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Ares Armor Gavel Ambidextrous Safety Selector


IMG_4456When I got the Ares Armor Gavel out of the package I realized that there were two different sized safety selectors. I also noticed the sprocket design that allows the user to mount it at an angle that is easy and comfortable for them. As long as you can take something apart and put it back together you should have no problem installing this on your own rifle. It even comes with the tool to screw it together (as it should). Once you have the shaft installed then it’s time to figure out how you want it set up. The safety selectors can be mounted in 30 degree increments and they’re swappable.

IMG_4457I liked having it mounted so that when it was disengaged, the selector was vertical. I can manipulate the small one with my dominant hand so I like to have the larger one mounted on my offside. I found it to be easier to use with my offhand. It’s also designed to be a short throw safety selector. You only have to actuate it 55 degrees instead of the regular 90. The only thing that I didn’t like was that the safety selectors were made of polymer. I’m sure that they’re strong and will last for a long time, it just takes some time to get used to. I have recommended it to everyone I know with an AR and some friends without one.

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Claim to Fame: Ambidextrous short throw safety selector.


Target Market: Anyone with an AR-15  or AR-10

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product) Made of lightweight polymer. Shorter throw than regular safeties. 100% American made Many angles to set it to user preference.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? It’s only available in black. why would you want it any other way?

What others are saying? “...I'd suggest it to those building a lower or looking to upgrade their current set-up. ”-Zog117 “...overall an excellent upgrade…”-Hunter

Price point (MSRP versus actual retail) IMG_4454MSRP = $40.00 Retail = $40.00

I need it now! Availability: Either try eBay or grab one from

Our Rating (What we say about it) + Installation is super easy + It comes with the necessary tools to install it + the piece that goes inside your AR is metal + Ambidextrous + Different sides are interchangeable and one is smaller than the other + Quicker to disengage the safety + Many angles to mount the safety selector - Actual safety selector made of polymer, feels cheap(performs great though)




Score 9.0 Amazing