Nikon P223 3x32 Scope with BDC Reticle and P-Series Mounts

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One of the wonderful things about an AR-15 pattern rifle is the level of customization and variety you can get out of one rifle. To be fair, the shooting sports as a hobby is not a very affordable one.   However there are ways to make each dollar count. My AR has had the standard detachable carry handle and front post, a HI-VIZ front post, a Magpul MBUS rear, a co-witnessed cheap red dot, and now finally this beauty of a three power from Nikon. The value that an AR platform affords can be used to turn a carbine into a medium range precision rifle with the right glass. I currently shoot at a range that has a 200/300 yard section and I have been itching to use it.  However I am a ways away from being able to build a new long range shooter. This piece of glass is helping bridge the gap and reach out just a little 2

Glass is only as good as it can maintain zero and stay on the rifle, so mounts are an absolute necessity. The P-Series mounts are specifically designed for this and other scopes within this product line. I picked up the 1" version to fit my scope, however these are great mounts for other scopes and sights as well. Their two piece design allows for flexibility and mounting position.  In addition, the slide on and screw in method of mounting is rock solid.

The quality of these two products alone are great.  However, together the fit and finish of the final product make this a truly incredible value. Just about $200 for a quality piece of glass mounted and ready to roll is hard to beat.

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Claim to Fame: Nikon Quality and value.

Target Market: This price point is definitely targeting the entry level shopper, who's interests may be in medium range shooting, home defense, or 3 gun shoots.



  • Features
  1. BDC Reticle.
  2.  Large, precise “tactical” turrets that don’t require tools.
  3. Turrets can be reset to your zero making future adjustments a snap.
  4. Fully Multicoated Optical System for increased light transmission.
  5. Waterproof/Fogproof.
  • Benefits
  1. Price makes it accessible to most AR shooters.
  2. Fixed power reliability and size.


  • Features
  1. Two piece design allows versatility in mounting other optics.
  2. Available in both 1” and 30mm sizes.
  • Benefits
  1. Specifically designed to work with limited real estate on the barrel of the P223 3x32.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  None although based upon my impressions of this product I would imagine that the pricier variable power scopes in this line would be of equal optical quality. If a different power configuration fits your needs better, the full line can be found at  Nikon Sport Optics

What others are saying?

Price point:


For the scope itself you’re going to pay just a touch over $160 out the door depending on taxes in your area. But if you were lucky and/or stupid enough to brave the cold on black Friday Cabela’s was selling them for $99 bucks which I gladly paid for it.

MSRP - $149.95

Retail - $149.99


For the P-Series mounts it is the same story MSRP is what you pay, and that is $53 or so out the door.

MSRP - $49.95

Retail - $49.99

 I need it now! Availability: I see both of these products available all the time at the various Walmarts that I end up in. Currently it seems online availability of these products may be slightly limited, however that may improve after the holiday season.

Our Rating:


+ Price + Weight and feel + Awesome Turrets + Bright Glass + Durability

- I would have enjoyed a bit more eye relief. - Reticle a little small for my taste.

Score: 880


+ Price + Rock solid + Versatility + Ease of use

Score: 990

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