Guntec 9mm Bolt Carrier Group

 I was in the process of putting together a pistol caliber carbine or PCC for short. So of course I needed a bolt. I contacted GunTec USA since they had recently come out with a 9mm bolt. They were kind enough to send one out for review, along with a 9mm compensator for the same build. I have reviewed other GunTec products in the past with good results.

 This review will probably be on the shorter side, after all it is a bolt carrier group (BCG). The GunTec 9mm BCG has a very nice QPQ Nitride finish. This makes cleaning a little easier than a standard run of the mill Mil-Spec BCG, plus it looks nice. Another function of the Nitride finish is it’s smoothness, if that’s a word. When I installed the GunTec BCG, it cycled very smoothly. This could also be due to the fact that the exterior machining on the bolt is top notch.

 The GunTec bolt has pretty much all the features one would need for this type of BCG. It has a roll pinned in weight to add mass. This makes it possible to run a standard weight buffer in your recoil system. The bolt is heavy at almost 15 ounces, but this is needed for the straight blowback style action used in most 9mm PCC’s. I did run into a small problem that was probably my OCD. Where the gas key block is located, right behind it on the bolt, was a little raised area. When I cycled the upper by hand, you could feel it drag against the buffer tube, but only right at full extension of the charging handle. It however did not cause any wear or problems during use. I smoothed them out so I felt better. Other than my OCD, the bolt has ran flawlessly using the Stern Defense mag block and all different types of glock magazines. The gas key bolts are staked in. They could be a little more, but since it is really only there to manually cycle the firearm, I didn’t pay much attention to them. The BCG also uses an external extractor. A big plus if you actually shoot enough to wear it out.

You can see here where I polished off the small lip.

Same lip on bottom of bolt. Neither top or bottom lip actually affected function.

 I am not sure how many round that I have out through the BCG. But it has not failed me so far. I would estimate around 700-800 round through it at the time of this review. I have ran it with three different AR15 triggers. A mil-spec, a KE arms, and a Velocity. All worked well. The Velocity was on the light side of the trigger pull weight, so I took it out and am currently running the KE arms trigger with good luck.

 If you are in the market to assemble a pistol caliber carbine, take a look at GunTec. PCC’s are an economical way to practice. This 9mm BCG will do both styles of receivers. It has given me no problems and is made right here in the U.S.A. Go take a look at GunTec USA, they probably have everything needed for a PCC.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

9mm AR bolt for Glock or Colt style magazines

Target Market:

Those building a pistol caliber carbine

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Compatible With Glock & Colt Style Lower Receivers

  • MIL-SPEC 8620 Steel

  • External Extractor

  • Dust Cover Compatible

  • Total Weight : 14.9 Ounces

  • USA Made

  • Fully Heat Treated

  • QPQ Salt Bath Nitride Finish

  • 1 Year Warranty

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

In Nickel Boron

What others are saying?:

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Price point:

MSRP = $159.00

Retail = $135.99 at OpticsPlanet

I need it now! Availability:

GunTec USA or OpticsPLanet

Our Rating:


  • Drop in installation

  • External extractor

  • Nitride coated

  • Works with Colt and Glock style magazines

  • Works with standard AR15 hammers/triggers

  • Made in USA


  • Slight raised lip by gas key

Score: 8.00 Great


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Crosman MAR177 PCP AR-15 Upper Receiver Conversion Kit


Crosman MAR177 PCP

Have you ever considered a conversion kit for your AR-15 platform rifle or carbine? Perhaps a 22LR kit that snaps onto your lower receiver and allows you to shoot the economical 22 Rimfire. How about a conversion kit that shoots an even more economical round and keeps your guns clean?

Let me preface this with telling you that I am NOT the target market for this conversion kit.  This product is designed for the precision rifle competition shooter, so from my point of view the price point was a real shocker at first. However, I do see value in more than just a competition setting. This could be a really good training option for any AR-15 shooter. I would compare it to a 22LR conversion in some ways. Yes, it’s more expensive, but the ammo is way cheaper than even 22LR. You can purchase 1,250 (177) caliber pellets for about $14. So over time you may break even with a 22LR conversion kit. One of the big benefits of an air rifle upper is that they are very CLEAN, you will rarely, if ever, have to clean this. Not something you can say about 22LR conversion kits.  My one big issue is that fact that you have to manually charge the action every time you take a shot. I’m sure this is not an issue for the intended users since they mostly shoot bolt guns in small bore competitions. Overall I'm very pleased with this conversion kit, it leaves a smile on my face each time I shoot it.  Whether you're training for 10-meter rifle matches, plinking cans or shooting apples, I would recommend taking a serious look at the Crosman MAR177.

Claim to Fame: The MAR177 conversion kit replaces your existing AR-15 upper receiver and converts it into a PCP(Pre Charged Pneumatic) .177 caliber competition air rifle.  Designed to support 10 meter match air rifle competition.

Target Market: The MAR177 is built for National Match Air Rifle competition shooters

Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • Match grade accuracy
  • Ready for competition out of the box
  • Meets the National Match Air Rifle competition requirements
  • More range time - even indoors
  • Low noise and minimal recoil
  • Up to 120 shots per fill

Key BenefitsCrosman MAR177 PCP Pop Cans

  • Practice with your competition AR-15 Trigger Group
  • Use the same lower, stock and pistol grip of your AR-15 Rifle
  • It’s possible to put an optic on the rifle
  • Very accurate
  • Affordable clips $14.99

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? Only Black

What others are saying?

  1. Review by Jim on Crosman’s product page - “I sold off one of my NM uppers to buy this air rifle conversion so I could train in the off season. The cost was a little high but well worth it. I pinned the rear sight and now it works a lot better. The winters are not going to be as boring as they used to be. Thanks for a really good item.”

  2. Review by “The Truth about Guns”

Price point (MSRP versus actual retail)MAR177 PCP 177 Clip

MSRP = $650.00 from the Crosman Corporation

Retail = $600.00 on Pyramyd Air Gun Mall

I need it now! Availability In stock at the above places as well as: for currently $600

Our Rating If the price point was a few hundred dollars less I would give this 9 stars out of 10 since it would open it up to the 22LR conversion market with comparable price points.

+ Rifled Lother Walther steel barrel + Good alternative to a 22LR conversion kit + Fun to shoot + Very accurate for even a rifle noob like myself + Velocity up to 600 fps + Built in pressure gage

- Very heavy and bulky - Must be charged from a scuba tank or a VERY high pressure hand pump (1,000 to 2,900 psi) - Expensive


Score (7.5)

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