Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo - LaserPET Electronic Target

Laser Ammo - LaserPET Electronic Target This is a great way to practice at home without shooting up your house. It’s pretty simple to use and comes with instructions(who uses them?) Shooting it with the Laser Ammo Sure Strike provides instant feedback if you hit it. It has three modes, all which can be used to improve your overall shooting. Using the hit counter mode you can work on your trigger control and it keeps track of your hits. The shot timer mode is for working on your quick draw/first shot from the holster. Lastly is the magazine change mode in which, you guessed it, you practice fast mag changes. One thing I found this extremely useful for is teaching new shooters proper technique in a safe environment. I’m sure you’re as at home on the range as I am but a new shooter may be more comfortable learning to “shoot” in the safety and comfort of their own house, away from other shooters. Most of all you don’t have to worry about be shot by an overly excited person waving the gun around because “They hit the target!!!” even though I still yell if I get swept by the muzzle. The only issue I had with the timer is that I tossed it on my bed with the tripod attached and folded underneath and it broke it open like a clam shell. It was a nightmare and a half to get it back together with how the buttons fit in it. After I got it back together I threw some super glue on it and it’s been good ever since. Granted, if I had removed the tripod I probably never would have taken it apart. Hopefully you guys will learn from my mistake. laser pet Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points Claim to Fame: Improves drawing, target acquisition, and trigger squeeze.

Target Market: Home defenders, police, military

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 1.8x1.8" laser sensor
  • Bright numeric LED display
  • Buzzer
  • Changeable target cards to modify target area size and shape.
  • Tripod and wall mounts
  • AAA Battery operated
  • Operational Mode: Hit counter - this setting will count the shooter's consecutive hits
  • Operational Mode: Shot timer / Fast draw - this timer will show the accurate time from buzzer to hit
  • Operational Mode: Magazine change - this mode will time the shooter as if they were changing a magazine and subsequently count how many times the shooter can hit the target within 5 seconds
  • Built in timer
  • Input for external sensor

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: It’s only available in one form, regular.

What others are saying?: “...improved my trigger control and accuracy 150%”- “Works with LASERLYTE Trainer Pistol Universal.” -

Price point:  MSRP = $119.95 Retail = $112.75

I need it now! Availability: Check your local gun shop or anywhere that has gun stuff. Or if you live by me, I’ll let you borrow it.

Our Rating: + 3 operational modes. + Multiple target inserts. + Standard tripod mount and wall mount. + Collapsible tripod. - Broke when I tossed it on my bed. - Hard to put back together if opened.

Score: 8.585