KE Arms DMR trigger

  KE Arms has been bringing out some useful products for the AR 15 style rifles. One of those is their DMR trigger. It seems that everyone has been coming out with AR triggers lately. So what makes the DMR different? Well, lets see if I can help answer that question. 

  Everyone seems to want the best trigger they can get. I am no exception. The DMR trigger does a fairly good job in the cost per performance category. When I received the trigger, the pull weight measured 4.25 lbs. KE Arms states it as a 4.5 lb pull, with an adjustable reset. The reset adjustment also adjusts the pull weight. So if you screw out the adjustment, you get a lighter pull weight and a lighter feeling reset and vice versa. So if one wants a really positive reset, it come with a harder trigger pull. One can actually adjust the trigger pull low enough so that the trigger will not reset. My trigger had an adjustment from about 3.25-6.5 lbs. I set it at 3.75 lbs because the reset was still acceptable to me. 

  The DMR trigger is of the drop in design. I did have to remove the safety to install it, but for anyone familiar with the AR 15, this is pretty easy. To install the trigger; remove the old one, remove the safety, drop the DMR trigger in, slide the new provided trigger pins in. Reinstall the safety. And then tighten the 2 set screws,  these put pressure on the trigger pins to hold the trigger in place. Now you can function test the trigger. You can view the installation instructions here: DMR Trigger installation.

  One of the things that makes the DMR good, is its feel. I liked the shape and feel of the trigger shoe. It is curved, but not as much as a stock trigger. It has basically no noticeable take up. A crisp break, with very little over travel. The reset however is a little gritty and somewhat kind of mushy. It is however a very short reset, so unless you are resetting the trigger extremely slow, you will probably not notice. The reset feels this way even if it is adjusted for a stronger pull/reset, it is just harder to notice because of the greater force of the reset. 

  The only problem with the DMR trigger, is that it would not consistently set off .22lr. About 1 in 10 would not fire because the hammer didn't have enough force to set it off. Imported steel case 5.56 ammo worked fine, as did all the other ammunition I put through it. So I wouldn't recommend it as a duty trigger. But for anything else, it works great. I would probably also recommend some sort of anti-rotate pins, just in case the set screws that hold the trigger in place come loose. 

  As for KE Arms and their DMR trigger, it falls in line with other manufacturers in the same price range. I would not recommend it for a duty rifle because of the lighter hammer energy. But the trigger feels good. It is no 2.5lb trigger, but it was not designed to be. The pull weight felt lighter to me than it actually measured. If your in the market for an AR trigger, the KE arms might be what your looking for. 

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame:

Drop in single stage trigger for AR 15 style rifles.  

Target Market:

Anyone looking for a better AR 15 trigger. 3 gunners, target shooters, sportsman, varmint hunters, or anyone who wants to upgrade their trigger.   

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • 4.5 lb adjustable reset
  • Drop in installation
  • Melonite coated
  • Crisp break
  • Minimal over travel
  • Single stage
  • Made in USA

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Black Melonite

Titanium Nitride

What others are saying?:

Awesome trigger 5/5 stars from Jared B on

I now have 3 of these triggers for my AR10 & AR15, Im super excited got ammo now carries these because they're right down the road from me. I also own a Velocity trigger and I like these much more, the break is super clean & the adjustable reset is awesome!!! no complains here. 

Link to other reviews:

The Truth about Guns

Price point:

MSRP = $169.95

Retail = $154.95

I need it now! Availability:

KE Arms or sometimes Amazon

Our Rating:


  • Adjustable pull weight / reset 
  • Crisp trigger break
  • Virtually no take up
  • Very little over travel
  • Easy installation
  • Allen wrenches included for adjustment and installation 
  • Made in USA  


  • Rough / mushy reset
  • Not enough hammer energy to consistently set off .22lr 

Score: 7.50 Good


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