull. I received the 3 lb one. It measures right at 3 lb’s on my trigger scale, and does it consistently! I thought 3 lbs was going to feel heavy, but that is not what I found with the MPC. It has nearly zero takeup. I can’t even see any, yet alone feel any. So when shooting, one just applies pressure and the trigger just fires. The break on this MPC is fantastic and super crisp. There is a slight bit of over travel, yes slight, but hardly noticeable. Then there is the reset, strong and very tactile. I really liked the crisp reset. Some other triggers I’ve used can be somewhat mushy, this is definitely not the case here. The MPC is a single stage trigger, if you hadn’t figured that out yet. Because the MPC uses a different style of trigger shoe, the trigger reach is longer. I liked the longer reach as it placed my finger more on the pad, and less on the knuckle. If you have a really short trigger reach (think children) it may not be the best option. If you are looking for a super fast trigger, the MPC might just be it.

 I have shot lots of rounds through this trigger. Even used it with my .22lr conversion. It has enough hammer energy to have reliably fired the .22lr rounds and anything else I ran through it, including steel case 5.56. The MPC feels exactly the same as it did new. I mention this because some other triggers I have used felt better after using them for awhile. I attribute the “feel” to the hammer and disconnector being plated in NP3. NP3, by Robar, is a Nickel Teflon coating that creates low friction and high wear resistance. Either way, it performs well.

 If you are looking for a new trigger for your AR style rifle, look into the Velocity MPC. I was really surprised at how well I like this trigger. Plus the added benefits of a longer reach and wider shoe make it feel much better than your standard trigger. Even though the price is a little higher than I would like, I think it is acceptable for the quality and options the MPC has. If you are in the market for an AR trigger, the MPC from Velocity Triggers might be the ticket.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

⅜” wide AR trigger with changeable shoes

Target Market:

Anyone wanting a better AR trigger

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • ⅜” Wide Trigger Shoe

  • Different Trigger Shoe’s available

  • 3 lb pull weight

  • Drop in installation

  • Crisp trigger break

  • Short reset

  • MP3 Coated

  • Made in USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

4 lb, Curved, Straight, Smooth, Serrated, Red, FDE, OD, Pink, or Blue

What others are saying?:

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Link to other reviews:

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Price point:

MSRP = $189.95

Retail = $172.99 at Brownell’s

I need it now! Availability:

Velocity or Brownell’s

Our Rating:


  • Changeable trigger shoes

  • ⅜” wide

  • Long trigger reach

  • Radiused

  • Short pull

  • Short reset

  • Easy installation

  • Finger stop

  • MP3 Coating

  • 100% made is USA


  • Only available in 3 and 4 lb configurations

  • “Velocity Triggers”  writing on trigger

  • Price

Score:  8.5 GREAT


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