The Reloading Room Rules & Guidelines


The Reloading Room is a Group specifically established for the purposes of discussion; the exchange of ideas and information; learning and teaching reloading, and helping each other out relative to our chosen “hobby”. We are dedicated to these aims/goals and committed to maintaining the Group for strictly those purposes.


The following are NOT PERMITTED in Posts or Comments in The Reloading Room. Failure to follow these few simple rules, even by a single violation, could result in permanent removal, without warning, from the Group:

1.  Absolutely no political posts/comments (or related) of any kind.

2.  No sales, trade, or want to buy postings or comments for firearms, firearms parts, or any type of reloading equipment or supplies or any other items. For most such reloading-related postings, we encourage you to use our "sister" group, TRR - Buy and Sell. (Buy and Sell also does forbid sales and wanted to buy ads for firearms and firearms parts and firearms accessories). Members of The Reloading Room will be automatically approved for membership in TRR/B&S when they apply. That group can be found here:

2a. A word of warning: If you put up a "whats it worth" post, expect for it to be deleted. 
Posts of this nature always result in: 
"Its worth this much, then it'll be, I'll give you this much, then whats your bottom dollar on this, etc, etc, ... Resulting in more deletions, hard feelings, and other problems. 

Just a heads up when you see your, "whats it worth " post buying and selling allowed, Thank you.

3.  Common courtesy is absolutely mandatory. That means no personal attacks on other members and no demeaning remarks of any kind (including sexist remarks).

4.  No foul language or vulgarity. This rule includes words leaving out letters, and/or substituting symbols for letters, but designed to make the intended word clear. We want to encourage new and young shooters to feel welcome here and to give people who are just curious a good feeling about the type of people who reload and shoot. Because all-initial expressions like RTFM, etc. can easily be interpreted in several ways by other Members we would ask you to avoid using those types of abbreviations in your posts and comments so that we can keep what appears in this group civil and welcoming to all.

5.  No Posts, comments or discussions of illegal activities of any sort will be permitted. Discussions of certain illegal activities may be allowed only if they are clearly intended to illustrate the fact that those activities are illegal.

6.  You are certainly most welcome to add your friends who are interested in reloading to The Reloading Room, but please get their permission to add them before you do so.

7.  If you're not sure whether a posting is appropriate for The Reloading Room, please check with an Administrator BEFORE you post. Anytime you're tempted to start with the words, "I hope this is appropriate for this group" or "Admins, please delete if this isn't appropriate," you should probably ask an Admin before posting. 

8.  The Reloading Room adheres to all NFA laws/rules/regulations. No illegal activities will be permitted. Discussions of illegal activities will be allowed only if they are clearly intended to illustrate the fact that those activities are illegal. BATFE has posted NFA information at this address:…/firearms-industry/national-firearms-act 

9.  Promos for shooting/reloading discussion groups/pages are on a one-time-only basis. Promos for groups/pages for buy/selling/trading guns are not allowed in The Reloading Room.

10. No Member shall have more than ONE membership identity in "The Reloading Room"

Read these rules. We require all of our members to obey them.


Mary Dill (Mary Bowers)
Alan Klasek
Allen Tabor
Butch Williams
Chris Duspiwa
James Leonard
Jason Trumbo
Jeremy Rowland
Jon St Clair
Jon Super
Kevin Bliss
Mark Hookom
Mark Robinson
Mike Iselin
Rocky Jett
Ron Britt
Salvatore Cinquemani
Sam Klinger
Scott Kelly
Tom McClelland
Will Erb
Jim Fleming (Founder)


Everyone is welcome, from rookies to veterans, but we do ask that members and potential members be people with some interest in reloading and the shooting sports.


Reloading is a hobby that is safe and sensible, if YOU follow the published procedures and practices. DO NOT follow recipes that you find in this Group. Use published data and procedures only. Anything you do is totally your responsibility. The Reloading Room, its members and its Admins are not liable for YOUR mistakes.