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FNX 45 Tactical has a few slight modifications from the FNP it is based on. The FNX uses different magazines and frame slide and barrel are all tweaked enough parts are not interchangeable. The FNP was designed for the Joint Combat Pistol trials in 2006 some of the requirements of it are: chambered for .45 ACP, having an integrated Picatinny rail, including day/night sights, a high capacity magazine, and being capable of accepting a suppressor. Understanding that the FNX design sources form those requirements, we have the really cool FNX 45 Tactical.

On paper this gun is fantastic it is fully ambidextrous is suppressor and slide mounted optics ready right out of the box with 15 +1 capacity of 45ACP. In the really nice case the gun comes with 3 mags and 4 different blackstraps but only 2 sizes the others are in an alternate texture.

The FNX comes standard with 4 magazines, differing backstrap sizes and textures and a case to carry it all.

The FNX comes standard with 4 magazines, differing backstrap sizes and textures and a case to carry it all.

The FNX is a hammer fired double/single action gun with a decocker that is activated when the safety is pulled below the fire position. The FNX shoots like a dream with the incredibly smooth smooth trigger pull and aggressive stippling to maintain a good grip in adverse conditions. The FNP/FNX 45 tactical was one of the first guns to come from the factory ready to accept slide mounted optics. Having worked with a slide mounted red dot on the FNX I have become 100% sold on slide mounted optics this is a feature all handguns need to start offering. With 15 round 45ACP mags we come to the highlight and glaring flaws of this gun.

You can see the comparison in weight between the fully loaded FNX 45 Tactical and a GI style 1911 pistol.

You can see the comparison in weight between the fully loaded FNX 45 Tactical and a GI style 1911 pistol.

The fame is too weak with a good grip on the frame it will flex just enough to hinder the magazine from dropping free. Cold weather also causes the frame to shrink enough to prevent the magazines from dropping free. There is a video on Youtube of the frame flexing like silly putty in summer heat. I have not experienced that degree of flexing but just enough to cause issues when using the gun in competition. Also in some circumstances magazines bind when loading. The bind issue is caused when the magazine is inserted at a slight twist to the frame or at a slightly forward cant the front of the mag will catch on the magazine release assembly. To some people issues changing mags are not a deal killer but in competition where seconds count having to go back to strip the empty from the well before reloading and the possibly of a mag hangup upon reinsertion just wont fly. In the days where the experts still teach the crush grip as proper technique this kind of flaw is unacceptable on a gun that will be used as anything beyond just a range toy. I want to love this gun for its unique and forward looking design but the fame/magazine issue relegates it to being an extremely overpriced toy.

Video review of the FNX 45 Tactical

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: High capacity, optics, and suppressor ready handgun.

Target Market: Military, Enthusiasts looking for an optics and suppressor ready handgun.

Key Features:

        Operation: Double-action 10lb /Single-action 3.5lb

        Magazine: 15 rds.

        Weight: 33.3 oz. (empty) 33.75 oz (with red dot) 44.95 oz (loaded with red dot)

        Barrel Length: 5.3″ (with .578x28 RH barrel end thread pattern)

        Overall Length: 7.9″

        Raised night sights for suppressor use

        Two interchangeable backstraps

        MIL-STD 1913 accessory mounting rail

        Fully-ambidextrous decocking/safety levers, slide stop lever and magazine release

        Includes two mounting bases for optional red-dot electronic sights

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available? Flat Dark Earth, Black

What others are saying?: "Accuracy, reliability, ergonomic excellence, fifteen round capacity, tritium sights and suppressor-readiness makes the full-size $1300 FNX-45 Tactical a superb value. This is my first FN firearm. Based on my experience with this one, it won’t be my last." - Jon Wayne Taylor, The Truth About Guns

"FNH set out to create a tactical marvel, instead they created a gun with an incredible amount of personality, ease of use for a hammer-fired gun, shoot ability and an extensive cool factor at a price that isn’t cheap but very competitive. The FNX-45 Tactical is a home defense powerhouse if you push it to its tactical potential by adding a light, RMR and suppressor, and I think it’s one of the coolest full-sized .45 ACPs on the market today." -Colion Noir, Americas 1st Freedom

Price point:

MSRP = $1,299.99

Retail = $1,050+

I need it now! Availability: Available from many retailers and Gunbroker.

Our Rating:


        Optics ready

        Suppressor height night sights (dual color)

        Threaded barrel

        High capacity 15 +1 45acp

        Full ambidextrous 

        Great fit and finish

        Fantastic case



        Weak frame

        Magazine catch

        Magazine availability and cost

        Requires custom mag holders

Score: 6.0

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