Fortis REV Free Float Rail System review

Part of the beauty of the AR-15 platform, aka the modern sporting rifle, is just how many aftermarket products are available on the market. In the past few years literally hundreds of manufacturers offering thousands of parts have popped up all over the country; one of which is Fortis Manufacturing. In this article I'll show you my Fortis REV review of the 14’’ free float rail system. At first look, the Fortis REV is one of the sexiest free float rail systems I have ever seen. It’s minimal yet aggressive in appearance and has certainly been eye-catcher from the get go. The twelve and six o’clock positions are standard picatinny rails while three and nine o’clock use the keymod system. This makes the Fortis REV extremely versatile. Additionally, by using the keymod system at three and nine o’clock, the horizontal diameter has been trimmed down tremendously compared to standard quad rails. The supports connecting the rails are machined to look sharp, literally. The design concept is basically this: no unnecessary material, no unnecessary weight. That concept definitely holds true - I am reviewing the 14’’ rail system which weighs in at a mere 11 ounces.

Fortis REV with Noveske NSR covers review
Out of all of the rails I researched, one thing really stands out to me when it comes to the Fortis REV, besides the weight and free float design, and that is the grip capabilities. With the REV’s diameter being slimmer horizontally than it is vertically (similar to some Daniel Defense rails), the six o’clock position of the rail fits right into the palm of my hand. This allows me to have the most commanding grip I’ve ever been able to achieve with any other rail system, free float or not. The rail locks into my hand as if it has been duct taped together.

From a durability perspective, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Fortis REV. The fit and finish are top notch and the rail locks up tight on a standard barrel nut with a little bit of Loctite per manufacturer instructions. I used this rail in a couple of tactical AR training classes over the summer and did not experience any issues.

Fortis REV review lockupFortis REV review
Other features of the rail are (4) built-in anti-rotation quick detach slots. Additionally, even though the three and nine o’clock positions of the rail are keymod system, the end of each keymod sports a small picatinny rail section for mounting a flashlight or other picatinny accessory at the end of the rail. Below is a side by side photo of the Fortis REV 14'' with a Spike's BAR 12''.

Fortis REV with Spikes BAR review
Now that I’ve talked this rail up to be the best thing since sliced bread, let’s move onto some concerns. Like others amongst the AR community who have researched this rail, heat seems to be one of the largely discussed topics. If you take a look at this rail when installed, it appears that there would be little protection between the barrel and the hand that is gripping the rail. Personally, I’ve not had any issues, and I do consider myself to be heavy on the trigger, but I did want to mention it as I have heard this concern from other owners. Most of which purchased either a set of shooting gloves, or picked up the Noveske NSR keymod rail covers. I actually have the Noveske NSR keymod rail covers installed on my Fortis REV, but not because of heat issues. My reasoning is much less exciting: I just like the way they look.

Another concern I came across was in regards to locking system failures. The locking system of the rail is made up of (2) pieces that clamp together over a standard AR-15 barrel nut. Once lined up, there are (4) hex bolts to tighten down that will lock the rail down tight to the barrel nut. Fortis also recommends using blue Loctite on these hex bolts. The issues I heard in this regard are that the hex bolts would strip out. After a root cause analysis, it sounded like the issue came from the user using an extreme amount of torque which caused this issue. Bottom line: if the bolts are squeaking, aka screaming, it’s probably tight enough. Fortunately for the user that was impacted, Fortis’ superb customer service took care of him and sent him a new rail without fuss.

In summary, the Fortis REV is everything I had hoped for in a new rail. The size of the rail allows me to take a commanding grip down the muzzle which is great for rapid succession of shots. I don’t know of any other rail on the market that offers the versatility, durability, and ridiculously light weight solution of the Fortis REV. It’s great to see an American company build top notch products like the Fortis REV.

Fortis REV review install
Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame Slim profile free-float rail that is extremely durable light weight and locks up tight. Includes picatinny rails at 12 and 6 o’clock and keymod system at 3 and 9 o’clock – this allows the user to gain a strong grip on the rail for complete control of your rifle and compatibility with even more accessories than a standard quad rail.

Target Market This rail will be very attractive to many competition and 3 gun shooters due to its slim profile and extreme light weight but will also attract casual shooters due to its price, flexibility, and visual appeal.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product)

  • Extremely light weight
  • Versatile accessory options by using keymod and standard picatinny rail systems
  • Locks up tight on a standard AR-15 barrel nut
  • Backed by an American company who stands behind their products

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?   Available in 7’’, 9’’, 12’’, and 14’’ lengths in a variety of colors including black, flat dark earth, olive drab green, and coyote tan.

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Price point

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Our Rating

Picatinny and keymod rails making the REV compatible with a wide variety of accessories Very light weight. 14’’ model weighs in at a mere 11 ounces Compatible with a standard AR15 barrel nut Slim horizontal profile allows for a complete grip on the rail for outstanding muzzle control Anti-rotation tabs ensure the rail will not rotate during hard use 4 built in anti-rotation quick detach sockets Great customer service and warranty from Fortis

- Hex screws can be over-tightened causing them to strip during installation if not careful - Machining design exposes gas tube and barrel leaving fingers close to them

Score: 9.0