Glocktech MIC Holster Review

20140727_174018 The Glocktech MIC holster is a zero bulk holster for deep concealment. The idea came about from a law enforcement officer in the mid 90s. Detectives and undercover officers were carrying their firearms by just sticking them in their waistband, sans holster. Mitch, the creator, says  there was a need for a safer alternative, without having to add the bulk of a full belt holster, and thus, the Minimal Inside Carry(MIC) holster was born. It is small, molded Kydex piece that is formed around the trigger guard and is available for 32 different firearms. It simply slips over the trigger guard and protects the trigger. On the front of the holster, just forward of the trigger guard, there is a hole with a cord through it. The cord wraps around your belt, then you stick the holstered pistol into your waistband. The cord that is wrapped around your belt does two things. The first concern of non-holstered carry is that your pistol could slip down your pants and out of your leg, possibly being kicked across the floor at the most inopportune moment. The cord keeps it from going too far down, and falling out. Its other purpose is to adjust carry depth. You can shorten or lengthen the cord by putting a knot in it. If you want it deeper, make the knot further from the holster and if you want it higher, put the knot closer to the holster.

Drawing from the MIC is a little different from a normal holster. You have to draw it with far enough to get the holster to detach from the pistol. It does take a little force, also, so you would need to pull the holster out more vigorously than you would a Kydex, leather, or hybrid holster. You can also draw it to where it is just out of your waist band, then push forward. This will free the holster from the pistol. Watch the video below for visuals of the drawing techniques.

Where this holster shines, is that you can quickly adjust its cant and position without removing a holster. If you carry on your strong hip, driving with a traditional holster can be uncomfortable, because the butt of the grip pushes against the seat and squishes the pistol into your side. With the MIC, there is enough flexibility, with the lack of clips, that it just simply gets pushed forward and makes driving armed incredibly comfortable. The downside to this is that when you exit your vehicle, you’ll have to adjust it back to your normal cant. If getting in and out of a vehicle all day, it may get a little annoying, but if you’re driving all day, it really makes it comfortable.


Another feature of the MIC is that the cord is heavy enough and the retention is tight enough that if your pistol is somehow knocked/worked loose from your waistband, it holds the pistol, instead of it just hitting the floor. It would be an awkward, and possibly illegal, situation, but at least your gun wouldn't be lying on the floor of the grocery store check-out line for someone else to pick up.

One last feature is that you can wrap the cord around the base of your seat in a vehicle and use the holster in the vehicle by jamming it in between your seat and console. The holster covers the trigger guard and also keeps the pistol from bouncing around in the event of a collision or a sudden stop. See Mr Colion Noir’s video for a better description.


Glocktech also offers an upgrade for the cord. They call it the Versa Cord. It is a heavier cord than the included one, and it is about twice the length. They advertise it for giving even more range of adjustment, and to also keep something covering your trigger when pocket carrying.

I personally think the MIC is a great holster, but I may be a bit hesitant to refer it to a new concealed carrier. The reason why, is that the handling pretty unorthodox.

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Claim to Fame: Zero bulk, concealed carry holster

Target Market: Concealed carriers and discreet law enforcement officers

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Zero bulk
  • Adjustable carry depth
  • Very versatile
  • Great for driving

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The MIC is only available in black, but, despite the Glocktech name, the MIC is available for many more firearms.

What others are saying?: “When you use a product like this, you have removed all the risk of this type of carry” –The Yankee Marshall

Price Point:

  • MSRP = $18.95 + Shipping
  • MSRP = $20.95 for MIC with Versa Cord
  • Retail = $22.99 with Free shipping

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase the Glocktech MIC holster from Amazon and directly from Glocktech.

Our Rating:

+-No bulk +-Simple +-Versatile +-Great for driving +-Inexpensive

--A little bit of a nuisance when going from sitting to standing

Score: 9.0 90

DPMS G2 Recon .308 Rifle Review

1888571_1430869157156551_1319482367_n By Steven Pope

After looking at several of the rifles on the market, I settled on the G2 Recon. Price was right and the options were good. And besides, somebody has to buy a first year model so the rest of you can find out if they are worth it.

I bought my rifle online, sight unseen, first time buying a gun of any kind online. So leaps of faith on two fronts here. No one near me had one, let alone knew that a new version was out, so it was purchased sight unseen.

I was pretty excited about it and could not wait to get it, and so far I am very happy with my purchase. I was/am a little leery about all the new design changes, but like I said, someone has to be the first so I gambled.

When I pulled it out of the box to do the pre-transfer inspection, I was quite pleased with the fit and finish. The lines were good, no gaps, everything fit nice and tight, like I would expect. The finish was flawless, basically it looked like I would expect a 1,400 dollar rifle to look.

