North American Arms .22 LR Mini-Revolver

NAA .22LR Mini Revolver

By Ryan Michad

You can get many accessories for this gun, including a belt buckle holster and a folding grip/pocket clip to carry the revolver. If you live in an area where snakes are prevalent, you can load the revolver with shotshells to take care of those if the need arises.. The sights really aren’t that usable. This is truly a point and shoot weapon. It’s effective distance is typically no greater than ten feet. It is slow to reload, requiring you to pull the cylinder pin out and remove the cylinder. Then you have to punch out the empties manually with the cylinder pin. If you don’t have a proper hold on it, the gun tends to roll back in your hands on recoil.

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Claim to Fame:  An EXTREMELY small single-action .22 LR revolver meant for deep-concealment.  Can also be used as a backup gun or a fun range gun.

Target Market:   Concealed Carry Permit Holders, Hikers, Police Officers desiring a small last ditch gun.

F&B's: (Features and Benefits)

Key Features

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Single-Action
  • Chambers .22 Long Rifle
  • Holds 5 rounds
  • Exposed Spur-type Trigger
  • 1 ⅛” Barrel
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces

Does it come in black?   The NAA Mini-Revolver comes only in stainless steel.  There are other distributor-specific models that may have varying finish types.

What others are saying:  “I literally had a blast testing the little mini-revolver. I fired a couple hundred rounds through it. This was not all in one session, as loading and reloading are slow. I fired four different types of .22 LR ammo and had zero failures to fire. ” -Survival Blog

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  These can be found at most gun shops and on Gun Broker.

Our Rating:

+  It is an EXTREMELY small pistol.  It can be carried in a shirt pocket without any trouble, and allows you to be armed when it would          not be possible otherwise. +  Even though it is a small handgun, it is not cheaply made. This is a quality handgun and it shows. +  It is very corrosion resistant thanks to its all stainless steel finish. +  It has safety notches in the rear face of the cylinder that allow you to carry the gun fully loaded with the hammer down, safely..

Score:  7.575 


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