California Competition Works 12 Gauge Speed Stripper Review

California Competition Works 12 Gauge Speed Stripper With all the pistol and carbine mag pouches out there on the market, a lot of people forget about a carrying system for the largest and clunkiest of the munitions, the 12 gauge shotgun shell. Instead of fishing around a dump pouch or pocket blindly for shells chaotically, there are belt caddies available to hold shells in the same direction, and in an easily accessible way. The lest expensive option I've found is the California Competition Works 12 Gauge Speed Stripper. I bought a couple of 4 round strippers while there are strippers with 6 packs available. You know what I mean. The caddy can hold 2 3/4" and 3" shells and its quite robust, the metal clip on the back is extremely rigid. Luckily the supplier offers the same caddies with different backing systems. The only downsides are the shells rattle quite, and when you are running/active with only 2 or 1 shell left in caddy it is likely to come out. As a beginning 3 Gunner looking to accommodate shotgun shells onto their belt, look no further than these from California Competition Works.

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Claim to Fame: Provides controlled carry of 12 gauge shells for fast, fumble-free reloads.

Target Market: Bird hunters, Skeet/Trap Shooters, 3 Gun Competitors

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Available in either 4 or 6 round configurations
  • Belt Clip ride height is adjustable (only 2 positions)
  • Multiple mount options available through
What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Black, Coyote Brown, & Orange

What others are saying?: “Works well in Practical shooting. Capacity of four definitely the correct size for me, as four rounds is the maximum I can hold in my hand while feeding my gun. Comes with two spacers to adjust the stripper for different length of cartridges. You have to use both spacers with extra short rounds like S&B Practical Sport. With one spacer extra short rounds can fall off. This also means that the stripper doesn't cope well with mixed length rounds. Few downsides though: - Rattles which prevents hunting usage - If the stripper is not packed full, remaining round(s) may fall off while moving. This limits tactical usage, if there's a need to feed only one, two or three rounds into the gun. All in all a simple, rugged and very good product." - puppe user, review

Price Point: Retail: $25.99

I need it now! Availability: Readily available at Brownells

Our Rating:

+-Retains 4 shells securely and easy to load up +-Price is under other competitors, easy to afford multiples +-Includes spacers to accommodate 2 3/4" shells --Metal Clip on back is overly rigid and extremely hard to clip on belt. --When caddy is not 100% full (-1 or 2 shells) remaining shells are able to fall out during rapid movement --Shells rattle loudly in caddy (using spacers and 2 3/4" shells) which may spook some game during hunting

Score: 8.0 Great