Smoke Composites Carbon Fiber Buttstock

  As previously mentioned in the Smoke Composites foreend review, they are making some awesome carbon fiber parts. Carbon fiber seems to be taking the AR market by storm. Probably because of it's characteristics. Since they also sent me a buttstock for review, it's time to talk about it. 

  The buttstock Smoke Composites sent is their carbine length. It is a very minimalist style. The stock consists of a tube, a buttpad/plate, lightweight castle nut, and a carbon fiber endplate. Also to note is that this stock is their closed style. This means it has an attached support piece that goes from the bottom of the buttplate up to the stock. The support piece also has 2 small M-lok slots to attach items such as a QD sling mounts. I believe this is an option and the standard closed stock does not have these slots. Smoke Composites also offers the stock in an open profile, with no support piece. One advantage to having the closed style is that brush, barricades, etc., do not hang up on it like the open style could. I will note that besides being super light, this stock is strong. I even beat it on a concrete floor to simulate mortering the rifle. All it did was put a slight scuff mark on the buttplate. 

  I don't know how they do it, but the attention to detail on this stock is spectacular. The screw threads on the aluminum piece, that is installed in the receiver, are beautifully machined. Then pair that with the lightweight aluminum castle nut, which is also excellently machined, and you have a working piece of art. Smoke Composites also sent their carbon fiber end plate. It, by itself, weighs nothing. But I would like to see a bump or something on it to index into the receiver. The end plate does have the index for the buffer tube groove, but it wanted to move a little bit when torquing down the castle nut. The top of the aluminum section also has "Smoke Composites" laser etched on it. 

     Now that the stock has been explained, it's on to a few specs. When I weighed this thing, it came in at 4.9 ounces, with the castle nut and carbon fiber endplate! The open stock weighs a little bit less. The length of pull is 9.5", which I have discovered seems to be about on par for these style carbine stocks. It uses the standard carbine spring and buffer, which are not included. If you know anything about carbon fiber, I don't, it is made from 35-50 carbon fiber. If nothing else, the stock pattern looks really slick. A rubber buttpad can be had as an option, which would help with the buttplate not being so slick. One neat add on is the ability to order a custom length of pull for an extra $35.

  If you're in the market for carbon fiber AR part, do take a look at Smoke Composites. This stock is great for functional lightweight builds. It comes in various options and lengths. Plus you'll have the coolest looking rifle at the range. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Lightweight carbon fiber minimalist stock for AR style rifles

Target Market:

Lightweight AR builders, 3-gunners, and anyone wanting a super light buttstock

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Lightweight at 4.9 ounces with castle nut and endplate, 4.6 ounces alone
  • 9.5" length of pull
  • 35-50 Carbon Fiber / 7075 Aluminum construction  
  • 1.11" outside diameter  
  • M-Lok compatible  
  • Closed shoulder plate
  • Uses standard carbine buffer and spring
  • Custom length of pull ($35 extra)  

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Open style: short pull or rifle length

Closed style: short pull or rifle length with or without M-lok slots

What others are saying?:

Mike on Facebook: 5 stars

Ordered a stock from them, and let me tell you: It's absolutely a work of art in and of itself. Perfect in fit and finish, and there's nary a flaw to be found... It's crazy. On top of being ridiculously, almost impossibly lightweight, the stock is tough as hell. Easily the best, most well made piece of equipment I've ever had the pleasure of owning. Beyond the actual product quality, I got the thing within 4 days of ordering it - who could ask for anything better?

 Seriously: If you're on the fence about buying any of their stuff, don't be - it's too good to not get.

Link to other reviews:

None found

Price point:

MSRP = $221.00 as tested

Retail = $189-231

I need it now! Availability:

Smoke Composites 

Our Rating:


  • Super light at 4.9 ounces
  • M-Lok slots
  • Closed shoulder plate
  • Not your typical carbon fiber look
  • Nicely machined threads and castle nut
  • Strong
  • Great looking
  • Custom length available  


  • Carbon fiber endplate has no index bump
  • Does not come with buffer or spring
  • Slick buttplate

Score: 8.5 Great


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