Lucid L7 1-6x24 Rifle Scope

   Now that the review of the Lucid L5 4-16x44 is done. It is time to move on to the L7 1-6x24. The L7 is Lucid's quick adjustable, True 1x to 6x power optic. Lucid was kind enough to send me the L7 when they sent me the L5. 


  Lucid's new L7 optic comes with some pretty nice features. First up, it has a one piece 30mm tube that allows plenty of light through the 24mm objective lens. Second up, the variable power adjusts from a true 1x to a usable 6x. The L7 also comes supplied with an optional throw lever to adjust zoom. If you opt for the throw lever, just install it with the supplied allen wrench. The L7 uses Lucid's P7 reticle set on the second focal plane. At 1x, one can use the scope as a pseudo red dot. Except the L7 has an illuminated blue inner reticle, yes Blue. I found the blue to be an excellent choice. I was able to pick the reticle up on all different color backgrounds. When it's not illuminated, you will see the full MOA etched reticle, so even if you happen to have a blue target, it will still be noticeable. The marks on the reticle are spaced at 8 moa apart. If using on a 5.56/.223, they really don't allow for bullet drop. But if using something big and slow, like the 300blk subsonic, they work quite well.  The throw between 1x and 6x is about 180 degrees. The MOA reticle is calibrated to the 6x magnification setting. 

Reticle Illumination

208gr .300Blk. 50 yd zero at 6x

Standard 5.56 55gr. 50yd zero at 6x

  Now, my favorite thing about Lucid scopes is the adjustment knobs. To adjust the reticle up/down or left/right, one must first pull up on the adjustment knob. Then turn it, and push it back down. This locks the turret from moving. The turrets have a very nice tactile click to them. On the L7, each click is 0.5 or 1/2 MOA. To set the turrets to zero, just loosen the screw with the supplied allen wrench, pull up even farther, turn to zero, push back down, and tighten the screw. Next to the turrets, on the left side, is the brightness knob. It also holds the CR2032 battery. There are 11 brightness adjustments. I would have liked the reticle to be brighter,  because in daylight it is hard to see the illumination.  

  I mounted the Lucid L7 1-6x on a 16" AR. Which is really what the L7 was primarily designed for. The first thing I noticed was how clear the optic was. I have seen 1-4x optics in the same price range that aren't this clear! The scope also comes with flip covers. A nice touch, but the covers are pretty flimsy. 

  Lucid has done a reasonably good job with the L7 1-6x24. It is very clear, has Lucid's excellent knobs, has blue illumination, and is a true 1x. They only thing I would change, is the MOA hash marks. Maybe make them 2 or 4 MOA apart to better work with the 5.56/.223 cartridge. Give Lucid Optics a look, they may have something worth sighting through. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Quick adjust 1-6 power optic with blue center illumination 

Target Market:

3-gunners, hunters, Law enforcement, or anyone wanting a quick adjustable low power optic. 

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • True 1-6 power
  • 30mm tube
  • 10.75" long
  • 20.4 ounces
  • Waterproof  
  • Fogproof
  • Shockproof up to .458 SOCOM 
  • Multi coated optics
  • Illuminated P7 etched reticle
  • 1/2 moa adjustments
  • Lockable turrets  
  • 60 moa adjustment range (Each side of center)
  • Comes with Flip caps
  • Lifetime Warranty

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

None available 

What others are saying?:

Kurt at Optics Planet. 5/5 stars

Outstanding Optic

I wanted a 1-6x optic that wouldn't break the bank but also wouldn't be something that I knew was "cheap". A friend suggested the L7 and even after reviewing the website I still had some questions. A quick call to Lucid...and a chat with the president of the company, answered them. When the optic arrived, I was glad to see that it felt solid and rugged and wasn't something that would fall apart if it got a few dings and scratches. The glass is clear and the reticle is crisp. A word about the reticle...I like how the various steps on the "ladder" are a fixed distance so not only does it operate as a BDC, it also will function as an ersatz range finder.

Link to other reviews:

Major Pandemic

Price point:

MSRP = $449 at Lucid

Retail = $389 at Amazon

I need it now! Availability:

Lucid, Amazon, or Optics planet

Our Rating:


  • Blue Illuminated Reticle
  • Clear Glass
  • Good Light Transmission
  • Turret Locks
  • Reset to Zero Turrets
  • Target Turrets
  • Tactile adjustment clicks
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Included Throw Lever


  • 8 MOA elevation marks

  • Illumination could be brighter

  • Flimsy Flip Caps

Score: 8.0 Great

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