Hipertouch 24C Trigger

The Hiperfire Hipertouch 24C for the AR15 is a multi-adjustable competition trigger system. It is a single stage trigger with a flat face and/or a trigger shoe. Hiperfire has been manufacturing AR triggers for a while now. The 24C is one of their flagship models. This trigger has been designed for competitions like 3-gun. It also would work well for varmint rifles.

The Hipertouch comes with 3 different pairs of springs. These springs adjust trigger pull weight and hammer fall energy. They come in blue, yellow, and plain. Blue springs are for medium trigger weights and stock hammer energy. Yellow are for light/medium weights and standard hammer energy. And then there are the plain springs. These are for a light trigger pull and Increased hammer energy, they also give the fastest lock time. This spring system is unique. When manually cycling the hammer you can feel it toggle over center. It basically pulls against the trigger spring to help reduce pull weights but still remain safe. I assume this also helps with lock time. I tried the different springs and ended up going with the plain ones for the lightest pull weight.

Along with the different springs, the 24C comes with a "Hipershoe". The hipershoe is a trigger shoe that can be positioned in any of the 5 different locations on the flat trigger. It is slightly curved and much wider than the trigger itself. The 24C does not require the hipershoe, and if not used, it is just a flat faced trigger (no curve whatsoever). Adjusting the hipershoe is pretty easy. It just slides up and down on the trgger and locks in place with a kind of detent system. With the shoe in its lowest detent, one will get the lightest trigger pull and the expense of a tiny bit of creep. With the shoe in the top detent, one gets an ever so slightly heavier pull weight, but with no noticeable creep. The pull weights vary between around 2lbs to 4.5lbs depending on what springs are selected and what position the hipershoe is in.

Installation on the 24C is not as easy as some drop-in style triggers. But it is not extremely hard either. Hiperfire sends some good instructions to help ease the installation pain. If you are not confident doing it yourself, just take it to a gunsmith and have it installed, they probably won't charge too much. First, of course, you must take the old trigger out. Then you take the trigger/disconnecter and install it like you would for a standard AR trigger. You can then slide the hipershoe on it (if you want it on). After that, intall the hammer just like normal. Now it gets a little more complicated, as you have to install the toggle shafts, pivot, spindle, and springs (mentioned above). I won't go into that, as the instructions do a great job. An extra hand might be advisable. After all of that, safety check it and go have fun.

This trigger is fantastic! It is super smooth, crisp, with a light pull weight. I have used it for 3-gun and target shooting. It has performed flawlessly with all types of ammo, including steel cased and .22LR with a conversion kit. When target shooting, the crisp pull and fast lock time makes for a great experience. If you are in the market for an aftermarket AR trigger, go look and see what Hiperfire has to offer. I don't think you will be disappointed.


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Claim to Fame:

Precision single stage adjustable trigger for the AR-15 platform Target Market: 3-gun, competition, varmint hunting, target shooting, and anyone looking for a really good trigger for an AR

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Adjustable
  • Hipershoe (wide curved trigger shoe)
  • Increased hammer energy
  • Increased lock time
  • Flat face trigger
  • Single stage

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?

Essentially the same trigger but with a curved bow and no Hipershoe: 

HiperTouch 24 3G

What others are saying?:

By JustinInATX: 5/5 stars on Amazon

Best trigger I own. Just installed this on a high-end AR 308 build and it runs like a champ! It slams down with authority, twice as powerful as any other trigger I own. I've encountered a few light strike with my CNC 3.5lb trigger, but that's not even a possibility with the HiperFire. Great Product! Only gripe, I don't like red, please offer the finger rest in different colors.

Dan: 5/5 stars at Brownells GREAT TRIGGER RIGHT OUT There are several unique things about this trigger. First it includes a trigger shoe with it. The second being the hammer has an extra spring with it that acts sort of like a piston giving the hammer some extra power. For starter, everything about this trigger is amazing. I never really bought enhanced single stage triggers and always used the standard single stage trigger. My other builds have a two stage trigger which I like but I had one build that I wanted to keep as a single stage. The hardest part about the standard mil-spec trigger for me is the reset after you fire. It makes the trigger feel jerky because you don't know when it's going to reset so your finger is bouncing all around. Doing a slow fire with a single stage is a bit hard too because the trigger has a little bit of roughness before the hammer falls. Overall the hiperfire 24c removes the jerky pull of a single stage and allows for a smoother reset. It also gives a consistent reset so you can keep your finger on the trigger all the way. This trigger comes with three sets of springs to put in the piston behind the trigger. Hiperfire calls it light, medium-light, and medium. It gives no description as far as what the pull weight is in lbs. The best I can tell from reading the instruction is that light = roughly 3.5lbs, medium-light = roughly 4.0 lbs, and medium = roughly 4.5lbs. I put in the medium blue springs in since I wanted the heaviest weight to pull. It fits me perfectly and doesn't feel unsafe for me. Also of interest is the trigger shoe that comes with this. It is adjustable and allows you to consistently put your finger in the same position each time. It also allows you to get extra leverage as far as pulling. Personally I don't know what to make of the trigger shoe or how long it'll last on the trigger before it breaks or comes off. However, without the trigger shoe, the trigger looks like any flat bow trigger out there. Overall very good trigger. I highly recommend looking into this if you're in the market for a single stage trigger.

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Price point:

MSRP = $235.00 

Retail = $235.00 @ Brownells

$220.95 @ Amazon

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Our Rating:


  • Adjustable
  • Crisp break
  • Good reset
  • Flat bow with Hipershoe
  • Fast lock time
  • More hammer energy
  • No over travel


  • Slight creep when the Hipershoe is at the bottom of the trigger bow

Score: 9.0 Amazing

Yes, that is a 9. 0