Taurus PT709 “Slim” Pistol Review

IMG_20140315_191701 By Justin Goodell

The Taurus PT709 is one of the first handguns I purchased because it fit my criteria: modestly priced, easily concealable 9mm for self-defense. This firearm has a 3.2" barrel, 6.24" length, 4.52" height, and 1.04" width. It weighs in at 19 oz. with an empty magazine. Capacity is 7+1. Sight system is 3-white-dot with a fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation. The magazine release is reversible for all of you wrong-handed people, but the slide stop and manual slide safety are not. It is a polymer/blued carbon steel hybrid, also available with a stainless steel slide. Trigger pull is officially listed as 5-7 lbs., and without the proper equipment, I am unable to quantify the trigger pull.

My wife and I have shot around 600 rounds through this gun so far, and I am pretty impressed with the product. However, she is not. She has fired around 200 of those and had 2 failures to feed and 1 failure to extract. I have fired twice the number of rounds and have had zero stoppages of any kind, but it's a habit of mine to strong-arm my handguns. It's possible that those failures have all been from not maintaining a solid grip.

On both sides of the grip frame, just forward and above the trigger guard on either side are little concave grooves. They are very convenient for a trigger finger rest for the dominant hand and the thumb rest for the off hand. They are perfectly placed for my average-sized man hands and assist in attaining the perfect grip consistently, draw after draw. Simple feature, but one of my favorites.

Another thing I would like to mention is that the white paint started to chip off the sights after about 3 months of daily carry with draw/reholster drills with a hybrid leather and kydex IWB holster a few days per week. I attempted to fill the recesses in with some florescent orange nail polish thanks to my wife, but the nail polish seemed to dry somewhat translucent. I removed the nail polish, applied the brightest white model enamel (like the stuff you paint model cars and airplanes with) I could find, and have not had another problem since.

I carry this daily inside the waistband in a leather/kydex holster by Shepperd Leather and have not had any issues with the gun, the holster, or any combination thereof. No accidentally dropping mags, no hang-ups, no sticking. Speaking of magazines dropping, the release is very low-profile but still easy to use. The shape and placement is perfect. The button only actuates when deliberately pressed, yet it's easy to do so.

Finally, the fun factor. I really enjoy taking this gun to the range! It's fun to shoot, makes easy follow-up shots, and is easy to clean, even at the range. It is my everyday carry pistol for now until I can afford to buy something that I can grow into, not out of.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: This gun is very small and thin, allowing a comfortable carry in the waistband or in a pocket holster.

Target Market: The PT709 is intended for concealed carry.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Competitive price
  • Manual slide safety if desired
  • Adjustable rear sight

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: The Taurus PT709 “Slim” is available in black and 2-tone with a stainless steel slide.

What others are saying?: "The PT709 has a bit of a "Glocky" appearance, with a lever in the middle of the trigger and a very Glock-like takedown lever/latch. It is also striker-fired, as is the Glock, but unlike the Glock the PT709 offers a double-action mode which allows you to attempt to fire a round that didn't go bang the first time." - Russ Chastain

Price Point:

I need it now! Availability: You can purchase this pistol from many retailers, including Bud's Gun Shop, Academy and Kentucky Gun Co.

Our Rating:

+ Price + Adjustable sights + Size + Weight + Feel

- 3 failures possibly from sloppy grip

Score: 7.575

Taurus PT 1911

Sam PT 1911

This firearm is slightly torn, torn between timeless design, and modern affordable production. On the one hand, you have a pure American classic firearm in the 1911 designed by none other than John Moses Browning and put into service in 1911. On the other Sam PT 1911 pic 2hand you have Taurus, a company that has been successful by offering cheaper alternatives to more expensive designs offered by other companies. Not to say they don’t make quality firearms, but suffice to say they are not always the most independent when it comes to design. As far as inspiration goes, they lead the way with the PT 1911 pistol. Taurus managed to cram a lot of features into a well-fitted and finished firearm that would normally go for twice as much money. A majority of people agrees that the value in this gun is tremendous, however there are some naysayers. You can find video reviews and blooper vids on youtube showing misfeeds and stove pipes. That’s all fine and dandy, but even the highest end 1911’s can sometimes have growing pains.

I took the plunge on this gun and have not regretted it one bit. It has been just as, if not more reliable than guns twice its price point. Granted if you’re a collector, none of this is all too impressive. The beautiful scalloped cocking serrations of an S&W E-Series, or the almost hand shredding checkering of a Springfield Armory TRP may draw you in more. However, for the budget conscious, or the person who simply wants a 1911 to fill that void, this is the gun for them. It sure was for me.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:  Value, finish and warranty.Sam Pt 1911 pic 3

Target Market:  The “Budget Conscious” and Tacti-cool crowd.



  • Front Strap and underside of trigger guard checkering.
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Front and rear cocking serrations
  • Flat and checkered mainspring housing.
  • Novak Sights
  • Taurus security system
  • Two 8 round magazine
  • Forged slide and frame
  • Great slide to frame fit.


  • Many features of much more expensive guns at a more accessible price point.  Money saved can go towards aftermarket magazines, holsters and ammo.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  I have the non-blued steel variety with black grips and no light rail. It comes in a variety of configurations including a really nice duotone that I was trying to hunt down before I called it quits and got this model. The product line also offers 9mm variants.  PT1911 Product Page 

Whatt others are saying?:

Price point: I purchased mine brick and mortar here in New Jersey and paid $560 this was a little over a year ago and was part of a two gun purchase so the manager gave me a little break on this and another handgun.

I need it now! Availability:  Not a rare firearm however if you are looking for a specific caliber or specific finishes it may take some hunting.

Our Rating:

+ 1911 Weight and Feel + Magazines + NJ and similar state compliant out of the box + Price + Feature Packed

- Ugly Hammer

Score: 8.585


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