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John_GunVise_2The Tipton Best Gun Vise has been a great addition to my shop. It has made cleaning my firearms much easier. It was designed to be able to be used with a wide array of firearms. You can handle everything from your break action shotgun to bolt action rifle to AR style rifles. I use The Tipton vise for cleaning and maintaining all of my bolt action rifles. After I finally picked up one of these, I couldn’t imagine not using it. The back section has an adjustable clamp and you use to lock onto the rear of the stock to hold the firearm secure while the front notch holds the front of the firearm still. You can swap out the center rest from a magazine style holder that will allow you to work on your 1911.

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Claim to Fame: Clamps in many different  firearms so you can work on them easier.

Target Market: Hunters and gun enthusiast.

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Accommodates wide range of firearms
  • Non marring surfaces
  • Solvent resistant
  • Adjustable

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Available colors are white with red pads or white with black pads. The “white” is actually more of a grey.

What others are saying?: “The Tipton vise is well thought out, accommodating virtually any size gun and simplifying tasks such as cleaning, mounting hardware, adjusting sights. The only improvement I could suggest is making it easier to clamp the vise onto the workbench when using a sight drift, cleaning with a bore brush, or doing other jobs that require some measure of force to be applied to the firearm.”

Price point: (MSRP versus actual retail)

I need it now! Availability: Order from Amazon or find it at your local hunting supply store.


Our Rating:


  • Adjustable
  • Light Weight
  • Solvent Resistant


  • Flimsy Clamping (The clamp mounts bow out easily)
  • The Plastic tabs like to come out of the track.
  • Can be a pain to get it assembled for the first time.

Score: 7.5 Good75


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