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It's about time we take a look at an often neglected piece of gear that makes such an impact on how to carry yourself, as well as your firearm. I'm talking about belts, and I'll admit that I had been wearing a sad excuse for a leather dress belt everyday even when concealed carrying. That belt, which probably cost me under $15, was sagging badly after just a month of use. When it sagged under the weight of my handgun, I would just resynch it higher and tighter even if it was uncomfortable. I just didn't know any better.

Luckily I saw the light, as a belt manufacturer sent me an actual gun belt to review.Bigfoot Gun Belts is a new company specializing in premium high quality gun belts. Hidden in the Pacific Northwest and embracing the Sasquatch culture, the company claims "Bigfoot may be difficult to find, but tracking down a quality gun belt has never been easier." Similarities drawn between their product and the creature itself are  1) They’re both born and raised in the Inland Northwest, 2) They are both unbelievably strong, and 3) They both smell... Bigfoot reeks of tree sap and sweat, and their gunbelts smell like genuine cowhide and rich dyes. While its an unconventional marketing angle, I find the tongue-in-cheek brand statements from this new company to be a refreshing change in an industry saturated with puffy chested soldiers of fortune or clueless models with horrible trigger discipline.

Currently at the time I'm writing this review, Bigfoot's Untamed series features three different belts: the 14oz Leather,14oz Leather + Steel Core, and 18oz Leather + Steel Core. The steel core belts feature a core of stainless spring-Steel embedded between two layers of English Bridle leather. Much like the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 Holster, the addition of a spring steel core provides added strength to retain the belt's shape without adding excess rigidity and thickness. This core reinforces the leather and keeps the belt remaining level around your waist even with a holstered gun pulling down on one side, which is ultimately leads to sagging and a premature death for every other gun belt over time.

The leather craftsmanship is noticeably fine on the Bigfoot Gunbelt, as its double layered, drum dyed, stitched with military-grade thread (Tex 270), and beveled, burnished, and painted on the edges for a smooth uniform finish. Honestly this is one of the first belts that looked just as nice on the inside as on the outside. The extra care and craftsmanship to the edges and the stitching lead me to believe this belt won't fall victim to layer separation as my other belts, or degradation of the underside that compromises the top finished layer.

The hardware on the Bigfoot is nickel plated for corrosion resistance, and the roller buckle was chosen to allow the belt to effortlessly ‘roll’ through your buckle without superficially marring the leather at all. While I'm not a huge fan of roller buckles, because of the loose jingle when not fastened around your waist, its ease of use and low impact on the leather's surface are hard to not love. If you're the kind of lad or lady who has a lucky belt buckle you cannot live without, good news! The Untamed Gunbelt has two easy to use snaps that release the roller buckle and let you install your own buckle. Just be warned, it's lucky longevity will be tested now that it's on an authentic gun belt built to last.

Now that I've worn a Bigfoot Gunbelt everyday for over a month, I've since retired my other belts to keeping sleeping bags rolled up in storage. As someone who carries a firearm for security and confidence in the real world, I'm really glad I've finally experienced a secure belt that keeps my pants up better than ever before. The steel core of the 14oz Leather Untamed Gunbelt adds robustness and retain the original vigor of the belt. Whether your everyday carry is inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or you have the legend Sassy himself as your bodyguard but need to keep your britches up, give the Bigfoot Untamed Gunbelt a try. You really don't have much to lose, as every Bigfoot Gun Belt is backed by a 7-Day Test Drive and Legendary Warranty, meaning if you’re not fully satisfied by this beast of a belt, send it back to Bigfoot for a full refund.

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Claim to Fame: The 14oz. Leather Gun Belt provides superior support to your everyday carry. Once you feel the strength of this gun belt, you’ll never want to wear a regular belt again.

Target Market:  Concealed Carry and Open Carry

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 1.5 inch width
  • 14oz. of leather cut to the exact specifications of carrier
  • Military-grade polyester thread (Tex 270) stitching
  • Two layers of English Bridle leather
  • Nickel-plated roller buckle w/ two sturdy snaps
  • Snaps provide an easy way to switch out their buckle for another within seconds
  • Triple Edge Finish: in-house bevel, burnish and paint
  • Once assembly is complete, our iconic Bigfoot logo will be pressed into the inside of your leather belt.
  • 7-Day Test Drive and Legendary Warranty - ( if not satisfied, send it back for a full refund)

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, or Rich Brown

What others are saying?: "A new gunbelt I recently purchased is superb, so I thought I'd mention it here. I was in the market because I felt like I needed a thicker and stiffer gunbelt for open carry purposes, than the 1.5" Galco horsehide gunbelt that I was using.

Bigfoot Gun Belts has a new technology for gunbelts in that it has a steel core between 2 layers of high quality bridle leather. I ordered the 14 oz. with steel core version in brown (they make the same belt without a steel core, and also an extra heavy 18 oz version with steel core). The picture below shows what the steel core looks like.

What I was impressed with is that the inside surface of the belt is finished with the same quality as the outside surface; and the steel core really helps to keep an open carry pancake holster tight against the body. Bigfoot gunbelts is a newish company in Northern Idaho, and the price for a top quality gunbelt with steel core is less than competitor's similar belt without steel core ($59.88 + shipping). Also, they bevel the edges smooth after putting the 2 layers of leather together--a nice touch. The thickness of the gunbelt is ~1/4" and it is 1.5" wide. Great belt that will last for decades." - SilencerTalk Forum User

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Bigfoot Gun Belts

Our Rating:


  • Leather grade is impressive
  • Edges are treated to prevent wear and deconstruction
  • Inside is given as much care and quality as outside
  • Tapered belt end makes easy for pant looping
  • Two snaps make it easy for different belt buckle options
  • Steel Core models hold their shape longer than any other belt


  • Roller on buckle is the only part of the belt I think could be built better, but I'm splitting hairs

Score: 8.0 Great

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