After paying my $20.00 transfer fee, I took it home and proceeded to put three rounds through it because the sun was setting and I just could not help myself, I was so excited about finally having it. Then I went inside and did a field strip and clean. Again, nothing that I would not expect. Everything seemed to look good, fit good and function good.

The only issue that I have noticed is how the Nikon M-223 mount fits, either the mount is a little out of spec or my top rail is, as its on as far as my gun smith could get it without putting some real effort into it. As it turns out, its location is about where it needs to be, so I have not taken the time to look into it.

I purchased a few P-mags before the rifle showed up, and got them loaded up and ready to go. And so far, they have performed perfectly with no flaws at all. I have also emptied the factory magazine a few times and it, too, has been flawless.

This last Saturday I had about 45-min to an hour to go sight it in, so I took it out at last light and sighted in. Before I knew it, I had put a total of 50 rounds through this thing and they all functioned perfectly, no malfunctions of any kind.

All shots were made from a bi-pod under the front and a sand bag under the rear.

I was shooting hand loads that I developed for my 308 bolt rifle I use for hunting. The round is a 165 grain Speer BTSP over 43 grains of IMR 4064. In my bolt gun this combo gives me clover leafs at a 100 yards with a fully supported rifle. In the G2 we were close, but my shooting position is horrible, I am really hunched over the table. And that position really messes with how a short fat guy breathes, but it was good enough that I think I could come real close to duplicating those clover leaves, if I could get a good shooting bench set up. I seated the bullet to magazine length. I had zero feed issues, everything functioned perfectly.

After I got the scope sighted, I started plinking. I was having so much fun I did not realize that I had burned through all the ammo I had, I have never shot more than a box of 308 in one sitting so to go through 47 was a lot, but it was incredibly fun.

The recoil was very pleasant and easy to handle, which is good since one of the roles I hope this rifle will be able to fill is a hunting rifle for my son when he is old enough to hunt. The trigger is good, for me any way. I do not anticipate upgrading it.

On several forums, many people suggested that I skip the 16" barreled guns and go no less than 18", due to noise and muzzle flash. So I was kinda worried about the noise and flash when I was shooting the other evening. But, to be honest, I think my M&P Sport has more noise and flash than this does. I did not start shooting ‘til the sun was behind the closest mountain, making it optimal conditions for seeing muzzle flash.

After sighting in, I decided it was time to just do some plinking. I was surrounded by black volcanic rocks with lots of white stuff on them (no idea what the white stuff is) which made them perfect targets for the conditions. Let’s just say that if they had been deer or elk, I would have had a lot of explaining to do if Fish and Game would have caught me. There is just something cool about the sound of a bullet smacking a rock at 200-300 yards. Plus, for a guy like me, it feels good to have the audible feedback letting me know I really did hit the rock.

Overall, I think this is a well put together rifle that, so far, shoots very well.  Since sighting in, I am over 100 rounds and zero malfunctions.  The rifle is pleasant to shoot and just plain fun.

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Claim to Fame: DPMS claims that the rifle is lighter than previous versions. From what I have handled in the local gun shops that seems to be very accurate. This gun is light and easy to handle. Another point DPMS makes in advertising this rifle is the nice neat pile of brass that it makes while ejecting a spent case. I have found this statement to be understated somewhat.  While doing load development I discovered that the loads the rifle likes best seem to land in a circle less than a foot in diameter. For a reloader, this is a pretty good bonus.

Target Market: This rifle would be well suited for several applications, including hunting, 3 gun competitions and law enforcement/security.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • One of the major advertising points of this rifle is the compatibility with AR-15 parts from the mag-well back, fire controls and buffer tube.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The DPMS G2 Recon .308 Rifle is only available in black.

What others are saying?: “I'm surprised this hasn't been the talk of the semi-auto forum...i expect the snubs at M4carbine and lightfighter forums to pretend the earth hasn't shifted, but not here...

As much as i hate to parrot company line, I think DPMS has changed the game.

If the new GII rifles live up to DPMS's hype, and they aren't known for failures or quality issues, I believe DPMS will cause the market to change.

Even if there are teething problems, the 308 AR market will eventually follow DPMS's lead after some resistance and consternation of course.

I have two DPMS rifles...looks like I'll be adding one of these to my stable. I'm especially interested in the 20" hunter model...although it should have been designed with a threaded barrel.” - TX_Flyboy, Snipers Hide

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase this rifle from many retailers, including Bud's Gun Shop and Cheaper Than Dirt.

