Hipertouch EDT3 trigger

The Hipertouch EDT3 trigger from Hiperfire is their newest addition to the duty line of AR15 triggers.  The EDT3 stands for Enhanced Duty Trigger cubed, It is also their 3rd addition in the Duty Line of triggers.  Hiperfire manufactures triggers for AR15 and AR10 style rifles.  Many of their triggers are used in 3-gun competitions, but this line of triggers is more aimed at law enforcement, military or anyone wanting a better trigger with the same reliability as a stock trigger.

After receiving the EDT3, I promptly installed it in one of my AR's.  Installation was extremely simple.  Basically, if you can install a stock trigger, you can install this.  The EDT3 also came supplied with a tapered installation pin.  With the pin, once the trigger assembly is dropped in the lower, all you have to do is push the install pin through the hole and follow it up with one of the supplied trigger and hammer pins.  Once installed I noticed the trigger was far better than the stock one.  Hiperfire did mention that this trigger tends to need about 200 presses before it smooths out.  I did notice it smoothed out, but it was quit good to start with.

Now for the good stuff.  The EDT3 has 2 different stated pull weights, 4+ and 6+.  Now I say "stated" because the pull weights I got were different.  Also, because theEDT3 has a unique trigger shoe, pull weights vary depending on where the trigger is being pulled.  The EDT3 comes with 2 different color hammer springs, a Red and a Green, the green being the lighter one and the red being stronger.  When the red spring was installed I measured the pull weight at 6.75lbs in the middle of the trigger and 4.5lbs on the bottom portion of the trigger.  With the green spring installed the pull weights were 5.5lbs in the middle and 3.75lbs on the bottom portion.  So now I'll try to describe the shape of the trigger bow.  The bow appears to have a standard AR curve to it, and then at the bottom 1/3 to 1/4 of the trigger it changes to flat (Hiperfire calls this a "Duplex" trigger bow).  When using the trigger I found that it lends itself to being pulled from the bottom flat portion.  I don't know if this was intended in the design, or if it just works out that way, but since the better pull weight is toward the bottom of the trigger it works out well.  In a designated marksmanship rifle, the standard curved part could be used for normal fast shots with the lower portion used for precise shots.

The EDT3 trigger is a single-stage style.  It has no noticeable creep.  The total trigger pull length, when measured at the bottom of the trigger, was 0.060".  To compare, a stock AR trigger has about 0.125" of pull, so the EDT3 has half the total pull of a standard trigger.  I only noticed the pull distance when pulling the trigger very slow from the bottom part of the trigger.  And then it was extremely smooth.  When shooting from the curved part of the trigger, I did not even notice the movement.  The reset on the trigger is also very positive, which I like.  Due to the design of the trigger, it has more hammer fall energy than a stock trigger group.  I tried it with all different types of ammunition (including steel cased) and had zero problems.

After abusing this trigger for awhile now, it has done everything a trigger should do, and does it well.  If you are looking for a replacement trigger that maintains factory safety margins and won't break the bank, look into Hiperfire and their duty line of triggers.

Firearms Insider Reviews - 8 Key Points

Claim to Fame: Duty replacement trigger for AR rifles with a lighter, but not to light, trigger pull

Target Market: Law Enforcement, Military, Home Defense, and Hunting

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Drop in replacement
  • "Duplex" trigger bow
  • Different pull weights
  • Single stage
  • Positive reset
  • Shorter than stock pull

What others are saying?:

Ivan Crews from Hiperfire web site:

"Yo’ll are on top of things. Got the hipertouch edt3 this morning and put it through hell. I’m x-military and this is a far better trigger group than the standard milspec. Im rough on firearms and my way of looking at things is if it cain’t take abuse I don’t need it. This trigger group can take it. Very nice feel and action. In case someone out there is wondering, this trigger group will fit and work in the colt ar 9mm and the stag arms 9mm carbines but the safety has to be removed in order to install it in the stag arms 9mm then reinstalled."

Price point: 

MSRP = $99.00

Retail = $99.00 at SWFA.com

I need it now! Availability:Hiperfire or SWFA.com

Our Rating: 8.0 Great


  • Lighter pull weight
  • Duplex trigger bow
  • Installation pin tool
  • Great reset
  • Shorter pull length
  • Price


  • Pull weights (only 2 options)
  • Noticeable creep when using the bottom part of the trigger

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