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Magpul MS4 Single QD GEN2 Sling

It's no secret that I'm a Magpul fan. Hanguards, stocks, grips, you name it - most of their products have become the bar to which other competitors are measured, and thats a widely held opinion - not just my own.  That said, I've actually never tried one of their sling products before, but have tried many other lower cost slings on AR-15 and AK47 platforms. I used to think a sling was pretty basic and ubiquitous, not something worth spending more hard earned money on if they serve the same function and don't get much use shooting from the bench anyway. That is, until I picked up the MS4 Dual QD Sling GEN 2.

Magpul's Multi-Mission sling was designed to give a versatile weapon-retention solution for a multitude of tactical environments and missions. The MS1 sling system started as a dedicated two-point sling that also works as a one-point sling when using optional adapters. As a standalone product, the rapidly-convertible MS3 allows an operator to leverage the maneuverability of one-point attachment for direct action, or two-point attachment for stability. Single-hand adjustments and quick-release, positive-locking hardware provide flexibility and durability in a truly adaptable sling system.

Used in conjunction with the Magpul ASAP® plate (sold separately), the MS3 enables seamless transitions into an array of shooting positions without getting bound or fouled. The MS3 concept allows switching from Weapon Shoulder to Reaction Shoulder for shooting around corners, under vehicles, or to minimize exposure. The MS3 can also increase operator survivability by keeping the weapon in the fight in case of injury to the operator's shoulder, arm, or hand. The MS3 GEN 2 incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust Slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit with all body types and armor configurations.now features QD swivel mounts on both ends, with QD sockets on a D-Ring allowing for quick transitioning between one point and two point configurations.

Some rifles are more comfortable to carry slung over the shoulder or across the back, but single point slings are better for when the firearm needs to be at the low ready. The modularity of this sling system, coupled with it's simple one handed length adjustment, make it nearly perfect in my mind, and easily worth the investment... especially if you have multiple rifles, shotguns, carbines, or other firearms that all have QD sling attachment points. After my first, I had to pick up about 3 more of these in each color because I like each of my rifles to have a dedicated sling that flat out works and will outlive me.

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Claim to Fame: The MS4-QD GEN2 is designed for easy, rapid convertibility between one-point and two-point mode.

Target Market:  Modern Sporting Rifle owners, Military / LEO, 3-Gun competitors

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Heavy-duty push-button QD sling swivels for both one and two-point attachment
  • Durable, precision-cast, Melonite finished steel QD D-Ring allows for quick transition from one to two-point mode
  • D-Ring finished with Melonite for resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Custom 1.25 inch wide nylon webbing material is wear resistant and anti-chaff
  • Low-profile adjustment Slider for adding or removing sling tension with a single-hand
  • QDS Sling Mounts compatible with buttstocks, end plates, receivers, and hand guards that have a QD sockets as well as the Magpul ASAP®-QD, RSA®-QD, MSA™-QD, and shotgun Forward Sling Mounts
  • Colored webbing has Near Infrared (NIR) treatment to reduce IR signature

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: Black, Stealth Gray, Coyote, Ranger Green

What others are saying?: "In training we used a "cheaper" sling and I'm glad the Magpul sling feels nothing like the Blackhawk slings. It is much easier to adjust for first time setup and during use. The components are high quality and look great on my S&W M&P 10." Amazon User Review

"Very nice sling!!!! I have been shopping slings for years til i found this one. Awesome Single and Two point sling fulfills all firearm sling needs in one easy to use very adjustable sling. One hand quick slide adjustment make the transition from single to two points seamless and easy. Outstanding MADE IN THE USA Magpul high quality. It may be a bit pricey but in my opinion VERY worth it." Amazon User Review

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Brownells or local gun shops

Our Rating:


  • One handed adjustment is easy without lengthy tab or loops to pull
  • Perfect for rifles with QD in stocks and on handguard
  • Quality steel parts, no rubbish plastic to wear out quickly


  • Price is steep compared to most other slings (but well worth the quality IMHO)

Score: 8.5 Great

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For FFL services I choose Promised Land Firearms in Toulon, IL.

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