Boyds AT-One Stock

  If you have been around guns for any length of time, you have probably heard of Boyds gunstocks. They make laminate wood stock for just about every rifle, and in a bunch of patterns and colors. They sent me one of their new At-One stocks in "Blaze" for review.

  First off, let me mention that this At-One is for a Savage 93 in .17HMR. Boyds also makes this stock for just about any other popular rifle. I mention this because in my case, I had to order the bottom metal. Not a big deal, but a note to check and see. Otherwise, installation is super easy. Just take your old stock off, and install the At-One. One benefit of the At-One is that it free floats the barrel to help improve accuracy.

  As one can see, the At-One has some adjustments on it. The comb and butstock adjustments use a push button system that is built into the right side of the stock. Basically, just push the button, and slide the comb or buttstock to the position you want. The buttons do push pretty hard, but this is because Boyds doesn't want them to be pushed accidentally. The cheek riser/comb is an overmolded rubber and works well without having too much grip. The buttstock has a nice rubber buttpad bonded to aluminum for a stable platform. If you look at the stock, you notice that the pistol grip and foreend are plastic. It comes from the factory with a slimmed down version of both. But I was also sent the target versions of these. The target forearm is slightly wider and rubberized. The target pistol grip is fatter and has a flatter front. Both foreends come with 2 pre-installed swivel studs. To change them from one style to the other, just take out the allen head screws, slide the piece or pieces off and reinstall. The target pistol grip is a 2 piece design and has a seam where the 2 pieces meet, I would have liked it to be one piece so you don't notice the split. On the rear bottom of the stock is also a removable piece that has a swivel stud installed. as of this writing, no other pieces are available as options. To top all of this off, the stock has a quick connect swivel hole on each side slightly behind the pistol grip!

Target Grip

Standard Grip

Target grip behind standard grip

Target grip seam

Target foreend on top, standard below

  Being that the stock is made from laminate hardwoods, it is very stable. Laminate stocks tend to stiffen up the support that the shooter places on the stock. This can help with accuracy. Plus when mounting a bipod, the foreend will not flex as much. I did see slightly better groups when using this stock over the flimsy factory stock. I can consistently shoot under 1 moa with just about any .17hmr ammo. With the factory stock, some ammo would group about 1.5 moa. Because the At-One is laminate, it does weigh more than your factory stock. I actually thought this helped balance out this particular rifle.

Bottom view as received in standard configuration

  I found the At-One to be an excellent choice. It is not a chassis system, but it is about as close as you can get for only $189. My preference was to use the target foreend and the standard pistol grip. When letting my daughter shoot the rifle, it was easy to adjust the length of pull shorter for her. So if your looking for something different in a stock, take a look at the At-One by Boyds. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Adjustable Laminate wood stock

Target Market:

Those wanting a solid adjustable wood stock

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Laminate Wood
  • Adjustable Butt pad
  • Adjustable Cheek rest (Comb)
  • Quick Attach Sling points
  • Interchangeable Grip
  • Interchangeable Forend w/2 swivel studs
  • 12.5" to 14" Length of pull
  • Weighs 3 lbs

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Coyote, AppleJack, Zombie Hunter, Sky, Pepper, Royal, Royal Jacaranda, BlackJack, Forest, and Nutmeg

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Price point:

MSRP = $189.00

Retail = $219.99 at OpticsPlanet

I need it now! Availability:

Boyds Gun Stocks

Our Rating:


  • Adjustable comb

  • Adjustable length of pull

  • Good stable shooting platform

  • 2 swivel studs (one for bipod)

  • Sling swivel sockets

  • Optional pistol grip and foreend

  • Free floats barrel


  • May need bottom metal

  • Target grip is 2 piece design

Score: 8.5 Great



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