Bushnell Pro 50 Lumen Flashlight

Written by: Zane M.

  If you listen to the podcast, you probably know by now that I’m a fan of having a really bright light. This isn’t one but that’s not it’s purpose. I originally picked up the bushnell pro 50 lumen pocket light for administrative purposes when burning the battery on my 800/1000 lumen light just wasn’t necessary. It uses a single AAA battery and battery life is decent. The light is small, almost too small but is still useable. The light sat in my pocket for a few years and had that been all it done this would have never been written.

  About 6 weeks ago I lost this $15.00 light and didn’t think anything of it. I figured I’d replace it and move on with my life. Then about a week ago I was mowing my gun range and found it, on the ground, packed with dirt. I knocked the dirt out and set it on the shooting bench and finished mowing. Since it was also raining the light got cleaned naturally if you will. For some reason I decided to click the tail switch before I threw it away and it came on. 5 weeks in the elements and this this was still ticking.

  If you’re looking for a cheap admin light for simple tasks this might be the light for you. 




It’s a light. Nothing special 


Anyone who needs a admin task light 


  • CREE LED technology
  • Momentary On switch
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Pocket Clip
  • Impact-resistant construction
  • Powered by 1 AAA battery (Duracell battery included)
  • Tested to ANSI FL1 Standards: 50 Lumens, 2 hr 15 min Run Time, 32 M Beam Distance, 2 M Impact Resistance
  • Durable and uses AAA batteries 



What others are saying?:

From Walmart.com

Excellent Quality

Average rating:5out of5stars, based onreviews


by Charles

This was a Christmas present to me from my Uncle and I've had for over a year. This flashlight is perfect to carry on you. With it being metal, it lasts longer and the clip in very nice and has a sturdy design, not easy to break. The flashlight is very nice especially because it only takes one AAA battery and you rarely need to change the battery (depending on how often you use it). This f This flashlight has a LED so, you never have to worry about replacing it. It is perfect for if you're looking for something in your car at night or just walking through your house at night. It is very small and can fit in any pocket. I highly recommend it because if you ever need a flashlight, you've got one in you pocket that is very bright and very small.

Price point:

MSRP = ???

Retail = $15.00 - $34.84

I need it now! Availability:

Amazon or Walmart

Our Rating:


  • Durable
  • Cheap
  • Uses a single AAA battery


  • Dim
  • Small 

Score: 7.0 GOOD


Bushnell AR 3-12x40 Scope

bushnellarI purchased the Bushnell AR scope because I needed an optic for local 3-gun matches and varmint hunting. The scope had everything I was looking for at a very inexpensive price. I opted to purchase a Bushnell because I have not had any problems with any products that I have used from them. This includes some of their low end scopes and some higher end ones. bushnellbdc

The scope was mounted on my AR in a Warne RAMP mount and it fit perfectly. Once sighted in,  I tried out the BDC reticle with some 55gr ammo. I was only able to try the drop compensators at 200 and 300yds, but they seemed to be accurate enough. The BDC is calibrated for your standard 55gr ammunition, but should also work adequately with 62gr ammo. The BDC reticle is to be zeroed at 100yds and then has dots for 200, 300, 400, & 500 yard drops. The 600 drop mark is where the line gets wider (think duplex reticle). I would have liked it better if Bushnell had put a dot at 600. I use heavier bullets and just plugged them into a ballistic program so that I know what the drops actually are in comparison.

This scope has some nice features. For one, it has resettable target turrets. Once sighted in, you can take the supplied allen wrench, loosen up the screw on the top of the turret, pull the knob up and turn to zero, and push it back down, then tighten up the allen screw. The AR series scopes also have a side parallax adjustment,  which is very nice when adjustment is needed while looking through the scope. I found the scope to be very clear for the price, especially at the lower settings. After adjusting past about 11x it gets a tiny bit blurry around the edges. The eye relief must be more precise at the higher magnification also. The reticle is calibrated at the highest (12x) magnification also, but I didn't have any problems seeing any targets at this magnification.

Now for the things I didn't like about this scope. It is heavy, weighing in at more than 21 ounces. It is definitely noticeable when mounted. The target turret clicks are a little bit mushy. But I really didn't expect any more at this price point. The scope is also long at 12". Not unmanageable, but it could be shorter. The other notable dislike is the small blurriness around the edge at higher magnifications.


Even with the flaws mentioned above, I do like this scope. It has the right features at an excellent price. It can be used with both eyes open down at 3x and can magnify smaller targets at the 12x setting. If you're not concerned about weight, this could be a good scope for your next AR.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Inexpensive Tactical scope for AR style rifles in .223(5.56)

Target Market: Those looking for a decent inexpensive optic with some higher priced features


  • Drop Zone 223 BDC reticle
  • Side parallax adjustment
  • Reset to zero adjustable target style turrets
  • Second focal plane
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • 1" tube diameter
  • Length (in / mm): 12 / 305
  • Drop Zone-223 BDC Reticle
  • Field of View (ft@100 yds. / m@100 m): 33/8.5@3x / 11/2.5@12x
  • Adj Range in@100yds/ m@100m: +50 / 1.3
  • Weight (oz. / g): 21.3 / 604
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 13.7@3x / 3.7@12x
  • Eye Relief (in / mm): 3.7 / 95
  • Click Value in@100 yds / mm@100m: 0.25 / 6.95
  • Power / Obj Lens: 3-12x 40mm

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? None, Comes in Matte Black only.

What others are saying?:

Bryan on Amazon: 4 out of 5 stars

Pretty good scope: Install and zeroing were pretty easy. I bought this and the Millett 1 piece mount sold as a combo here on Amazon. The mount allowed forward offset to improve eye relief on my flat top AR. Eye relief (real world) is around 4 inches. The eyepiece is large and the optics art crisp. Both eyes open works great. Not as crisp as the Nikon I have in the same price range but acceptable. There is both a focus and a parallax adjustment to make sure you get the cross-hairs in sharp focus which is nice. The turrets are a little mushy and don't give good tactile feedback but are acceptable. The zoom has no stops which I don't really like and it's pretty high effort which may be the price for a weather seal on this scope. Adjust zoom requires a firm grip on rifle because even with bipod, you need good leverage to change it. So far, it has held a crisp zero through 40 shots and the MOA system is nice for no shoot ranging. This is a good varmint scope IMHO. If it stays as good as it has been while new, I will be very happy.

CavScoutDM on Brownells: 5 out of 5 stars

Great scope @ Unbelievable price: I mounted this scope on my just finished 24" Long Range AR15 and I couldn't be happier. Repeatable, clear, and the BDC works great with just a little practice. Bushnell hit a home run with this one, I just wish I'd seen the 18X as I would have bought it instead of the 12X. No matter though as I said before they knocked it out of the park with this one!

Price point:

I need it now! Availability: Amazon, Brownells, or your local gun shop.

Our Rating:


  • Side parallax adjustment
  • Target style turrets
  • Reset to zero turrets
  • Good glass clarity at most magnifications


  • Heavy
  • Long length
  • Semi-mushy turret clicks
  • Not super clear at 12x

Score: 7.5 Good75


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