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Bacon Grease Gun Lube by The Shooting Chef Review

BACONGREAE As a competitor shooter, making sure that gun shoots every time I pull the trigger is super important. Proper lubrication will keep rust away and will allow the gun to cycle easily even when your loads are not consistent.  ).  One guy mentioned his new gun smells like Bacon, another mentioned his dog went crazy over his range bag. I was thinking to myself, are they really using bacon fat? Or maybe grease left over from frying bacon for breakfast?


After getting to know the guys I asked about it and learned that Bacon Grease is a gun lube made of a blend of synthetic and natural ingredients created by one of the top shooters in the area, Ken Cobb (USPSA Master in Open & limited, IDPA Master in 3 divisions).  This lube is not just for competition shooters, it’s also for your AR15 and your home defense Desert Eagle (what? Do you have anything smaller on your nightstand?!)  The manufacturer promises that “a thin coat of this clear grease will repel moisture and prevent rust”.  In my experience at the last state match, my Glock 34 went through 300 rounds 2 days in a row without a single hiccup while others had malfunctions all around me (yes, even Glock shooters).  Oh, in case you didn’t figure it out by now, IT SMELLS LIKE BACON!!!!  I thought it’s better than the usual motor oil fragrance…

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Claim to Fame: “The best lube you will ever use on your firearms”

 Target Market: Firearms owners

 FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 15ml in a syringe tube
  • Pressure Resistance
  • Blend of synthetic and natural ingredients
  • Anti-shear properties, which make it ideal for rails and lugs
  • Repel moisture
  • Prevent rust

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Only comes in Bacon scent.

What others are saying?: This product had been a well-protected secret used among some of the top USPSA/IDPA shooters and they swear by it.

Price Point: 

I need it now! Availability: Readily available on-line at stores like Big D Armory.

Our Rating:

+_Works very well to provide smooth repeatable action. +_Prevents Rust +_Priced Reasonably +_Did we mention IT SMELLS LIKE BACON!

-_Not everyone likes the smell of Bacon (Who are these people?!) -_Drives the dog crazy

Score: 9.0 Amazing90