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There is not much to say about this product besides that fact that it works and fixes one of the only problems I’ve had with my 625 JM from Smith and Wesson. Utilizing moon clips on rimless cartridges in revolvers increase the reliability and ease of use. The standard procedure utilizes metal moonclips, and even with special loading and unloading tools can prove to be a hassle. Don’t get me wrong, these moonclips cannot replace standard metal moonclips for defensive or competitive applications. These moonclips however will greatly improve the ease of use and will certainly save you some troubles.

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Claim to Fame: Increases Range enjoyment and ease of use, replacing an aggravating original part.

 Target Market: This product is best used for the range shooter of a Smith and Wesson revolver that can utilize these moonclips.


Key Features

  • Flexible Molded Polymer
  • Made of high strength hydrocarbon polymer
  • 300-400 uses, durability
  • Easy Loading

 Key Benefits

  • Saves thumbs and headaches
  • Increase reliability

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?: They make this same product for other Smith and Wesson Moonclip capable revolvers as well.

What others are saying?:  With the exception of one reviewer on Brownells everyone has great things to say about them.

Price Point:  These are available online through the manufacturer or from Brownells. They have the same price on both sites but I am unsure of the shipping costs from the manufacturer since you must create an account to use their online store.

I need it now! Availability:  You may be able to acquire these at a very well stocked local gun store however I have never seen them. If you must have them ASAP pay a bunch and have them overnighted by Brownells but other that that your at the mercy of shipping.

Our Rating:  This is a killer product saving my thumbs and sanity every time I use them. They are simple and do their job well.

+ Cost + Fixes a “problem” + Ease of use + Quality

Score: 9.090 Amazing

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