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A coat hanger… Not that exciting, except this isn’t your normal coat hanger. It’s been designed specifically for plate carrier/body armor. You can use it for other heavy gear, anything that has straps. You could hang ropes up. Or even pull ups with its over 150lbs weight rating.

Much like everything that’s great, it was born out of necessity. An Army veteran came up with the idea for this because all of the alternatives weren’t cutting it. He put his product on kickstarter and raised over $17,000 of his $11,000 goal. Clearly he wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good idea.Tough-Hook-1-284x300

After talking to my friend who’s a veteran, it seems the go to for storing body armor is either in a corner on the floor or tape three coat hangers together to hang it up. On top of being over engineered with its tough I-Beam construction, it has flared ends to keep shoulder straps from falling off.

“That’s all cool but what about carrying to my car, or wherever I’m gonna move it to?” you might ask. They’ve got you covered. Instead is having to hold onto the hook with all that weight they’ve integrated a handle on the underside of the hanger. And because of that, it's usefulness doesn't end at the closet. You can use it to carry your gear to the car, range, work, or wherever you think you want it at. All you have to do is spin the hanger inside the vest and you have a nice, wide grip to carry it with. It’s just like carrying a briefcase, except it contains SAPI plates instead of documents.

The only thing I wished this had was an accessory hook. As it is, you’d just have to put your ears or gloves on your vest or in a dump pouch.


Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Holding/transporting plate carrier/body armor.

Target Market: Military, LEOs, home defense, anyone who owns plate carrier/body armor

FNBs (Features 'N' Benefits):

  • Comes in a variety of colors to match your plate carrier
  • Built in carry handle
  • Made in the USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Green

What others are saying?: 

Price point:

I need it now! Availability:  Amazon is the best bet because you can get free shipping with Prime.

Our Rating:

Pros + Our Rating + Handle for carrying + Wide to prevent strap deformation + Tough as H*** + Inexpensive + Army veteran created + Made in America + Lifetime Warranty

Cons - No accessory hooks/attachment points - Very Specific application


Score: 9.0 Amazing 90