AmmoBot MK1 Autoloader Review

About me: A far cry from some other reviewers, I do not use this machine in any business capacity. I'm an avid USPSA and 3-gun competitor, and shot approximately 25K rounds of 9mm and 5K rounds of .223 this past 2015 season - all loaded on my S1050, pulling the handle manually. Here are one shooter's thoughts so far...

I'm really enjoying my AmmoBot. I've not had it terribly long, but long enough to know I should have bought it sooner! Overall, it's incredibly simple to set up and operate. I'm far from a mechanically capable person, so when I had a few sub-basic questions, the owner was very responsive and helpful. I think I was up and running in under an hour after unboxing the gear.

I've had the occasional hangup while running, but really, nothing would have been different than if I was still pulling the handle manually. One 9mm case somehow got on to the shell plate upside down from the case feeder. At the resize station, the decapping pin poked right through the primer, but when the die made contact with the case, the machine stopped and when it sensed a short stroke, halted. At that point, I took the case out of the priming station since it hadn't been swaged, and moved the rest back one position. The case that was in the crimp station did get pushed into the completed cartridge bin, but was easy enough to find and put back to the correct station to be completed. That's a lot of words in a big paragraph to talk about the details of one of the only stoppages I've had in my first 6K rounds of 9mm loaded in the last month.

Also, at first I was a little nervous about the handle left on the machine and in full swing. I was put at ease quickly during my first session loading. I basically stand one step to the left of the machine watching the powder drop, to know for certain it's reaching full stroke, and watching to verify bullets are not dislodged between the dropper and rotating to the seating station. I've lost probably 5 or less bullets (out of 6,000) and because I was in place to see it, hit the hand-held stop button so I could hand place a bullet before the downstroke for seating was completed. I've run the machine at almost 2200 rounds per hour, which really tired my eyes. I typically run between 1600-1800, have no issues at that speed, and it's easy enough to stop if something looks "off".

The second reason I was happy that the handle was still in place was this past week, when I decided to shoot in the limited division for the first time in two years, but had no ammo loaded. Since I haven't received my Mr. BulletFeeder .40 conversion yet, I was able to pull the handle manually and load enough ammo for the match. It's also helpful to have for set up and tuning the powder drop before getting in to a full loading session.

It was actually a Brand "M" auto-drive that initially got me wanting one. It looked fancy, cool. The more I researched though, the more the AmmoBot stood apart in many ways. The infinitely adjustable speed for one, not using one of three pre-set speeds. The ease of use was the second thing. Sometimes you want to pull the handle for one reason or another and not let some computer take the feel out of the system. Finally the incredible value in the AmmoBot. At the current price point, I was able to purchase the AmmoBot and 22,000 of the 9mm projectiles I shoot in matches for the price of the other autodrive I considered.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. The owner of the company is incredibly responsive and helpful when questions arise, and the fact that they are constantly developing new advancements and offer them as retrofit purchases to current users speaks volumes for their customer service.

*Note: The "owner" Alex is referring to is Jason Pruett.  He's not the owner, but is the person that interfaces with the customers.  There are several individuals on the AmmoBot Crew.  Everyone contributes and does a really good job of making Jason look good with the customers.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Great value, easy to set-up and operate automation machine for Dillon Super1050 reloader without making permanent modifications.

Target Market: Competitive shooters, bulk reloaders, small to medium Ammo companies

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Easy set-up: Up and running in approximately one hour.
  • Easy to use: no complicated programming needed at all.
  • Smooth operation: more consistent and accurate ammo produced.
  • Save your rotator cuff from pulling the handle thousands of times per month.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Comes powder coated Dillon Blue to match your machine and accessories.

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Price point:

MSRP = AmmoBot MK1 $1,195  + $1,739 for the Dillon Super 1050 + $469 for the DAA Mr. Bullet Feeder = $3,403 total

Retail = Starting at $2,995 at Immortal Arms for complete packages!

I need it now! Availability: 3-4 week lead time.

Our Rating:


  • Value, one of the least expensive autodrives available.
  • Ease of use
  • No modification to your Dillon Super 1050 at all
  • Infinitely adjustable speed controls
  • Incredibly consistent ammo product. (Extreme spread reduced from avg of 15-20fps to 5.5fps)
  • Speed - Load upwards of 2200 rounds per hour! If you can keep up filling the components.
  • Constant Innovations: Dual speed control to separate forward and reverse; .45ACP small primer detection and flipper; quieter drive motor.


  • A little loud, but I wear ear phones and listen to gun podcasts while loading. **New version of drive motor has significantly reduced noise.

Score: 9.0 Amazing

Alex Melnichak - Immortal Arms - Purchased 8/10/2015, Reviewed 11/27/2015

To contact the author Alex, feel free to visit his competition shooting page on FaceBook.