N82 Tactical Original Holster Review


N8 Squared Original with Glock 19 Although my current geographical situation precludes me from carrying concealed, being a good American consumer, and a lover of all things gun related, I still get holsters every once in a while. Perhaps, it's just in case hell freezes over and NJ becomes a shall issue state, or maybe as a pinch of preparedness. Either way, just like my firearms collection, the handguns that I have holsters for are varied. Outside the waistband holster for the like of my Sig 226 and kydex IWB holster for my Glock 19 and now the N82 Tactical Original for my little J-frame or Glock 19.

N82 Original with SW Airweight

In carry philosophy, there are a few ideals which need to be lived up to in varying degrees. One is the concept of that the best carry handgun is the one you have with you, it is the one that you will have on your person every day no days off. This can be lived up to, depending on where you are located, where you travel, work, etc. Another one is more in the application of the holster. The weapons security is crucial in a defensive scenario. You could need to run, drive, or carry someone, basically anything that would require two hands in the middle of, or after, the shooting. For the very same reason you use a holster in the first place and carry it concealed, you want to carry that defensive tool in as safe and secure a manner as possible. What I am getting at is re-holstering ability. If you pocket carry with no holster, then it’s a moot point, but if you're carrying using a holster, the ability to re-holster that defensive tool could be a deal breaker in your philosophy of use.

To me, these are the two biggest considerations, aside from concealability, to consider when choosing a holster. A concealed carry permit does you no good if you can’t carry safely in all manner of dress or it is not comfortable and you leave it at home. So, to me, the consistency of your carry slightly edges out re-holster ability.

Something else that impresses me is the price. The most powerful impact of the concealed carry movement is that it re-took the right to self defense from the elite and rich and brought it back to the people. The affordable price point on the original design makes a very comfortable, secure carry system available to more people which, in my book, is a good thing. Put a used J-frame in this holster and for less than 300 bucks total you will have a reliable proven gun with great defensive loads in a comfortable, secure holster and, all-in-all, will be a system that can pretty much disappear on most people.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Concealment, Comfort.

Target Market: Entry level carry

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Suede leather backing
  • Neoprene midlayer
  • Steel Clip
  • Comfortable against the skin
  • Neoprene stops body oils and sweat from contacting firearm
  • Thin and minimalist design improves concealability

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: They make this same holster but with a different clip that makes the unit tuckable. They also make the professional line which is a polymer molded unit attached to the same comfortable platform. N82 products page

What others are saying?:

Big Tex Outdoors Youtube

Price point:

MSRP = $39 +9.50 shipping Retail = $39 +8 shipping at Tacdaddy.com

I need it now! Availability: You can buy these at the above mentioned sites and a quick Amazon search yielded two left handed models on there but no right handed models.

Our Rating

+-Comfort +-Concealability +-Construction

--No re-holster ability

Score 7.575


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N82 Tactical Professional Glock Holster Review

ProGlockmpactSubCompRtHnd By David Braaten

N82 Tactical is a holster manufacturer out of North Carolina and I have only ever seen positive reviews lauding the company's owners and holsters. Their "Engineered for Comfort" tagline pretty much summarizes their corporate philosophy when it comes to manufacturing holsters. Not shy of self promotion, the N82 website boasts that "The N82 Tactical Professional holster is the ultimate IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster. It has all the comfort of our Original design, but comes with the following additional features: Adjustable Cant, Tuckable, Excellent Positive Retention." While I agree with the 'Tuckable' part, I have had issues with the comfort, adjustable cant, and positive retention.

First, I do not find the holster to be very comfortable. The holster is extremely thick and rigid. If using it in the appendix position, you can forget about bending over. It is very large and awkward.

Second, if you don't like your cant constantly adjusting, this holster is not for you. Only 1 screw holds the clip to the polycarbonate shell. This screw loosens quite easily  causing the holster to shift. If you attempt to lock-tite the screw, you void your warranty.

Finally, the holster does not offer positive retention as advertised. In one of the promotional advertisements for this holster, a man was shown lying down on a couch taking a nap. This is a terrible idea in this holster especially if you have kids around. Several times when I laid down with the holster replicating their claims, the gun fell out of the holster. Due to the design, it only has positive retention when you are standing.

Due to the thickness of the holster back and hard polycarbonate shell, it will require quite a bit of room in the pants to hide this holster. If you are a stay at home mom or dad and practice home-carry, this is an ok option. I have found that I have to constantly readjust the cant due to the clip loosening. Furthermore, it requires frequent adjustment to my underwear as the holster literally pushes by briefs down.

Provided that you don't attempt to bend over or flex at the waist, this holster might work. Or, if your doctor requires that you be immobilized in an upright position, this might also be an option. Until, that is, your underwear starts sagging.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: "Engineered for Comfort" – N82 Tactical

Target Market: Concealed Carriers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Adjustable cant
  • Tuckable

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: This holster is available in black only.

What others are saying?: “This holster is so comfortable that I could take a nap with it on.” Said no one ever. Until now.

I do not recommend this. You can easily have a negligent discharge.” - nsz85, The Arms Review

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase the N82 Tactical Professional Glock holster from Voodoo Tactical, Tactical CW Gear, and directly from N82 Tactical.

Our Rating:

+ It's black and goes with everything.

- Non-retentive - Huge - Heavy

Score: 5.0 Mediocre50