Our Rating:

+ Light + Good fit and finish

- New gun, Untested

Score: 9.5 AmazingAmazing

Maglite XL200 LED Flashlight Review

TJG Maglite XL200 Main I bought this light as my first carry light. I immediately loved it. My plan was to carry it in my back pocket, where I could easily reach it. The next day, while at work, I took it out of my pocket and it never went back in. It was a little too bulky for daily carry, but that’s not to say that it’s a bad light. It is very bright with an advertised lumen output of 172. The reflector is deep, which allows the light to throw the beam very far. I would say that the beam is usable to at least 75 yards. The user-interface is unique, though a bit odd. There is a single button on the rear of the light. To activate it, you press the button once, and it’s on. If you hold the button down, while also twisting the light in your hand, it will dim or brighten the beam(depending on which way you twist it) through the use of an accelerometer. ToTJG Maglite XL200 Button switch to other modes, you have to quickly tap the rear button differing amounts of times. Once for on, twice for strobe, three times for sleep(more on that in a second), four for signal mode, and five for SOS. The strobe have variable speeds activated the same way you dim/brighten the light. The sleep mode is a mode that leaves the light on your selected level until you set it down. Once it is still for a few seconds, the beam will dim to its lowest level. This could be used as a night light and locating the light in the dark. As soon as you pick it up, the beam goes back to your selected level. The SOS mode sets it to blink in the universal SOS pattern(3 long beams, 3 short beams, 3 long beams). The run-time is not great on high. I have never officially timed it, but it just seems to always die or be dim. Another negative would be that the light is completely round, so it doesn’t have anything to keep it from rolling off of a table. You can buy the Mini Maglite Accessory Pack and use the slip-on anti-roll head. This will also give you color filters, if you want. In the end, I would not recommend this light for carry, but as a relatively inexpensive, feature-packed light for all other occasions, I would recommend it.

 Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Compact flashlight that offers five basic, easy-to-use functions and stunning brightness.

Target Market: Sporting goods and general use

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product)

Key Features

  • Compact
  • Bright
  • Multiple modes
  • Motion-controlled power level
  • 3 AAA batteries

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? This light is available in black, red, gray, and blue.

What others are saying? “Leading the Maglite product line both in terms of function and performance, the XL200 is a great multi-purpose performance flashlight.” - Robin Wang, LED Resource

Price Point:

 I need it now! Availability: The Maglite XL200 LED Flashlight is available from Amazon.

 Our Rating: + Bright + Far reach + Somewhat inexpensive + Multiple modes

- Low Run-time - Strange user-interface - Rolls too easily65 - Somewhat bulky

Score: 6.5


LRI Photon Freedom Micro-Light Review

Photon Freedom

This light may look like a last-minute grab at the gas station check-out counter, but it is far from that! The Photon Freedom has proven to be an excellent light. It is very small and light, plus can be activated with one hand by a push button on the top. It is offered in the regular version and the “Covert” model. The covert model adds a shield around the LED to prevent spilling of side light. I chose the Covert model for that reason. Unlike most key-chain lights, it has an actual on/off switch, rather than just a momentary on. It is not incredibly bright, but very usable, when you need it. It will even dimly light up my neighbor’s yard from 

Photon Freedom Magnetabout 40 yards away just enough to make sure my dog isn’t wandering. When you hold the activation switch, the light will start on a very dim setting and ramp its way up to its max output. Once there, the light will flash once, to notify you that it is in max. If the light is on, it will do the opposite and get dimmer, once again, flashing when it’s at its lowest setting. Continuing to hold the button past the flash will start the light into its specialty modes. You can choose slow beacon, fast beacon, strobe and auto SOS by releasing the button once on the desired setting. You can even set it to momentary by rapidly pressing the on/off button 6 times. The light comes in many beam colors including white, red, blue, purple and even infrared. It also comes with a mount that has a clip and magnets for nearly unlimited hand-free placement options.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: U.S. Made, feature-packed Micro-Light

Target Market: Anyone and everyone! 

FNBs: (Features & Benefits of this product)

Key Features

  • Small & light
  • Multi-mode
  • Varying light output
  • Uses 2 CR 2016 batteries

Key Benefits

  • One-handed activation
  • Easy battery change
  • Comes with hat clip\magnet mount

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

The standard Photon Freedom comes in black and pink, but the Covert only comes in black.

What others are saying?

“A great little pocket light - put it on your keychain and you'll always have a light with you when you need it.”  - Flashlight Reviews

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:

Widely available! I purchased mine from

Our Rating For its intended purpose (always there EDC), this light is amazing

+ Small + Light + Always there + Multi-Function + Feature-packed + Easy battery change

Score: 8.585