Pachmayr G10 Tactical Pistol Grips

Aftermarket grips is usually the first modification a gun owner looks at to customize their pistol. Its a great way to improve the actual grip texture from the factory, and it also sets their piece apart from others straight off the factory line. 

The Ruger Mark III benefits from a plethora of aftermarket components, but there aren't a lot of actually functional grip panels that aren't covered in zombie green or punisher skulls.

I wanted to find a grip texture similar to that of a pineapple grenade, with wide valleys and plateaus with the aesthetics of G10 and that sexy laminated look. I've seen Pachmayr's 1911 grips in Cabelas, so I was pleased to find they had offerings for the Ruger Mark III on their website.

The Grappler Grip from Pachmayr was a perfect fit for the Mark III, and the thickness added was less than the factory wooden panel. Available is a couple colors, I ordered gray and then used RIT dye to add a tint of color to the material. I used Black powdered dye, hoping to just darken the gray color to closer to a dark gray / black combo. I dunked both panels in the near boiling dye bath for about 1-2 minutes. Be careful if not to shrink the panels with too heat, and screw holes could become misaligned from the frame's posts. The grip turned a bluish hue, which was a happy accident in the end.

The G-10 material didn't take as much of the dye as I thought, compared to popular polymers in the industry. G-10 is a fiberglass based epoxy resin laminate that is extremely tough and durable material, so it makes sense that it resisted the dye solutions because it is impervious to moisture, weather and most chemicals. Thats why its so popular for handgun grips. 

Between the two textures that Pachmayr offers in their G-10 Tactical pistol grips - coarse "Grappler" or fine checkered, I greatly preferred the grappler. No extra frills, and greatly improves the grip of the frame for both gloved and ungloved hands... I like them so much I may be upgrading my other pistols soon!


Claim to Fame: Pachmayr G-10 Tactical grips are the toughest, most durable, and best looking grips on the market.

Target Market:  Semiauto Handgun owners looking for aftermarket grips

FNBs (Features & Benefits of this product):

  • Super tough, durable G-10 material
  • Impervious to moisture, weather or chemicals
  • Attractive color patterns
  • Coarse or checkered textures to suit your shooting or concealment needs
  • Available to fit 1911’s, Sig 238’s and 938’s, Ruger Mk III and 22/45’s, Beretta 92’s, and CZ 75’s.

What other aesthetic options or finishes are available?:  Coarse (Grappler) or fine texture; Green/Black or Gray/Black.


"These grips are very thin and very textured for a good grip on the gun. I would recommend them and buy again." - Amazon Customer Review







  • Perfect fit
  • Course texture not too sharp on edges
  • Edges are tapered and rounded for comfort when gripping
  • Takes Rit Dye (but boiling/dye seems to soften outer layers of laminate, can cause shrinkage if too long)


  • Would have been wonderful if new screws were included


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